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  1. Definitely my goto stick for the 64. Lefties really don't like them, though.
  2. Beautiful collection but watch those cats. They appear to be looking for a place to pee.
  3. 1902a is a Philips design, isn't it? I always thought those had decent buttons. Daewoo made the 1902 (no 'A') and those switches are forever going bad.
  4. I've run into this on multiple VICs. After the 1st, very difficult, throw, it takes no effort at all to turn it on or off, but come back the next day and it's stuck again. Always wondered what was up with those units. The Commodore Daewoo monitors (1902, 2002, 1080, 1084) also have switches that feel mushy and tend to go bad. I generally find slider switches (TI99, Colecovision, Intellivision, Genesis, etc) have a less positive feel than rocker (excluding those crappy VICs) or push button switches, too, and seem more prone to failure. I like a big, clicky switch where I can feel a contact being made.
  5. Don't know if this is true or not, but I heard that whatever equipment was used to pre-format 5.25" PC disks used a stronger magnetic field so the relatively weak heads of Commodore and other home computers couldn't overcome it sufficiently to produce a new format. Bulk erasing was recommended before reformatting. Wasn't really an MFM vs GCR thing.
  6. Oops, guess I misread your post. Yes, IBM HD media can be reformatted to work on MAC HD drives, and IMB DD media can be reformatted to work on DD drives.
  7. Well, it's not hard formatted, but those 1440K diskettes are probably high density media, whereas your 800K Mac probably wants double density disks. Because of differing magnetic properties and particle sizes, HD media will frequently fail or will lose data quickly when used on DD drives.
  8. Celebrating 9 years of no longer selling on ebay.
  9. That's a beautiful collection. I've got all 18 carts but only a couple boxes. Well done!
  10. Would be interesting to see the date codes on the chips in those machines, since AFAIK all 128s, including Dcr's, were no longer being manufactured after 1989. If toys-r-us was selling 5 year old stock in '94 that might have been a blowout price. Any chance they were refurbs?
  11. You can find multiple references to happiestsellerever! by searching this site. Mostly he's known for buying up reasonably priced items then relisting them for much more than he paid. He's basically a scalper.
  12. Was shocked at the price until I noticed who the seller was.
  13. FYI, there are replacement control door 3D models for that monitor on thingiverse, if you have access to an appropriate printer. Disclaimer: I haven't actually tried any of these. https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=commodore+monitor+door&type=things&sort=relevant
  14. Looks like you've been sniffing around my basement...
  15. There's a bunch of info on the Covox devices here: https://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-mysterious-covox-pc-sound-devices.html At first I thought you were describing the LipStick. I seem to remember that it came with a piece of software that would display a word like UP! on the screen when you responded verbally with UP to the prompt. Later I realized it was just a sound activated joystick button and would display UP! at that point no matter what I said. I remember saying some *bad words* when it wanted me to say FIRE! and it worked just great. An interesting side note: if you pair a LipStik with an Amiga JoyBoard (which was sort of an early Wii balance board), you could have truly hands free play on an Atari or Commodore.
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