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  1. Admiral Ackbar - It's a Trap! Control Admiral Ackbar in this Star Wars strategic operations simulator, as you lead the rebel alliance against the empire and the 2nd death star.
  2. Great interview 😀 One question I've always wanted to ask the original 2600 programmers is what they think of the current homebrew games and programmers.
  3. Improvements: Sky Diver: 96 Bermuda Triangle: 15,850
  4. Glad it fixed it 😀
  5. I would say both the power socket and the joystick port 1 need to be resoldered. Over extended use of inserting plugs they can sometimes break a solder contact resulting in intermittent connection.
  6. Improvements: Sky Diver: 95 Bermuda Triangle: 15,750 Spitfire Attack: 63,000
  7. Improvements: Sky Diver: 87 Thunderground: 177,770
  8. Sky Diver: 80 Thunderground: 108,590 Bermuda Triangle: 12,950 Spitfire Attack: 18,150
  9. I thought double dragon was released by activision?
  10. Just a question to PAL 7800 Collectors, what would the rarity on the 6 x 7800 Absolute Entertainment games be? I rarely see them over here in Australia, so they might be more common in Europe. I would give them all 9/10. F-18 Hornet Kung-Fu Master Pete Rose Baseball Super Skateboardin' Title Match Pro Wrestling Tomcat: F-14 Fighter Simulator Are the Salu releases more common than the HES ones?
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