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  1. bought a couple genesis games off of him - excellent packaging & communication, would happily buy from again
  2. cheers, wasnt aware of that option - or honestly, that another batch of these was forthcoming. i don't mind waiting, was just worried that resellers might have been the only option!
  3. or do they? retrogamerstuff seems perpetually sold out, saw on twitter they may have a few more coming for UK shops but didn't specify which...ebay prices are insane too, nuts to that. i've finally landed a jaguar (boxed no less!), should be here in a few days. ive a few games on deck but really wanted a flashcart to explore the library/homebrew stuff. any suggestions on where to find one of these at what they're usually sold for? appreciate any help offered here!
  4. oh man, this looks so dope - and the dragon crystal/fatal labyrinth comparisons really hit a sweet spot for me will this be physical only, or will a ROM also be for sale at some point?
  5. damn, just catching up on this now - game looks like it's shaped up to be something fantastic, can't wait to see it release sometime!
  6. again - actual sonic 4, 2 wonder boy titles, new toejam & earl and shenmue 3 on the way...it's a great time for it. i'd love to see Shinobi, OutRun, Crazy Taxi & more, myself god, that'd be amazing...but based on what happened to the series after the fallout with camelot, i don't know that i want that. i damn sure don't want it to reinvent itself in an anime style like fire emblem did.
  7. Bill's details make me want to be a bit more excited here, but it's still ATgames...here's to hoping for something from that announcement!
  8. i know it has its apologists & prolly isn't a bad game in itself, but every time ive tried it i can't get over it not being a 90s hip hop roguelike, the first one was really something special
  9. just got my copy in, can verify the packaging & everything's great - thanks agian brandon!
  10. this is where i am on the subject as well - Chatoix, Kolibri, Blackthorne, best Virtua Racing port, and a few others. prolly shouldn't have happened but we got a few gems out of it, anyway!
  11. man, i can't imagine liking Silver Star & not loving Eternal Blue...and the PSX versions are nice but make big changes to plot/challenge/music sometimes. i'm also glad others here pointed out the greatness of the system's library as well. and yeah, agreed on Popful Mail's price being crazy right now!
  12. ah, for real? it's been forever, but i recall it feeling more forgiving than NES batman, or revenge of the joker. and i should try it on PVM!
  13. geez, that's crazy. i remember EGM in the day making a huge deal out of this one & highlighting nintendo's monopolistic practices. looking back, not many people praise it much but as a fanboy, the bar for good comic games felt down in the basement, so i really dug it. then again, Sunsoft was doing some of their (arguably) best work for the NES just a bit before that.
  14. yup, grabbed a master everdrive this time around - shipping takes a while from ukraine, but ive got like 4 or 5 of these things already and krizz really does fantastic work, happy to support him. and when i bought my Mega ED, i don't think i even knew about the Sega-CD BIOS switching, it's such a cool option.
  15. thanks for the review, proud of my work here and what i read/have seen elsewhere looked mixed, so yeah
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