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  1. I think it come from the console If I plug the scart cable a few seconds after switching on the console, I immediatly get color.
  2. I got yesterday a 7800 Peritel from flea market When I switch it on, it displays only in B/W and the colors show up after about 5 seconds then keeps playing in color I tried on 2 TVs with 2600 games PAL and NTSC and the integrated Asteroid (I don't have 7800 games) and it show the same behavior Is my console faulty or color processing needs some warm-up ?
  3. Thanks for your website I just tried a sega joystick, 4 directions and 2 buttons worked so it's the mouse that is faulty.
  4. Hello ! I got DM and CSB few months ago from flea market, I want to replay them on original hardware. Dungeon Master is my favorite games but I no longer have Atari for years. I just bought a 1040STF and replaced its floppy drive. Now I have problems with the mouse Left click is hard and right click doesn't work I disassembled the mouse to remove dust and check the microswitch and they worked with ohmmeter Now I reassembled it but I don't move, cursor don't move I move up, cursor move up I move down, cursor move down I move left, cursor move left I move right, cursor move left !!!!! It didn't happen before What is this ? Bad cable I checked the cable with ohmmeter nothing on pin 1 and 9 After playing around I discovered mouse can be simulated with Alternate + arrow keys
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