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  1. With my 7800 hooked up to a non crt tv i had tovadjust the tint for the colors to be right. Im am composite. Composite on a crt was no problem.
  2. I really want to use this thing. For almost a year it had been working but with no sound but I could still play. Today I turn it on, i get about 8 dots down the middle of the screen and the sound works now!?!?
  3. can one still get one of these?
  4. I'm actually looking for someone as well to figure out why mine loses sound after a few minutes of use. I really don't want to mess around inside this thing. I am not confident in my skills to mess with it.
  5. bigbacon

    sound cuts out

    how n the world do you get the knob off?? holy crap feel like I'm going to break it.
  6. bigbacon

    sound cuts out

    I guess these are old enough to not have bleeder resistors?
  7. bigbacon

    sound cuts out

    How long does one need to sit unplugged before it is safe? The discharging scares the bejesus out of me.
  8. bigbacon

    sound cuts out

    since this is new to me, I assume to spray the pot I need to take the whole thing apart or can I take the power knob off and spray from there?
  9. bigbacon

    sound cuts out

    Anyone else ever have this problem? Sound seems fine but it cuts out every so often and then comes back. Sometimes I can fiddle with the volume and it will come back and other times that doesn't work unitl it decides to just come back on its own.
  10. absolutely no idea who that is. Not a WWE/WWF/fake wrestling fan.
  11. two items FS: 1. I have a 4 port 5200 which i bought only to get the top shell off it. It is in decent shape but I don't know if the console works. I bought it only knowing what the seller told me which was, it kind of powers on sometimes but not all the time but he claims it works fine once it is on. I have no way to test it as I don't have the breakout box for it. Console only. Cost: Pay the shipping. 2. bare 4 port board with a botched power mod. Does not power on. Cost: Pay the shipping.
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