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  1. Almost time for some USA soccer!

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    2. carlsson


      Binary score!

    3. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Alex Morgan, that is all.

    4. Centerice19


      She’s a beast! Can’t wait for Sunday

  2. Bruins looking for that sweep tonight!

    1. AtariLeaf


      Screw the Bruins. BOO-RUINS!!!

    2. zetastrike


      I'm a jerk and my team is a bunch of jerks, but the Bruins are JERKS.

    3. Centerice19


      haha tough crowd. Not a lot Bruins fans, noted ;)

  3. Hey all- Im looking to buy a game boy color or GBA-SP if anyone has something theyre looking to sell. Not too picky about the color of system Also, if anyone has any Pokémon games thatll play on either of these, Id be interested as well! Thank you!!
  4. back at it (again)!

    1. GoldLeader


      Welcome back!

  5. in class on a sunday!?

  6. in class on a sunday!?

  7. Hi all, long time since i last posted..but.. I recently traded for a C64 with a couple games and everything, and it should be here by wednesday(thanks again steve) But now that i have myself a C64 coming, i need to stock up on some games!! im not familar at all with the c64 or anything related to it, im very new to it. So im not looking for any rare or proto games or anything, just some fun games to play! I'd rather buy in bulk so if your looking to sell off your c64...maybe we could work out a deal or if you just have a few games, thats fine too. I may also be interested in a trade. So PM me or reply here if you have anything available. Thanks! -Megan
  8. MAN! I wish i could be part of this! But my mom wont let me This seems like an awesome and really fun thing to do! -Megan
  9. Just made a deal, and i have a NES with some games coming Ill check out EB games and Gamestop and see how much their N64's are going for. Thanks everyone for the help! -Megan
  10. lonesome_pa, thanks for the reply. Im working on some NES bundles, so once i get those sorted out, ill PM you about your N64 stuff. Thanks!
  11. PM replied to Donkeykong1, well i have $50 of my bday money that im looking to spend, but i do have more, so if its a good bundle, ill pay more. Thanks!!
  12. Hi all, Im looking to get a N64 system, or as a bundle with some games. Im also looking for a NES system with games. If someone has both and is looking to sell/trade both, that'd be great! But if you have one or the other, thats great too! I have a Indigo GBA im looking to trade, along with games. I also have 2600 games, XBOX, and Gamecube games. So let me know! Thanks! -Megan
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