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  1. As far as I know, its not supposed to get that hot. I put in a brand new one in and it got instantly fried, took a thermal reading and I didn't dare go beyond 110*C!!! Just to be safe I tried it again with another brand new chip and got the same result. definitely something there. Edit: tried it again and it seems to be fixed, doesn't get hot at all, no Idea why it works now but not before.
  2. Ok so I checked the voltages today on both the logic and power board, and everything checks out. I got 5V, -5V, -13V, seems normal. I don't have any tools to discharge it so that's why it'll take a while, need to go down to the store and get some. Every time I turn it on I get different results, its pretty weird. Usually I get the loud buzz with the dots and lines, then sometimes I get no buzz and only 2 dots with no lines. Sometimes there is nothing on the screen, you can kind of tell there is something going on out of range. What on earth is going on? Edit: So I decided to change out the little chip twice just to make sure... and now I only get the two dots but consistently in the same place on the screen. Is the single dot problem similar to the two dots??
  3. Its almost too hot to even touch when its on, I don't know if this would be normal but I suspect its getting fried by something.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll break out the multimeter over the weekend and take a few readings. what could be causing the 353ic(?) to overheat? thanks,
  5. Thanks for the replies! I have to buy long metal rods with insulation in order to discharge it, I dont have anything at the moment so itll take me a while. Ill go ahead and order a capacitor kit and replace them,. I notices some white residues under the volt regulators, is this normal? Metal is a bit discolored as well... besides that and the 30+ years of dust, everything looks ok. Ive read that there is a common problem with the power, how do I check for this? Im not quite understanding some of the techjargon in some forum discussions (Im a dabbler, not at all well educated haha) I loooove the vectrex buzz, i dont know why either, but my favorite game is berzerk so the buzz definitely adds atmosphere thats pretty bonechilling. I really hope the cap kit does it, i dont think i could handle any of the more complex issues.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUFFnwwpKzg&feature=youtube_gdata_player Alright so i got the new ics. The little one is still gets way too hot, so its not the ic itself. It did change the screen though, now i get moving dots and lines, but still not playable. What should be my next step. Someone told me a cap kit is in order, but dont want to change them if that isnt he problem. I will discharge the crt soon, have to buy some hings first. thanks, -yalo
  7. Thanks for the replies, I don't intend on dying and thats why I haven't messed around with it too much lately. when I replace the ics, if it still is busted, I'll tinker some more around it. Update video soon to come. Thanks -Yalo
  8. Hello guys and gals, I just bought a broken vectrex on ebay for cheap and the first thing I noticed when I turned it one was that the graphics are collapsed into a neat horizontal line. You can see the little lights move when the game starts up so it is reacting to the game, which I think is good. the controllers work and the sound is excellent. I removed the back (carefully of course) and noticed that the 353ic gets really hot when the vectrex is on, could it be that the chip itself is fried? or is something happening elsewhere that is causing that chip to overheat? I ordered that same chip on ebay because it is probably bad, but how should I check for problems elsewhere? I'll have an update video if the chip does in fact fix anything but until then here is a short one I just took. any information is appreciated, let's get it fixed! http://youtu.be/1hGm4IlEn8A
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