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  1. I'm not close. Have 12 of the carts (plus the two RAM expanders), only half of them boxed, and none of the cassettes. As I don't use ebay, I'm not likely to get any closer so I'll just have to be satisfied with my AquariCart.
  2. Very cool to see them all together. Congrats!
  3. You're comparing the rarest game on one system with a bunch of commons on another. Here's a better comparison: https://www.ebay.com/itm/383481127102
  4. Very nice. You've got some real talent as a photographer. The Vectrex has never looked better!
  5. Well, duh, my brain just skipped right over the CD part.
  6. There was Spot Goes to Hollywood for the 32x, but maybe that doesn't count as a homebrew.
  7. 1 each for the Select-A-Game, WonderSwan, MSX, and VideoBrain, all systems I don't own. Of the systems I do have, probably the ActionMax with 4.
  8. Standard thrift store prices for games when I started (mid 90s) were 39 cents each or bags of 10 for $1.99. Garage sales were even cheaper. It was a glorious time.
  9. Looks like Genesis/Megadrive, with 817 barely edges out the 2600 (an even 800 carts) for the current lead in my collection. Other contenders are NES (765), SNES (735), and PS1 (713). I'm probably somewhere around 700 for the C64, too, but don't keep good records of non-cartridge software for that machine.
  10. I've got one too if we're counting.
  11. Oh, absolutely. As computers they're fairly useless, but this thread is about looks.
  12. Have to disagree with you there, as I kinda like the look of the 1500 & 2068. The TS1000 looks more like one of those oversized universal remotes than a computer.
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