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  1. Diner was def a sequel to Burgertime although it was released well after the Intellivision's heyday. Even though they changed the character names it's hard denying Tropical Trouble isn't a Beauty & The Beast sequel. and yeah I agree the Tron and D&D games felt more like part of a series as opposed to sequels.
  2. My favorite breakout style game is Vortex on my old iPod Classic. almost has a Tempest vibe to it. As the iPod spin wheel works wonders with it I'm thinking it would've been awesome with Intellivision style disc too.
  3. I'm not sure if I'm posting this is the right place. If I'm not feel free to let me know where I should and this post can be deleted. I'm looking for some overlays. Figured I'd hit up the community here before I went digging around eBay. Not looking to spend a ton, just figured some of y'all might have some spares laying around you'd be willing to part with. These are ones I'm looking for: Atlantis Beamrider Burgertime US Skiing Dracula Fathom Ice Trek Lock N Chase Masters Of Universe Microsurgeon (both overlays) NFL Football River Raid Safecracker Swords & Serpents (both overlays) Tron (all three games) Whitewater Aside from Microsurgeon and Swords & Serpents I'm fine with just buying one overlay, don't need a set. Anyway, if you might be able to help me out lemme know and we can work out deal. Thanks......
  4. Did my part, even busting out the overlay! in addition to Buzz Bombers which I signed up for I played Space Armada, 4-Tris, Venture, Tropical Trouble........
  5. I owned the apple night stalker. Long gone with my apple 2c. Wish I kept them. I had Burgertime and lock n chase too but just as bootlegs like most of games for Apple back then. Night stalker was only one I actually bought in a store somewhere.
  6. I got buzz bombers. I find it funny that when it was released back in day I got it and didn't think much of it but now find it's one of my "go to" games I can always play and enjoy. Here's hoping they revisit it for the Amico.
  7. that is cool as hell. nice. are these for sale somewhere or was this a custom job?
  8. funny thing is when I was a kid my neighbor had golf and we maybe played it once.... maybe twice.... but when I got the flashback I found myself really enjoying the original golf game for some reason.
  9. Oh no it's def small enough to bring and I actually did. But the TV at my hotel is 1080i and the Flashback is set to 1080p. Todd said it could be changed but i didn't wanna go thru the hassle when I know at home my TV was 1080p so as difficult as it was to have to wait I did and plugged it in at home when we had a break and all was A-OK.
  10. I got mine earlier this summer. Since I was away working on the road I hadn't had a chance to take it for a test spin until about 2 weeks ago. Plugged it in and am just floored how awesome it is to have this. Finally able to play Diner after all these years of just watching videos.... Playing Deadly Discs again and instantly reminded how cool that simple game is.... Back on the road again but can't wait for next visit home to spend a bit more time with it. Highly recommend this if you don't have the skill or time to make your own. Worth every penny.
  11. That's cool you still have yours. I had mine for a long time but it stopped working. You're right though the added levels were cool and a nice touch. I Remember having to land the capsule onto your ship at one point. It was the best electronic game I ever played. I think a few years ago I randomly looked on eBay for one. If I remember correct the prices were kind of high. I sold my Donkey Kong to a friend for like nothing. Then I sold my tabletop Popeye for a ton of money in eBay. Made me wish I hadn't sold my Donkey Kong.
  12. I was an intellivision kid back in early 80s. But when the Coleco Gemini came out it was pretty cheap and I decided to ask for one for Christmas. I guess this 1983? Anyway I was so sure I'd get one I bought Reactor before I even had the system. Luckily I got Gemini so it was all good. Funny thing is I don't really think I played Reactor all that much.
  13. That was an awesome game. I'd never seen the movie (still haven't) but I picked it up back then during one of those trips to Kay Bee in the mall and their giant tub of Atari games all marked down to like $5. Got my money's worth on that one.
  14. I had Donkey Kong back when these came out. It was ok. The best electronic table top I ever had or played was Galaxy II by Epoch. I recently visited the National Video Game Museum outside Dallas and played the Coleco Ms Pac Man and a few other random handhelds and table tops. It was fun for the nostalgic factor but I couldn't see playing these much. I still have my Mattel Battlstar Galactica. Still works. Rarely play it though.
  15. I remember one of my friends had this back in 1982-83. It was pretty fun console. I mainly remember playing Galaxian on it. I always thought the controllers were kinda cool. Funny thing I remember bring at his house when he received the basic cart in the mail. I guess when they bought it you got it free but had to send away for it. I just remember us messing with it a little and having to hold down buttons to type different letters assigned to same button, etc. Fun memories.
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