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  1. It doesn't, no. I wish it was that simple.....
  2. Thanks for the reply. The controls work fine until you lose a life. The only other game is turbo but that uses the steering wheel which is OK. I've also noticed that you have to cycle the power switch a few times or change the channel a few times before you get a picture (I've replaced the caps and cleaned the power switch, so I don't know what's happening there). The atari add on was bought with the console in 1983 and ended up stored in his parents loft until recently. I did read that there is a pot that might sort the b&w picture. Thank you for the suggestions.
  3. Hi everyone. I've recently added an after market power supply for my brother in laws CV. Picture is OK (using rf as I can't find a pal av mod board) and everything seems fine. However, when I play donkey Kong, if I lose a life, the controls don't work and I have to reset to get them working again. Additionally, using the atari adaptor only displays B&W and not colour. The switch makes no difference. I've stripped it open and the board looks pristine so I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions please?
  4. Just removed it from the board and it's open circuit. Does anybody know what the value is please?
  5. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a PAL Vader that was spares or repair. I was having trouble getting it to tune to the telly so I opted to install the AV mod and take it from there. Mod installed, still no picture. So I started poking around with the multimeter and found I wasn't getting VCC to the mod from pin 3 next to the RF box. I chased the path back and I'm getting 5v on one side of L205 and about 500mV on the other. I checked resistance in circuit and it's measuring around 4.4k. My gut is saying change the inductor but what is the value of it? In fact, what is the purpose of it now the RF box is gone?? Can I just bypass with a shunt wire? Your advice is greatly appreciated.
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