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  1. I`m very interested to build one. You made a BOM list. That will help a lot ! May I ask for the name of the shop / website, you got the parts from? I am a little bit desperate. Trying to find the parts resulted in biting my table. Greets Stefan
  2. Stefan Both

    Stefan Both

  3. Another surprisingly Commodere bashing thread. Its getting more and more boring. (so why don't you just ignore it? well I can't it's so often) Stefan
  4. A harddisk back in the days? I don't know a single person who owned a harddisk back in the days for their 8 bit. My own first harddrive was a 40 MB inside my Amiga 2000 in 1988. Stefan
  5. Do you have a link of the version you would suggest. And is there a manual or some sort of ? I would like to test it. Stefan
  6. The Arduino doesn't need much current. The touch-display however likes about 100...400mA (peak). If your Atari PSU is still in good condition and there is no other hungry device in the chain - no worries at all. However, there is another aspect. If you draw the current from Sio, and you power cycle your XL, you switch off the SDrive-Max too. That is (in my opinion) the main reason to spend the device its own PSU. - - - - - I would prefer Lothareks Sio2Sd too. It proofs it's relia/durability since years. On the other hand, Sdrive-Max has Tape emulation too. (or do I mix something up?) Whatever your choice may be, it can't be wrong. Stefan
  7. Yes, as an option. Yiu can also ask someone to get it on disk. No. You can use a disk drive or a SIO2SD or something like that. You need the (flash) program >>uflash<<. Start it, access the disk (or whatever) and use it to "burn" the roms into the 1umb. Stefan
  8. Well, what does "1 used & new offers" mean? Stefan
  9. That is a perfect example of, what I thought when I was reading the thread title the first time... http://www.8bit-slicks.com/ And the next thing I saw was: - - - A friendly community. Can it be ? A community without squabbling ? Just playing the same game among themselves? Even with different machines? Stefan
  10. It is CBM stuff !? Aren't you scared, you will end up in hell? No, I don't use exactly this model, but it will probably work. There are some other solutions for the Atari 8bit here on Atari age. You may search for "esp8266" or WiFi. Stefan
  11. You may have a look at http://www.gymnasium-nordhorn.de/index.php/aktuelles/241-stefan-both-geschichte-der-computer I'm sorry it is German only, but you can click the picture to get a sideshow. Google translate should do the rest fairly good. I understand, you'd like to give the students an overview of the Atari aera. I've doubt, its enough stuff to fill an hour - and have even more doubt, this small part of computer history (alone) is interesting enough to captivated the audience. I absolutely agree, students love to touch and test old computers and like to play (easy to understand) games (no time to read manuals) or operate a paint program or wordprocessor (incl. disk access and the regarding printer in operation) with the help of a self made super short manual. Of course the 40th anniversary of Atari is a wonderful opportunity to have a special focus on Nolan Bushnell and the history of Atari - including the "I love to fuck" T-shirt Stroy etc... Just my 50 cent Stefan
  12. I have no crystal ball available, to see the unknown. If I have to guess, I would suspect the SD card reader, it's connection, or the SPI bus or something like that. But sorry, it's just a guess - and even with photos... no chance to help. Stefan
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