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  1. Here's one. It's a topic I follow if that matters.
  2. Is the index still rebuilding? I notice that some threads I've posted in still don't show up in my activity stream.
  3. I hope the Amazon Prime app keeps working on my WiiU. It's about the only way I can do streaming on my old non-HDMI gaming TV without upgrading several other components.
  4. Yep, it's the honor system, same as when you drop off donated items and they give you a blank receipt to fill in any valuation you want. How you'd prove it if you get audited is a mystery to me.
  5. Couple possibilities beyond what's already been mentioned: -You're a lot less likely to get a counterfeit game from Goodwill than from ebay. -The amount paid above market value is considered a donation and thus is tax deductible. If you pay $250 for a $100 item, the $150 overpay is deductible.
  6. Bah! Still no Pikmin4, so no Switch for me.
  7. krslam

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Received mine today. Looks great! Thanks Richard.
  8. Wiis aren't worth fixing, as they can be had at thrifts & yard sales for $15-25 complete with cables & a controller or two.
  9. Got mine a few days ago and have been enjoying the game. Nice work.
  10. Update on LRG site says there will be a second batch this evening - 45% of the inventory still to go.
  11. Got one! Somewhat mixed feelings as, if I had missed out, I could have abandoned my quest for a full wiiU set. Now I guess I have to go buy those crappy Dance and Skylanders (and a few others) titles I don't yet have.
  12. Unlike originals, repros (counterfeits) have no collectability value. If you just want to play the games without going the emulation route, you're better off investing in an Everdrive or similar and loading it up with the games that interest you.
  13. 15% off isn't very appealing since they started collecting 10% sales tax on shipments to WA state.
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