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  1. It might be easier to get them out from underneath, there are a few clips that you can bend to get it out.
  2. @Vocelli you have put my score incorrectly in Birthday Mania, instead of 600 it should be 660, cheers...
  3. Birthday Mania: 660 Fireball: 6,283 Solar Storm: 810
  4. @Vocelli I just realized that you didn’t add the bonus 3 points for the people that got above the patch score in last rounds plaque attack challenge.
  5. 46,236 Haven't played this in a while, a bit rusty 🙃
  6. The End: 20,700 Robot City: 2,841 (For some reason i get lines on the top of my screen, I've tried several files) Tower of Rubble: 252
  7. Gee, i didn't think a score this high was possible.
  8. Improvements: California Games: 49,860 (I know i can do better as the last time we played this i scored 52,080) Mountain King: 65,935
  9. Improvements: Mountain King: 42,310 Spike's Peak: 49,750 California Games: 42,710
  10. Mountain King: 24,575 Spike's Peak: 25,250 California Games: 40,230
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