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  1. Awesome demo, well done to all involved
  2. Thank you, Iv'e messaged you. Thanks everyone else for playing, see you next season.
  3. Just watched the video, totally amazing job. It makes a lot of other ports look inferior in comparison, well done
  4. Another great score! On that note i'm going to concede, i never really had a chance lol. Congratulations OldManG, totally dominated the season.
  5. I had a similar situation happen to me on eBay down here in Australia a few years ago. The seller was selling multiple brand new sealed copies of Beat 'em and Eat 'em, Custer's Revenge and Bachelor Party. They didn't live far from me so i went to check them out. From what he told me they had bought a few pallets of imported merchandise that had been sitting in a warehouse for 30+ years. When i checked them out i could tell straight away they were original. They probably had 100 games, 6 copies of each game in cardboard boxes. I ended up buying a few off them, including a big box (see pics) I'm assuming the same thing has happened, they have come across old new stock of them from somewhere.
  6. Great score, i don't think i will get anywhere near that now
  7. Canadian release http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-donkey-kong-junior_20078.html
  8. Jason_Atari

    Mario box

    The majority of my PAL 7800 boxes are white on the back, some with multiple screen shots.
  9. 1st Attempt as the underdog Barnstorming: 52:79 Cosmic Ark: 12,930 Roc 'n Rope: 74,690
  10. Not a game company but Futuretronics (who was the Atari distributor over here in Australia back in the day) had their own newsletter/club which had reviews, new releases, high scores etc. I have a few copies still.
  11. Hero Tapper Tutankham Berzerk Crackpots Wall Defender
  12. Thanks, i'm going to need good luck against OldManG lol
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