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  1. Well! This thread has been an interesting read thus far, huh? A game I'd love to see on the Jaguar would be I.K.+. I think it'd be a solid fit! Historically speaking, as others have said, a faithful running port of Virtua Fighter 1 would have been cool as was definitely within reach re: gourad shaded polygons at 30fps+. (FFL, for all its horrible, horrible (horrible) flaws at least ran decently and involved texture mapping etc.) FWIW: Ultra Vortek 2 would have kicked ass...
  2. I've always had a Jaguar but don't and would never make myself exclusive to it, so to speak. Unsurprisingly, my main passion is the NeoGeo. I don't own every retro console. My set up comprises of: NeoGeo // PS2 // PS1 // DC // Saturn // MegaDrive // Jaguar // 3DO // GCN // N64 I own a decent amount for each. Due to the expansive libraries available, it shouldn't surprise you that my PS2 & PS1 collections are the largest in number. Just, so much amazing stuff. I have 30 games (specifically) for the Jaguar now. I only have the stuff I legitimately like and enjoy playing. I offloaded a good many games (Carts) years ago just to trim down on stuff I didn't play or enjoy anymore. FYI: Fighting Games, Shmups, Run n Gun & Racing Games are my favourite genres (I like scrolling beat em ups too) which is why I gravitate towards Japanese consoles and developers, mainly for Arcade (style) games. I love the Jag & 3DO for the diversity it adds to my collection. It's cool to fire up Defender 2000 to divert after a few rounds of Mark of the Wolves and Alien Storm. Mix it up!!!
  3. A nortthern lass (oo er!) from (...from?) YouTube going by the name 'Octavius' reviewed this very unit. Well, more like a physical hands on. General gist I got is that reconstructive neck surgery is required if you spent some serious time with this on ye head! That's all I have to add. Here's a link to her video:
  4. I have 3x consoles: 1x New /Boxed (was 'sealed' but the seal unstuck with age), 1x 50hz console and 1x 60hz console (no reason, would prefer both at 60hz btw!). No JagCD as nothing compelling enough ever released to have me pull the trigger. Also: What game is that??!!! You can tell I haven't been around for a while!
  5. Yeah. It's a solid thought tbh. However, shipping alone is pretty expensive and would take the game up to $100 quite easily. I'm just a little more conscientious with my spending nowadays. I guess I'll hold out for some one in the UK looking to part with theirs. I've seen they sell for a reasonable £50ish on eBay when they come up. Probably my best solution. FYI, I'd rather pay/contribute directly but on the breadline nowadays! Sorry...
  6. Thanks Guys! So, I don't have an issue with paying $70 for this game. But, I'm going to have problems re: shipping cost, import tax and, the often overlooked but not forgotten, handling fee of doom! Thus, is there anywhere in the UK I can acquire this bad boy aside eBay? Thanks all!
  7. Just chiming in to agree really. Another World is a great addition to the Jag library and a worthy addition to everyones Jag collection. It's a timeless masterpiece. Shame it's so limited though...
  8. I've never played it unfortunately but, judging by the responses here... no one else at ATARI AGE has either! WOW!! Whod've thought it...
  9. Well, personally, theres never been anything all that compelling on Jag CD for me to take the plunge re: outlay. I admit I wouldnt mind Battlemorph, IS2CD and Hover Strike UL though. And, re: Power Drive Rally... I imagine this would have been the original box art but, somehow, ended up with that US Ford Sierra art too...?
  10. I like this COMPLETE Golden Turd Set. I agree that Trevor McFur has no place in it (it's better than those stated, especially with a rapid-fire pad) and I think Kasumi Ninja is a 'cut above' Golden Turd status too (see what I did there?). My COMPLETE Golden Turd 5 would be: Fight For Life (No.1, by far), Double Dragon V (dreadful), Bubsy (sorry DoctorClu!), Checkered Flag (music is great though!), and Supercross 3D. And, I've never had the pleasure, but would imagine, had I played them/wasted money buying them, Zoop, FlipOut, Troy Aikmen, Dino Dudes could have been right up there too! Oh, Club Drive was spared as it has some fun 2P modes. 1P 'game' is pretty pointless though...
  11. Nice collection. I used to own a great many Jag games but pared it down years ago by, simply, off loading some less desirable and less played items (Fight for Life, Double Dragon V, Supercross, Club Drive, Checkered Flag plus more). Being a NeoGeo guy I kept some fighters ppl will likely find questionable (Kasumi Ninja & Ultra Vortek) but they're all part of that Jaguar experience! I have a bit of a thing for Dragon too I'm afraid. I would consider, as others have said, the complete set to be the original retail releases really. You can be flexible with some of the Telegames stuff too I suppose? Some observations of the photo depicted: 1. You have a Jag CD and presumably some games, but theyre not in the photo? 2. Arguably, there are 2x variants of Power Drive Rally to consider. Personally, I favour the version you haven't got in the photo. 3. What's game to the right of Iron Soldier? Do you have the Cart release of Iron Soldier 2? Not sure if it's considered part of the 'set', so to speak?
  12. Ive been out of the loop for bit (child rearing, she's 4 now... time flies!). Clearly, I have missed some bits but Last Strike looks fun and promising! I was going to chip in with 'needs rapid/auto fire' but spotted it in the options! If only Zero 5 and Raiden had implemented such options, eh? Glad to see the good work is still being done. Thanks guys! Erm, side note: Is Rebooteroids still available? Still produced/stocked etc? Would be cool to grab a NEW Jag game! Cheers.
  13. Amen to that! Definitely a commercial standard release.
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