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  1. In my last experiments with this I didn't have any luck. Maybe it's nice on a per-frame basis, but I tried doing it every few scan lines and it did not have the effect I anticipated. I am not sure how the Atari 2600 derives phase for its waveforms, but I think the problem is related to that.
  2. One trick I used (in a 2 player + background kernel) was to pad the player graphics data with 0 up to 256 bytes. Then, no logic had to be used in determining where to start/stop drawing the players; the kernel just loaded the vertical positions of the players, added a per-line decremented value and used that as an offset in the player table. If you have some ROM to spare, that is a good way to save some cycles in the kernel.
  3. I made a music player that incorporates 4-bit PCM playback for percussion. It's probably not very useful for games since a lot of raster time is used to decode bytes into pairs of samples. But if you have a kernel that can realistically only use half of all the scanlines, or maybe just don't pack samples together, I can see something like it being useful in a game. The trick, then, is to play a few samples at correct/nearly correct rates and intervals during your vblank code. For percussion in particularly it doesn't need to be very exact. It's more of a problem if you have pitched sounds. Some examples: https://soundcloud.com/boomlinde/oil https://soundcloud.com/boomlinde/quantum-branch Source code: https://bitbucket.org/boomlinde/vcs-music/src
  4. Thanks! I have no plans for a cart release, but if anyone feels inclined to, they are free to do it. If enough people express an interest I will consider doing it myself, but I would need some help on where you can get cartridges and 2k ROM boards manufactured in small quantities.
  5. Yes, two players only, but I am open to ideas for single player game modes!
  6. Hi, I just finished my first Atari 2600 game. I would call it a mix of Jupiter Lander and cue sports. http://boomlin.de/gopher/h/jupitersumo.html It currently runs in PAL, but changing it to run in NTSC should be a matter of changing a few variables in the code and the playfield data. Any such contribution is welcome and will be merged with the rest of the code.
  7. Mine came with the mail yesterday. Well packed, and worked perfectly! Really great value for the money spent. i've been exploring the forum and noticed people have been using the ARM to offload the 6507. Is there a way to use the USB port to write arbitrary values into sections of mappable memory while it is running, or is it just for ROM burning?
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