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  1. Not a recent buy, but something I found in the bottom of a box of Apple II stuff I bought probably 25 years ago. Just got around to unpacking it after a recent move. Near as I can tell, Creative Computing sold an Apple II disk of Spacewar back in 1980 so this shirt probably dates from around then. It's kid size so I'll never wear it, but in surprisingly good shape for 40 years old.
  2. Very cool. I didn't know such a thing existed. Interesting that they chose a completely different style than they used for the 2600.
  3. Old printers are the worst, modems a close second. I gave away all my old printers, and used to include modems with every system I sold just to get rei of 'em. Unfortunately, I left 2 Commodore modem 300s alone overnight in a drawer and now I've got dozens of them. They're like bunnies.
  4. One good earthquake and your filing system is shot!
  5. It's basically a stripped down 3 year old computer design coupled with an unreliable joystick, plus its just too big.
  6. Yes, I use mine in 128 mode, mostly to mess around with programming, and occasionally to play some C128-specific game.
  7. Definitely my goto stick for the 64. Lefties really don't like them, though.
  8. Beautiful collection but watch those cats. They appear to be looking for a place to pee.
  9. 1902a is a Philips design, isn't it? I always thought those had decent buttons. Daewoo made the 1902 (no 'A') and those switches are forever going bad.
  10. I've run into this on multiple VICs. After the 1st, very difficult, throw, it takes no effort at all to turn it on or off, but come back the next day and it's stuck again. Always wondered what was up with those units. The Commodore Daewoo monitors (1902, 2002, 1080, 1084) also have switches that feel mushy and tend to go bad. I generally find slider switches (TI99, Colecovision, Intellivision, Genesis, etc) have a less positive feel than rocker (excluding those crappy VICs) or push button switches, too, and seem more prone to failure. I like a big, clicky switch where I can feel a contact being made.
  11. Don't know if this is true or not, but I heard that whatever equipment was used to pre-format 5.25" PC disks used a stronger magnetic field so the relatively weak heads of Commodore and other home computers couldn't overcome it sufficiently to produce a new format. Bulk erasing was recommended before reformatting. Wasn't really an MFM vs GCR thing.
  12. Oops, guess I misread your post. Yes, IBM HD media can be reformatted to work on MAC HD drives, and IMB DD media can be reformatted to work on DD drives.
  13. Well, it's not hard formatted, but those 1440K diskettes are probably high density media, whereas your 800K Mac probably wants double density disks. Because of differing magnetic properties and particle sizes, HD media will frequently fail or will lose data quickly when used on DD drives.
  14. Celebrating 9 years of no longer selling on ebay.
  15. That's a beautiful collection. I've got all 18 carts but only a couple boxes. Well done!
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