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  1. I bought my PAL 2600 woody from the original buyer. He didn't have the box anymore, but the original manual was from a vader model. I've seen more woody's for sale over here in the netherlands that had vader boxes.
  2. 2 eighties pics of the dutch store called 'Bart Smit' I used to buy my 2600 games at this store.
  3. Atari VCS - > Colecovision - > Commodore 64
  4. Thanx, I'll try that. If it works, it's better than moving around tv's. I like playing on my 'modded' Trinitron :-)
  5. YOU WERE RIGHT! The tv was the problem (sony Trinitron). I tried them on another one and they all worked. Strange that only the newer ones won't work on this tv. Never had the problem with the 70 cartridges I owned already. Now 8 in one lot. Thanx for your help!
  6. I live in the Netherlands so they are all PAL for as far as I know. I also have a PAL 2600 and tv. I'll try another tv.
  7. Today I got 20 new cartridges. They needed some cleaning, but even after that 8 of them won't work. They all have rolling screens ( see pictures). I tried them on both my 4switch woody as my 6switcher on different channels. All of them are from 1988. Are they not compatible with my older 2600's? For example, the silver lable ms pacman and digdug won't work properly, but older silver labels in my collection with the same games work fine. I've got three Desert Falcons from 1988, but all have the rolling screen!?
  8. It was nice to see that anyone of interest showed up in time for the dig :-)
  9. I like Base Attack, had it as a kid only the name was different. It was Z-tack by Bomb.
  10. Well I finally got them in by using some force and jiggling them from left to right (is that english? :-)) They both didn't work though. I opened them up and used contact spray to clean them. Pac Kong works now, but the other one won't.
  11. Yes they do have the two 'fingers'. It kinda looks like the case is a little to big. I'll try again. They must fit somehow if they are 2600 carts...
  12. Hi, Today I got some cartridges for my 2600, but two of them won't fit my four switch or six switch woody? Are these 2600 cartridges?
  13. Mmmmm.... mine looks purple and the ones I see here on Atariage are green. NTSC probably....... Thanks
  14. Is there anyway I can check this? I'm from the netherlands so I have a PAL 2600. The cartridge has a label with FOR USE WITH ATARI & SEARS VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS. Does this mean it's an NTSC cart? (We don't have Sears over here obviously )
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