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  1. Around 5.000 were sold in Japan from what I read. Might have not been the final number, but I guess that would not be that much higher.
  2. Love this little cart, it's amazing to be able to play a few rounds in some games every now and then and get the scores posted on a highscore list automatically! Amazing stuff! One question: What are the chances to see the original Pac-Man for the 2600 in the highscore club at some point in time? I know, there is the 4K one, which is considered to be the better version. There is the 8K one, which is somewhat like the original, but well, not exactly. To be able to play the original, Tod Frye one for hishscore online would be amazing! Any chance of that happening?
  3. @phoenixdownita: I am digging into the (hardware) history of the Atari Jaguar and it just made me curious why nothing, expept for the trademark for the Jaguar logo, can be found trademark- or patentwise. As for your assumption based on my nick here: nope. Nothing to do with that. Which also leads me to agree with you, @BitJag. I think the whole press release is unnecessarily unspecific, but I'd make the case that it is about the publishing rights as well. But what I find even more interesting: They talk about "rights that it [Hasbro] may have" Hm. I'd think that you could phrase that differently if you were absolutely sure. Be it publishing rights, trademarks or hardware patents: I think there was not really much to go by, at least that'y my theory, based on the seemingly non-existent patents. I mean they already called the then 5 year old system "vintage", which tells you what their overall perspective was. But as you said, really overanalyzing this here. I think it was first and foremost a PR thing, appearing not to stand in the way of passionate devotees and looking good by doing so. @Clint Thompson: Agreed. It also does not affect the Jaguar logo (yet), and it was just interesting to see.
  4. Cheers Andy! :-) Yes, I know about the Imagin Story. But as described in this article, and I think in a Youtube video I saw as well where the guy was interviewed, they just found the moulds that were going to get scrapped. So they bought them and reused them. This does not imply that they acquired the patents as well, as they did not need to. Atari had no interest in using the moulds anymore. Jaguar was dead. Moreover, it is still uncertain if they trademarked the design, if not patented it. And Hasbro, whatever they held on to gamewise, did not have any interest in looking back at the console. That does also not imply that they released the hardware for public domain, and I could not get that from the press release as well. But the platform was de facto abandoned nonetheless, as was the Jaguar logo. Either way, the patent, if there was one, would appear as VOID or something like that in a seach and reappear under new ownership. The same should apply for trademarks. Example: Amiga (sorry guys ;-) ). You can find the old trademarks (and patents, for that matter) via online seach pretty easily. So it is pretty unlikely that, if Imagin bought any patents, they would not pop up under Atari Corporation as well. That being said, I thought: Maybe Flare Technology filed any patents ... nope. Searching for John Mathieson and Martin Brennan individually also got me zero results. This all leaves me baffled. I mean even the Panther designs surfaced eventually.
  5. Interesting, thanks @BitJag. I used the Trademark Electronic Search System of the USPTO site, expecting to find at least the expired entries from Atari Corporation for the Jaguar, but what do you know: Apparently Atari Interactive filed new trademarks for Atari Lynx and Atari Jaguar this very year, which were published for opposition just about a month ago 😳 Might as well be that I misunderstand this: https://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4807:oexllp.3.120 https://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4807:oexllp.3.119 The typed drawing entry would be this one, abandoned September 12, 1996, filed April 20, 1992: https://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4807:oexllp.4.2 Anyway, regarding the Jaguar patents, it seems they did indeed not file any then. You can find just about anything else really. I stumbled upon the Lynx cartridge and case patents as well and remember wondering why the cartriges were made by Ira Velinsky and the case of the portable console was not. That surprised me. But as far as the Jaguar goes: From what I learned when I asked John Mathieson, Ira Velinsky probably did the Jag console design. Will probably indeed take a lot more effort to dig up the copyright files and maybe drawings, if there are any. I can't believe that Atari would not protect what they wanted to be the new "industry standard" for gaming, whatever that was supposed to mean.
  6. I was looking for patents for the Jaguar online, the console, the case design - but I did not find any of them, neither via the USPTO nor via Google patent search. I did however find the trademark registration for the Jaguar name. Hm. I might be overlooking something. Can anyone point me to the right direction regarding the patents? Funny note: When you search for Atari Jaguar patents, one of the first things you find is this :-)
  7. I have only one, bought it just last year for Christmas, with one Hoskinson Pro Controller and Iron Soldier. Since then, my collection of games in box grew to 32 and I am on the look out for a spare console, just in case. But I just won't pay bold triple digits for that. And so far, I'm not worried that my Jag will give up working (fingers crossed).
  8. Thanks again to everybody who shared their memories here!
  9. For a research project about the Jaguar's history I am looking for people who actually bought their Atari Jaguar in 1993 on launch. Would you mind sharing your story of why you bought it back then and where you got it here? That would be awesome.
  10. If possible I prefer to read the Retro Gamer in English, although the German issues do contain some original content. And RETURN is a must-have, of course! Power Play will not be continued the way it was.
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