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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a more powerful PSU in the UK? I have a McWill fitted Lynx coming and I have the LynxGD also. retrogamecave.com can't tell me when they're able to start shipping to the UK again (although they will at some point) so it could be a long wait.
  2. I don't think you should sell. I regreted selling my far more modest collection back in the day. Maybe just give it a bit more thought or agree to store it somewhere where it doesn't get in the way perhaps?
  3. Axe


    Love this game, the only one I Comlynxed on. Annoying friend always had to be the snotterpillar. Managed to get a £12 copy recently and it worked fine after cleaning.
  4. Thanks to posts on here I searched a couple of shops in the Netherlands and managed to bag an unboxed Lemmings and Turbo Sub for £60.20. Not bad going since the only UK based unboxed copy of Lems I can find is on ebay for £125 right now.
  5. I finally got back into contact with my old buddy who also has a Lynx. Next time he's over we're gonna comlynx on that for the first time. Can't wait as the only game we ever played together back in the day was Xenophobe.
  6. This game is my Everest. Forget Dark Souls.
  7. Dracula? I love that game, it's in my top 16! As for me it has to be Batman, Pit Fighter and sports games. Only owned Batman back in the day and I didn't pay for it luckily. 'Lets throw a million respawning, explosive throwing enemies at you oh and not even give BATMAN a flying attack!' Not to mention if you get shot over an instant death drop on level 2 you fall straight down it and loose your only life. The graphics are some of the best on the system but give me gameplay any day. It's no Rygar.
  8. Reptile is my favourite! A complete game with anyone sacrificed for him please. 😛
  9. Axe

    Top 5 lynx games

    1.Slime World 2.Blue Lightning 3.Xenophobe 4.Gates of Zendocon 5.Dracula There are many more that need mentioning that are still favourites. Namely Electro Cop, California Games, Rampart, Roadblasters ahh screw it cant name them all would take to long. Bottom of the pile, the only bad game I had was Batman. Luckily I didn't pay for that one. I liked all other games that I got.
  10. Nice display. Never remember anything like it.
  11. Thanks will take a look see.
  12. Yeah it would be more helpful to post a link rather than have us search through another site. I had problems registering and now I'm locked out for a while.
  13. Gates of Zendocon, is the biggest box the Japanese version? Trying to locate this myself.
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