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  1. I am interested in any items for the Magnavox Odyssey Rifle... overlays, instructions, game cards #9 and #10.
  2. I am not 100% certain but I have seen this issue before... I believe that the reason the shipping costs cannot be estimated and displayed is because the seller needs to update the listing and specify a shipping service. It is not enough to simply identify the package type (letter or parcel) and weight; the seller also needs to select a shipping carrier and level of service, for example, Air or Ground, Priority, etc. Once the seller updates the listing with a specific shipping carrier and service level then I believe that the shipping quotes will become available.
  3. I really dislike the Good Til Cancelled policy for fixed price listings. I have not been an active seller in recent years. But ebay recently sent me an offer for 500 free listings (no insertion fees) so I decided to try it. I listed around 500 DVDs (fixed price) and have sold about 60 so far. I am probably making a few bucks, but not very much, since these are generally items with a slim margin before I even take into account the final value fees and PayPal fees. But I will be mindful to cancel these listings before they auto-relist. If I paid insertion fees on hundreds of listings, I would probably either lose money or break-even, at best. In that case, as Joshua would say, the only winning move is not to play. Since I am nearly certain that paying full insertion fees for a large number of listings would be unprofitable for me, I am currently considering whether opening an ebay store would give me any significant savings and allow me to be profitable while maintaining a relatively (for me) large number of active listings. I was wondering at what point (how many listings?) does it become advantageous (less costly) to open an ebay store as opposed to listing items as an individual (non-store). I suppose there is an algebra equation that one could set-up and figure out where the cost intersection is between listing as a private individual versus having an ebay store. Well, I may have to brush up on the quadratic formula and crunch some numbers, because after over 20 years on ebay (mostly as a buyer) I am potentially considering opening an ebay store. With regards to relisting items to get better exposure or more views, I think it is overrated. Serious buyers or collectors who want a particular item will find it regardless. There are specific items that I am looking for. In addition to my saved searches with email alerts, I do periodic manual searches as well. I think most serious buyers and collectors probably do the same. I do not believe inventory that does not turn over is largely the fault of its placement in ebay search results. Inventory that does not sell (my own included) is likely either low demand, overpriced (above fair market), or a combination of both. Finally, I understand the desire to open a web store. But like most restaurants and other small businesses that launch, more will likely fail than will succeed. This is not a criticism, just an economic observation. Any start-up web store selling items similar to what can be found on ebay is bound to be facing a huge uphill battle. Just like I do not expect any burger joint to overtake McDonalds, it would be similarly tough to compete with ebay. Although ebay's fees are substantial, especially for smaller sellers, with their 3 bites at the apple (insertion fees, final value fees, PayPal fees), I think the traffic generated by ebay's millions of users somewhat offsets the substantial fees. No doubt there are some web stores that succeed. But I guess everyone must evaluate there own situation and decide if they would be better off opening their own web store versus selling on ebay.
  4. I have watched every episode of Collector's Call on MeTV so far. I enjoy the show, as a lifelong collector of various things myself, plus I really like Lisa Whelchel. So after having seen the teaser preview last week, I was really looking forward to tonight's episode featuring the video game collection. Unfortunately, it was easily, by far, the most boring episode of the entire series. In each episode, they generally feature only 5 or 6 items selected from the person's collection. I think there were two issues that made this episode boring and uninteresting. First, I thought the few items selected to be featured, although rare, were not necessarily very interesting, and were not appealing enough to be displayed and discussed. Secondly, and I think this was a huge mistake, they did not show or demonstrate any video games in action (except for the CommaVid Video Life cartridge, which is not really a game that is played). I think that was a big fail. This was, after all, a guy showing off his video game collection AND a tv show. I think it would have been far more effective and interesting for a gamer to show us some of his cool games by actually playing them and demonstrating them in action. I am not sure what types of items Sean Kelly has in his collection. I have no doubt that his collection is huge and amazing. But in terms of making an interesting tv show to be consumed by the general public, I think they really missed the mark with regards to the items selected to be featured in the episode. As I was anticipating this episode all week, I was trying to envision the kind of things we might see. I thought maybe a 1972 Magnavox Odyssey with Shooting Gallery Rifle, an Entex Adventurevision, or perhaps some of the Atari 2600 games like Air Raid, Crazy Climber, or Chase The Chuck Wagon. How did Sean Kelly (the multi-cart guru), of all people, not show a Vectrex? I would have suggested demonstrating a Vectrex and have Lisa Whelchel try it out while wearing the 3D imager. I think that would have been good tv. Or perhaps I am a bit biased due to my 1980s Blair Warner crush. Most of the episodes have been pretty good, my favorite so far probably being the guy with the huge movie posters collection. Well anyway, I will be interested to hear any other opinions, and whether or not anyone else also found the video game collection episode to be rather boring and lackluster.
  5. I considered using a Videopac box, but that would be my last resort. As indicated, I would prefer to find an alternative plastic box with a wraparound outer sleeve. The one thing I particularly do not like about many Videopac boxes is that they do not display very well (in terms of the spine) when lined up on a shelf. While the higher-numbered Videopac releases typically have the name displayed/viewable on the side/spine of the box, the majority of Videopac games do not have the title viewable from the side/spine of the box. Anyway, using a Videopac box will be my last resort. So, still looking for a better alternative.
  6. WANTED: empty box suitable for an Odyssey² cartridge. I would like to purchase an empty plastic case/box that I can use to hold an Odyssey² multi-cart. I received the Odyssey² multi-cart with a printed sheet/artwork (but no box) so ideally I would like to find a plastic case/box with an outer sleeve into which I can slide the artwork. The multi-cart is in an original Odyssey² cartridge shell. If anybody has a suitable plastic box with an outer sleeve that would be a close or very good fit for an Odyssey² cartridge then please let me know. Thanks!
  7. I have a Greedy Smurf cassette available. The label has peeled off the cassette, although it is still in excellent condition and could be glued back on if you wish. Here is a picture. PM sent.
  8. Curt, thank you for the information. I did in fact list this in auction format on ebay a couple of days ago with a $49.00 starting bid. I am glad to see that the minimum bid I had chosen is in line with your recommendation. The market will decide. The Atari 7800 High Score cartridge along with a few other video game items can be found here: eBay Seller: elvis-presley The Atari 7800 High Score Cartridge auction currently has several watchers so it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few days. It is really great that you are offering an inexpensive upgrade to the cartridge as well. So hopefully this will ultimately find a good home and end up as a nice item in someone's collection.
  9. Yes, I understood that it was a hobbyist manufactured release. I simply prefer to use fixed price listings on ebay rather than auctions. That said, in order for me to create a fair and reasonable fixed price listing (not overpriced, but also not underpriced), I need at least a general idea of the value. That is why I inquired if anybody here had an opinion as to a realistic price range. In fact, since I purchased the cartridge on the secondary market in a rather large lot, I could not even place an accurate valuation on it at the time I acquired it. Just out of curiosity, does anybody know how much these sold for at the time of their initial reproduction release? Is there anybody still manufacturing and selling these today?
  10. I acquired an Atari 7800 High Score Cartridge in a large lot of sealed games. I purchased the lot for the large library of sealed 7800 games although I was not particularly interested in using this High Score Cartridge. I have never opened or used it. Since the High Score Cartridge has been sitting untouched on my shelf for the past several years, I have finally decided that I may as well list it on ebay. However, I could not find any current or completed auctions as a guide. I have no idea how much this might be worth. Can anybody offer some expertise on a realistic price range for an Atari 7800 High Score Cartridge on ebay?
  11. I have a complete in box Leisure-vision Spiders available. This is the Canadian version of the Emerson Arcadia 2001. So, while it would not specifically help you complete your U.S. collection, at least it is a North American release. I have attached a photo. Please let me know if you have any interest this Spiders release. Matt A.
  12. I would be interested in seeing pictures of Harbor Escape and Scuba Diver if you have those two boxed games available.
  13. For Trade: Electronic Games Magazine 1983 Software Encyclopedia This 1983 issue has some minor wear but is still in pretty nice condition overall. There is a bit of glare in the photo as it is stored in a clear magazine bag. Wanted: Electronic Games Magazine 1984 Software Encyclopedia Please contact me if you have the 1984 Electronic Games Software Encyclopedia in similar/good condition available and are interested in trading. Thanks! - Matthew
  14. I am interested in the BMX Airmaster. PM sent.
  15. I am looking for the following European Microvision games: #2 Bowling #7 Blitz Interested in complete boxed only please. Matt A.
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