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  1. Update. It seems as if my PVM will only accept component mode from Sophia. Using component mode fixed everything! Everything works fine and the picture is awesome thanks to Simius.
  2. OK, I just installed the Sophia on perfectly working 5200. I still have the sync problem. Could it because I'm using a SCART to BNC cable? I doubt it because all my other classic systems work fine on my PVM using SCART to BNC except for the 5200. Any advice?
  3. My 5200 just stopped reading carts. All I get is a black screen. Maybe a bad GTIA? Maybe the bad sync was due dying chips? I'll keep working on it and I'll post my findings if I get this thing back to working again.
  4. I finally got time to install the Sophia RGB board. However I'm getting extreme sync issues. I have it hooked up to a Sony PVM. I got the SCART cable from this website https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/atari-800-1200-65xe-130xe/307-atari-sophia-rgb-mod-board-revision-b-to-scart-cable-0705693506562.html?search_query=atari+sophia&results=2 . Any ideas how to fix this? I've included photos.
  5. I can also confirm that The 8Bitdo M30 2.4G receiver non-Bluetooth version and receiver ($5 cheaper) also works with the Seagull 78 Controller Adapter. This will be the only way I will ever play 7800 games from here on out. This is absolutely the best way to play 7800 games.The M30 controller is the best retro wireless controller on the market IMO. https://www.amazon.com/8Bitdo-Wireless-Gamepad-Original-Genesis-Drive/dp/B07HB1XFQW/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=8bitdo%2Bsega&qid=1553808677&s=gateway&sr=8-2&th=1
  6. Lan Di

    Rikki & Vikki

    I just received my confirmation shipping notice. I can't wait to get it.
  7. Lan Di

    Rikki & Vikki

    Happy to have placed my order. One of the best game purchases this year thus far for me.
  8. Direct link. https://youtu.be/cLU7ik7clBo?t=1836
  9. Thanks guys. Next up is modding my 2600, 5200, CV, and INTV II to s-video/composite.
  10. I have one of those for my Neo Geo and I never even thought of using it for my 5200. And according to the replies it is a shame that it wont work.
  11. Hello all. I'm new to the forums and I just wanted to share my Atari console collection. Most of the games I have are common carts but I'm in the middle of expanding my Atari library.
  12. I agree. I have a 5200 trackball and its not as responsive as it should be.
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