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  1. I was playing my Colecovision which I've had for years and play it on and off throughout the years. Tonight while playing I got this MAJOR shock in my hand while holding the controller, and all of sudden all the controls were done, ie: unresponsive.... So obviously something got fried, the shock was actually really strong, scared the crap outta me tbh. So is this a common occurance with the Colecovision? I have no idea how it happened other then just a build up of static electricity maybe? I'm lost on this one...all I know is that my good 'ole Coleco is dead...well not dead...but no movement so just as worthless I guess Is there some specific areas/chips I should try and replace? EDIT: I found this on console5. I wonder if I just desolder the old one and solder in this new one if it fixes the issue. Since console5 actually stocks this with a socket, I'm going to assume it's a common fault on these consoles lol: https://console5.com/store/colecovision-controller-chip-repair-kit.html
  2. After living and working in the city for over 20 years now, I got out and never want to go back
  3. YES PLEASE! Save one for me! I live in Durham, but shipping it will probably be the way to go for me. Don't feel like driving with all that GTA traffic Add me to the list! Thank you!
  4. This is great news indeed @intvnut !!! Please add me to the list as well and please take care of yourself! We don't care if this takes 1 week, 1 month or 1 year! Nothing more important then our physical and mental health!
  5. Thanks guys, looks like I will need to grab another system and debug it that way. I'm guessing that it will have to be the same Pro system version? Do all the variations share similar chips? Or different? The Pros are a little tougher to find, at least in my area. I only see the ones that have no red led between the power and reset buttons.
  6. Has there ever been any other case documented with such errors and the resolution? Googling I cant seem to find anyone with these type of errors...
  7. Thanks for the help. I'm wondering if the 10 yellow exclamation marks and black zero are an error code of some sort? I'm thinking something along the lines of my Atari ST and numbered bomb errors. Both Astrosmash and B-17 show this error screen but the other 2 games are just black screen. Its strange that some games show their splash screen with the error while others are just black screen.
  8. B17 Bomber (run with the voice unit and without) Tron Maze-a-thon Space Hawk Although correction, B17 gives the exact same screen corruption issue but the other 2 are just black screens. Yes unplugging, waiting the next day, etc...same results. Basically something probably fried while I was playing and now it won't work. :( I also tried each game with the voice unit as a pass-through and I get the same exact results. Would it be correct to assume that it has nothing to do with the power board or transformer since I am still getting an image on boot? Or could that still be an issue? Probably will just try to pick one up locally on Kijiji or something...not worth the hassle for now since I do see a few for $30 or $40cdn on Kijiji or a little more with some extra games.
  9. So I was playing Astrosmash and all of a sudden the screen went black. I powered off and back on and now I get this screen with some extra graphical errors. And I cant get past this screen no matter what buttons I push. My other 3 games that I tried only get a black screen now weirdly enough, not even the title screen. All worked before no problem. But only Astrosmash gives a screen with said glitches. I googled and read about pushing reset a bunch of times, unplugging controllers, back the cart out a bit etc, but I get the same result unfortunately. Anyone ever had this happen? Any clue where to start looking? I'm thinking something on the logic board like ram or cpu maybe has gone bad. Just that darn metal shield looks like a pain, it's even soldered to the cartridge slot pins?!?! Wierd. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. What the heck? SainT why do we have the same pre-order number?!?!?! I just want to make sure your new system is working fine and that orders don't get lost because of a bug
  11. Wait what? My email says 107! Imposter!
  12. Yea I was thinking about doing a recap of the PSU, that's a simple job. They all look ok, I may just remove them and check them anyways. However back to my original question, what are the names of some good software for testing memory for the 1040STf? I've googled but coming up empty so far. I found one called RAMTEST.prg but I'm using Gotek so I need a .ST file format. Atleast I haven't figured how to use anything but .ST so far on Gotek.
  13. Hey Guys, I finally got my 1040STf and SC1224 monitor running after doing some repair work. I have installed a Gotek drive and everything seems to be up and running and "mostly" ok. For the most part, "most" of the games run fine, a few don't, and some times I do get 2, 3, 4, or 10 bombs. Mostly 2 or 3 bombs show up when I only use the reset button to boot back into the HxC menu. When I power down wait a few seconds it boots up fine and I can run any game. Every so often a .ST file will spit out a bomb error as well. It's pretty random. But I would say 90% of the time everything works. So I'm wondering if there is a Gotek compatible (.ST format) software that I can run for it to test the RAM, CPU, etc... Sort of like the 8bit computers have the built in test function, but maybe a little more advanced. As a minimum I would like to test the memory like the built-in 8bit systems. I'm fairly certain there is some bad memory chips in there. Thanks!
  14. Funny that you mention capacitors because I saw about 12 of them that had this brown stuff below them so I took them all out thinking that they leaked, tested them they're all fine and I put them all back in the same way. I realized it was brown glue to keep the capacitors in place. LOL I guess I really should replaced the ones I removed but I didn't have any on hand and I checked them all there were still all good so I just put them all back in.
  15. Just an update on this. i tracked down the burnt resistor along with the burnt diode. Replaced both and monitor came back to life. Its been running for a few days now (few hrs a day) with no issue whatsoever. Pretty happy I was able to figure it out all by myself plus with the help of the schematics
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