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  1. I grew up playing with Macs over at my Grandmother's house. She got the Mac 586 enhanced and an ImageWriter when they first came out.. I felt so spoiled getting to play with it compared to the Apple IIe and IIc we used at school and home. Best Mac game I had was Space Ace.. She gave us the 586E after upgrading to the better models.. We used it so much for school/college it finally died.. Best Apple game: Wings of Fury. Good mac times, Dan
  2. I second the vote for Phoenix arcade...except my copy would be a limited edition in a red/orange translucent cartridge case.
  3. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/235798-super-star-trek/ His post is on the "Super Star Trek?" thread posted by Tempest.
  4. What about Super Star Trek? NIAD posted an advertisement showing this game as part of the Adam Super Game Pack collection. Any idea If this could be developed? That sit down arcade "captain chair" version with actual actor voices and movie sound effects was awesome. The standard Star Trek CV game is ok. I wounder what improvements the Super Game had?
  5. 1 Donkey Kong 2. Galaga 3. Frogger 4. Jungle King Honorable mention: Phoenix arcade
  6. I'm signing up. I'll take #71... my birth year.
  7. It's looks great! Confirmed. I just purchased my ticket for an Early Access Phoenix. It's exactly what I would have asked Santa 🎅 for. Thanks, Dan
  8. Merry Christmas Pixelboy, Thanks for the gifts.. I needed more great game examples to prove the CV's greatness to my 14yr old nephew. With his PlayStation and Xbox setups, that task is not that easy. Oh, and I finally got a copy of your wrestling game, from Good Deal Games, too. Another fun addition to my arcade. 🙂 I can't wait to put my CV to work and have some old fashioned great locked-in-an-arcade-with unlimited-quarters fun. ,Dan
  9. I don't think the AtariVox is available right now..
  10. It's a good thing to include Kenzre quote so he'll receive a notification. His multicart is great.
  11. Good luck in your pursuits. Thanks for the quick response and efforts. I'll enjoy playing my CV SGM games over Thanksgiving with my nephew.
  12. I'm ready.. I know Opcode's busy.. With all the "Collectorvision Phoenix" updates I've missed his updates.. Call me a fan.. I'm ready to play the real Phoenix (as in arcade version)..
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