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  1. Yes! My 2 scart sgms are now all mine!! Thanks everyone at Opcode (Eduardo and Grazi), now I'll be able to play all the SGM games from Team pixel boy and Opcode! :thumbsup: (and the package is a treat for coleco fans!! with the pictures of Pole Position and Kangaroo :lust: )
  2. omg I'm so glad you're back !! I've just pm"d you to know the status regarding my 2 sgms, they were ready to ship 6 months ago and no news since then.. Please keep me updated
  3. Hi Ed, I've just DM'd you; Before starting the 5th run, can you please send me my 2 sgms back from the 2nd run thanks in advance, I have all the games from team pixel boy to play
  4. Hey Eduardo, sorry to bother you with that, I emailed Grazi several times but I got no answer since then :-/ I sent you a DM, can you check your box please? My french coleco is waiting baaadly for her 2 Sgms
  5. good to know I've just asked Toby to put on hold my order of Sydney "cart only", and switch it with the boxed version one...
  6. Out of stock indeed... https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=fpga+nt+mini&LH_PrefLoc=2&LH_Complete=1&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xanalog+nt+mini.TRS0&_nkw=analog+nt+mini&_sacat=0 Holy cow :-o
  7. Hey hey I've just shot her an email thanks
  8. Hi Eduardo, please don't forget the last remnants like me from the 2nd run preorder .. My French CV is starving now
  9. Hi guys, can you confirm that the second batch of french scart is still in the pipeline and was not shipped? Just checking as summer holidays are about to begin for many of us; I don't want my package to get lost somewhere while I'm away. Thanks!
  10. Makes me think of the game Return To Genesis on Amiga and Atari ST The result is impressive for a Colecovision, it looks like a C64 game
  11. Hi all, I'm posting this question here as I wasn't answered through your website : About junkwall, kung fu master, jawbreaker 2 and mazeam: can you tell me if there's only one version available or if there are different covers : US or CBS. thanks
  12. I am when I see this endless list of upcoming games gwaah Plus, I had completely forgot about the third group of games that I had pre-ordered, you could probably have fooled most of us For those like me wondering what the hell there was in the third group, here's what I found from an email (Alas can't remember if mystery games 1 and 2 have been uncovered yet ) 17) SECRET OF THE MOAI > > http://teampixelboy.com/secret_moai.php > > This is a ColecoVision port of the MSX game "Moai no Hihou". It's a cute > puzzle game where you play > as a mouse who explores the (surprisingly) hollow Moai statues on Easter > Island looking for hidden > treasure. > > > 18) C-SO! > > http://teampixelboy.com/c_so.php > > A port of the SG-1000 game, you play as a rich kid who happens to be a master > playground designer. > You have to get rid of bullies who are trespassing in your carefully built > playgrounds, while also > collecting fruits and flowers along the way. > > > 19) OPERATION WOLF > > http://teampixelboy.com/operation_wolf.php > > Specially recoded for the ColecoVision, this faithful arcade adaptation comes > to you from the makers > of Majikazo! All six levels from the arcade version are included, together > with intermissions and > plenty of action! > > > 20) KING & BALLOON > > http://teampixelboy.com/king_balloon.php > > Another MSX port of the little-known arcade game of the same name. You have > to protect your king > from invading balloon-riding kidnappers! It's a surprisingly fun arcade game, > complete with > Galaga-style bonus rounds! > > > 21) MYSTERY GAME #1 > > This brand new, original (and still unnamed) ColecoVision exclusive is > currently being worked on by > the creator of Caos Begins. From the early work I've been shown so far, the > game looks to be an > action adventure that reminds me a little bit of Crystalis on the NES, in > terms of style. It looks > very promissing, and the author told me that he's working to make his game > run on the > ColecoVision/ADAM without the Super Game Module. > > > 22) MYSTERY GAME #2 > > The makers of Majikazo are behind this title, and they don't even want to > tell me what it is yet! > All they have told me so far is that their new game will be an arcade > adaptation, coded from scratch > specifically for the ColecoVision. It will apparently be some kind of > platformer, with a two-player > dual play mode (whatever that means). The Super Game Module will be required.
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