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  1. Other. I'd take either Pikmin game over anything on that list, though I do quite like several of those games.
  2. I did a fair amount of TI-59 programming for work back in the day. Still have the unit and print cradle but have lost the key. Didn't try out a TI99 until many years later.
  3. Did you notice your thread title says 'Nice reasonable person on ebay'? I'm assuming this was an auto-correct issue. If anyone does truly find a nice, reasonable person on ebay, that would be a truly rare item!
  4. Looks good, but you didn't identify the games as being for the Atari 2600 in the titles. This omission may cost you a lot of hits as many people search by title keywords. Good luck with the auctions.
  5. It's not so much that PriceCharting is useless, but it can be misleading, especially for common titles. For example, your listing shows a value of $6.64 for Space Invaders. That's a title that would go unsold in the $1 bin at most game stores. And you've got 2 of them, for a total claimed 'value' of over $13. There's a lot of things that can throw off the pricecharting algorithm: shipping costs, condition, completeness, etc. A game that sells for $4 with free shipping isn't a $4 game, but the algorithm will think it is. You're right that Atari collecting has slowed down. You might be better off waiting for the next wave of nostalgia. You might also consider selling the lot locally through Craigslist, OfferUp, Kajiji, facebook, or whatever. Sometimes people will pay more if they can see the item in person and don't have to pay shipping, plus you save the fees, the hassle of packing and shipping and avoid the risk of a chargeback. I've found this to be a much better way of selling larger items.
  6. HaHa. Wouldn't you have loved getting this in your Christmas stocking?
  7. Congrats on getting the azimuth adjusted. There's no way to erase a single file on a tape. Tapes don't have a directory or random access, so the only thing you can do is record a new file over the old one. Be careful doing that because if the new file is longer than the old one, it may overwrite not just the file you're replacing but also the next file on the tape. If the intent is to erase an entire tape, both sides and all files, a magnetic bulk eraser can be used.
  8. It's for grounding the unit. I never used it.
  9. Bio Compatibilty is not a game. It will determine your 'biorhythms' based on your birthdate and you can then compare those with your potential sweeties birthdate to see if you're compatible. It's about as scientifically valid as Astrology, but these were in vogue back in the 70s/80s. Haven't tested it but I don't think the program is Y2K compliant. More info on biorhythms at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biorhythm This YT video might explain Blue Meanies
  10. It's not so much region locked, which wasn't really a thing back then, but the system runs at different speeds and outputs different video formats depending on where it was intended to be used. These differences can make some software not run correctly so generally the only way to know for sure is to try. There's an adjustment knob inside the VIC (inside the metal can on the board) that'll tweak the video signal. This youtube video shows it. Depending on your modulator (several models were used), there may be adjustments inside there as well but they are a pain to pry open. I recommend you get a composite video cable and ditch the modulator entirely.
  11. There wasn't much software released on disk for the VIC. Most of it was tape or cartridge, so if you want to stick with original hardware and software, the C2N will be more useful than a 1541. If you're going to explore writing your own, you'll soon find the tape drive to be intolerably slow so a disk drive could be useful. As much as I like the 1702, any CRT monitor or TV with composite inputs will work just fine. You didn't mention a joystick, but I'd strongly recommend NOT searching out any of the Commodore-branded ones as they're all cheaply made. Get a Wico, Epyx 500XJ, Suncom, or any of the other fine 3rd party sticks instead. For games, I always enjoyed Omega Race, Gorf, and most of the Atarisoft titles. You might consider getting a Behr_Bonz multicart (127 games on one cart). Not sure if this link is still good: http://c64os.com/buyersguide/behrbonz Have fun with the VIC!
  12. The data you're asking for likely doesn't exist, and even if it did, rarity is more about the number of surviving copies than how many were produced.
  13. IF they're doing it right, the tax collected goes to the buyer's state, not the seller's, so if your state has no sales tax you as a buyer should pay no tax. Wouldn't surprise me a bit to find that eBay is skimming a bit for themselves, though.
  14. If you sell your Vectrex, you'll have to change your name.
  15. Good suggestions, all. Looks like I'm in for a few years of work as I dispose of it piecemeal.
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