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  1. Yey!! I have the distinguished honor of awarding you your first rep point and comment!!

  2. Honestly, I'd get a Japanese model. The US machine will not get as many releases as the Japanese version, since they have a love of really quirky and oddball games that usually don't get a US or European release. It will be a difficult thing to use, without knowledge of Kanji (I think that's the name of the textual Japanese language, or at least one of them), but there will be a bigger selection of titles in comparison to the US version.
  3. I've never understood that argument, because Pepsi never seemed sweeter than Coke to my taste buds. But then, I'm a Dr Pepper kind of guy. The stupidest thing I tend to hear is that the a next generation console will have complete backward compatability. Only the Wii looks to be fully compatible, mainly due to the fact that it's essentially a GameCube with a faster processor.
  4. Today I picked up a shrinkwrapped copy of Connectix's Virtual Game Station for the Macintosh. It's a PlayStation emulator that got the company sued by Sony. When Sony couldn't sue them to make them stop producing them, they bought the software title from Connectix outright to stop it. I've wondered if Sony used the Power PC code from VGS to make the backward compatability in the PS3.
  5. Yep, an Atari joystick adapter is an essential device. I was bought one right after I got my TI (along with Spider Invasion by Cosmi ) and never had the desire to use TI's wired controllers at any point afterwards. I've only played Tutankham on the 2600, and it was so freakin' ugly I couldn't tell what I was supposed to do. That put me off playing any other version of the game. I guess I need to rethink that.
  6. I came across a bunch of old newsletters and price lists several days back. It amazes me how prices drastically changed when eBay came on to the scene. I've got Sean Kelly's 1996 mail order catalog that listed games like Diner (INTV) boxed for $15 and BMX Airmaster (2600) for $12.99. That's what kills me, people weren't buying by mail-order when prices were cheap, but now that the games are on eBay, people are paying a small fortune for them.
  7. Wasn't the CD-i an open system? I thought I had read that somewhere. That's probably why there's a lot of 'edutainment' type programs available for it, because it really cost nothing to churn them out.
  8. It looks like I'm going to make it. It was kinda iffy, with the bad weather and all, but I should make it there before noon. Edit: Spoke too soon. My friend John, who's going to be doing the driving, is concerned that his new depression medication will make him too groggy to drive. It's been screwing him up in the mornings, because he can't seem to open his eyes and drag himself out of bed just to run his wife to work. He's probably not going to be in the best shape to drive, and I don't really want to endanger him and I just to play a few pinball games. It's best that we don't go. Hopefully there's going to be the pinball show in Irving, TX soon. That's only a stone's throw away from me, not a four hour drive.
  9. The Atari 2600 (and clones) did well in the middle east, and I read that the word 'Atari' is synonymous with videogames there, like 'Kleenex' is synonymous with facial tissues here.
  10. I've finished the single-player story mode, and now I don't have a whole lot to do. I don't really feel compelled to play anymore, since there aren't any other missions to go on. I replayed a bunch of high level free missions, and got bored. With PSO, I could keep playing forever, but these missions aren't nearly as long or interesting. I guess they want players to go online and play after that, which I have no intention of doing. I do like the special attacks for weapons, I just wish that the long sword would get a few more attack disks available as you go up in levels. I prefer the long swords so I can hit multiple enemies, and the Tornado Strike special attack is kinda weak at first. It gets pretty strong by the end, though. I managed to tear Dark Faluz (or whatever they named him in this game) to pieces with the Tornado Strike. And when you're in the SEED Hive, if you wander off the beaten path you can find a level A long sword tucked away, and it'll really do some damage. The single player mode was fun, but I don't really want to play it anymore. There's no longevity to it, no replay value. I've fooled around with it, and now I don't have any desire to go back again. That's a lot different than Phantasy Star Online, which compelled me to play the same missions over and over just to level up and get to the next difficulty mode. PSU just seems kind of shallow in comparison.
  11. I don't think I would have paid that much for those titles. Like it's been said, they really aren't games, they're edutainment titles. I've actually bought some of those for a lot less than that. There was one thrift that seemed to have them come in a lot. I even picked up a mess of Philips internal demonstration copies of titles, including one of the Zelda games. Most of the programs in my collection were around the 99¢ mark, and after trying them out, I still think I overpaid for them.
  12. I'm not too jealous of the Amstrad, but that Amiga CD32 has me pretty green with envy. I've always wanted one of those, but haven't really wanted to cough up the money for it.
  13. I'm still waiting for Movie Trading Company locations here in Dallas to change over to Vintage Stock stores. They've finally put flyers up in their store windows advertising that they now buy old videogames and consoles, including TurboGrafx-16 and SMS. I'd be so happy to be able to pop into a local store and buy Turbo games any time I want. Too bad they still don't have anything yet. A couple Genesis consoles, a SNES, a Dreamcast, three or four N64s (those are like a plague around here, even more common than Genesis consoles), and a PS1. Not too many titles in stock yet. I hope their selection improves soon.
  14. The thrift I bought the iMac in has on rare occasions had iMacs and Apple monitors in the past, but I never thought about buying them before. I'm trying not to take up space with a computer I don't really use. Ah, the life of a clutterer. Well, I got it to work finally. I opened it up, removed the hard drive, and popped it into an external FireWire enclosure. Plugged it into my trusty ol' eMac, and found that someone (probably kids, from the look of it) fooled around with it and renamed a bunch of things, including the drive, the OS X System folder, and the OS 9 System Folder. Renamed everything, ran Disk Utility on it to check a little deeper, and then re-installed the HD and started it up. Worked fine. It looked like a business computer for a law firm. And I found an AOL disc inside the CD drive. Could have been the problem right there! I dug out Norton Utilities 2.0, and I'm giving the thing a good going-over. Good news is, it's already got OS X 10.3 installed. I gave my spare copy of OS X 10.3 to my sister along with my friend's iBook, so I don't need to get that back from her anytime soon. I wasn't sure if there would be all that new of a OS X revision on it, so I'm happy about that. Now I need to install OpenOffice on it, and find a spare keyboard.
  15. I hit a lot of thrifts, and came up nearly empty. I picked up a Super Famicom cart, Dragonball Z 2, for $2.98 (I love the way the English on the back of the cartridge describes it as a 'cassette'). Also picked up a copy of a Mac OS X puzzle game called Enigmo for 99¢. And while I was at it, I also picked up a 400mhz Blueberry iMac. No extras, just a bare console. Cost me $19.56. My brother needs a computer to print up flyers on, I thought this would be great for him. I just tried out the iMac a minute ago. Whoooo, kernel panic on startup. No wonder it was dumped in the thrift. It looks like OS X is seriously trashed on this thing. Time to pull out the ol' Norton Utilities disc.
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