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  1. Subterranea (1 B/B): 13,505 Subterranea 3 Crystal Bonus: 9,355
  2. The front and back covers are exactly the same, although the spine has the Australian distributors information on it. I've included pics of the cart as well, hope they are ok
  3. The PAL Mystique adult titles are really hard to find over here in Australia, and the few times I've come across them they are usually either Custer's Revenge, Beat em and Eat em or Bachelor Party. So finding these 2 in the wild was really surprising, especially Cathouse Blues is still sealed
  4. Vocelli you didn't add my points from the last round, i should be on 122 points.
  5. Millipede: 159,390 Donkey Kong Jnr: 11,200
  6. Yeah they are, note that color is spelt "colour".
  7. My parcel finally arrived in Melbourne Australia after almost 7 weeks (thought it was lost). The packaging is awesome, one of the best I've seen from a homebrew. I feel very honored to own a select few PAL copies produced. Thank you again @Armscar Coder for your generosity, much appreciated
  8. I found these a few years ago https://atariage.com/forums/topic/254086-cant-believe-i-found-these-at-my-local-pawn-shop/?tab=comments#comment-3537782 I just realized you're mentioned in the thread lol
  9. Thanks for all the replies
  10. Jason_Atari

    Weird Cable

    Just wondering if anyone knew what this little cable was for that i picked up in an Atari lot. On one end has a 9 pin Atari type male plug, on the other it looks like a 16 pin dil IC socket. Any help would be grateful.
  11. I'm liking the new categories Just wondering why there isn't a category for Atari 8-Bit/5200: Best Homebrew WIP? Most other categories have a WIP alternative, is it because there isn't many?
  12. Upon reading this post i thought i had a picture label copy of private eye, obviously i was wrong. I only have the black and white labels.
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