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  1. That would be rather disappointing, as with my luck I'd likely not be there at that particular hour. I'd like to get something nice and new to play my Lynx and GB carts without having to fight off a flood of flippers and WATA investors.
  2. Well, this is disappointing. Would've loved a reasonably-sized (for me at least) GG classic with a bunch of games. Don't need more display stuff.
  3. Here's a question. Is there a way to delete/hide games you aren't interested in? Don't have one yet.
  4. Did they ever fix the issue with the panel art falling off? I saw the plexiglass thing, but was hoping they'd simply improve the art quality instead. I know I can't expect the world for 300 bucks, just wondering. edit- I see the mention of the deck protector, so perhaps not. Haven't been following this much lately.
  5. If they can get plenty of SMS, Genesis and Turbogfx stuff I'd go for it. Still looking for a semi-replacement for the lamented Wii Virtual Console. I see a 'dollar' price, so maybe it's worldwide?
  6. I'd love nice, clean new versions of most 8/16 bit era systems. And I'd really like nice, clean new licensed carts to go with them.
  7. My parents bought me a pong clone around 82 or so. Fun little system, though my 2600 got most of the playtime.
  8. Not sure about materials, but I'd be concerned about the bottom edges scraping or cracking when I set it down (I use hardwood flooring) or try to set it onto a cart/dolly. Never owned a cab and not sure if it could be built to withstand that or not. I don't really have anyone that can give me a lot of help moving it around.
  9. Yeah, I can think of a slew of oddball arcades (besides the usual Namco/Williams/Atari collection stuff) I wish I could get on a machine. Maybe they'll sell expansion packs like some other multicade companies do.
  10. edit again- and after the fact I see the reply to the same question on the other thread. Sorry. Is it 400 games or simply 'more than 250?' Saw another press release (apparently Oct 17) saying the former . I realize 'more than 250' isn't contradictory, just wondering what the end target number will be closer to, if that isn't privileged info at this point. Thank you. Dang it, I replied to myself instead of editing. ed-Think I got it fixed now.
  11. I just wish they'd license a bunch o' SMS games (with their usual quality) and put them on a multicart for me to use that nifty adapter with.
  12. Hi K, oddly enough I've been thinking of something similar. One of those little media PCs and a gamepad.
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