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  1. Congrats ZilchSr, well deserved champion, and great season Old Man G.
  2. Eugene playing Yars' Revenge and Boxing on the Walking Dead.
  3. Every PAL 6 Switch 2600 I've seen has a P after the model number (see pic) You sure it's not just the colour pot needing adjustment?
  4. Generally speaking what size where Starpath games? 32k?
  5. Being a video related problem i would guess your console might have a faulty TIA chip.
  6. They are pretty common over here in Australia as they where bundled with the console. The relabeled ones seem to be more common.
  7. First off congratulations to all the winners especially ZilchSr and OldManG, totally dominant. Favourites: Tutankham & H.E.R.O. Surprising: Pressure Cooker & Fantastic Voyage Worst: Bermuda Triangle & Halloween
  8. I have noticed certain players haven't played to their best (looking back at previous season results and scores) to avoid being in the gold medal bracket. These tournaments are just about trying to get your highest score and having a bit of fun. I would rather play to my absolute best and finish runner up in the gold medal bracket (like i did last year to oldmanG) than to play half assed so i can be in the silver or bronze medal bracket and win.
  9. I'm not even going to post a score, not even going to get near that! Well done, well deserved win 🙂
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