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  1. Very Nice! What does the CMD CONSOLE cart do?
  2. See post 3503 above for how to check your spot on the retroHQ list, which is what I was referring to. Not sure how to check position on the AA list, but as I said, I'm not worrying about it.
  3. I'm pretty far down the list but am content to wait for AA to start selling them. I am curious, though, about roughly how many of these have been sold or pre-ordered, if you don't mind saying?
  4. The Digital Press rarity guide I was using back in the late 90s gave Sears picture Adventure an R4, and I know I found my copy in the wild at some thrift store or garage sale. In fact, I found all the Sears variants (except Superman) in the wild, so I doubt that any of them would rate above an R6 (I hardly ever found anything rated higher than R6). Not sure why there are so few showing up online. Maybe because collecting these label variants is too much of a niche to draw sellers out. They tend to use sites like pricecharting, which doesn't track A2600 label variants, or gamevaluenow, which does but lumps all Sears variants into one number, to determine if what they have is worth selling.
  5. Do you have Superman? The Sears picture version of that is quite rare.
  6. So is selling counterfeit goods, but they have no interest in enforcing rules that cut into their profits.
  7. Interestingly, this somewhat contradicts what I'm hearing. All Goodwills, and other thrift stores, are still closed in my area but some donation sites are open. A story in the newspaper said that those donation stations were being overwhelmed as many people have been using the lockdown time to clean out closets and garages. Goodwill sells most of its games online, but other thrifts don't so I'm hoping for a surge of stuff to eventually make it onto the shelves once the stores reopen.
  8. Local pickup only. Probably wants to be paid in cash, too.
  9. I've picked up, on occasion and when free/cheap, boxes for systems I didn't yet own. Having the boxes gave me incentive to find the matching systems.
  10. I don't see a 4K module in your set. Part of the upcoming hardware photos?
  11. I'm not close. Have 12 of the carts (plus the two RAM expanders), only half of them boxed, and none of the cassettes. As I don't use ebay, I'm not likely to get any closer so I'll just have to be satisfied with my AquariCart.
  12. Very cool to see them all together. Congrats!
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