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  1. How goes the JagCD support?
  2. Will this work with an Atari 400 and an Atari 800 computer?
  3. At this point all I really want is one large fpga in a nice box with say a PCI Express 4X slot or whatever it would take as a cartridge port with cartridge Port connector adapters for each of the classic systems that plug into that I do not want to have 7 classic system-specific boxes laying around all with roughly the same Hardware inside I rather just have one bit of hardware and all these separate cores and adapters
  4. This has the advantage that it's X86-64 based. If it now has 8GB of ram, all the better. It's a shame CF is out of vogue now.... they would make the perfect form factor for a tiny cartridge to plug in and store all your games. I know it's crazy, but i'd still kind of like them to make an expansion slot using PCI-E x4 and make an M.2 drive in a shell to take all your games etc physically with you.
  5. These rule, worth it so worth it.
  6. looks good. keeping it original or tossing in an LCD and a Pii Zero etc?
  7. Honestly the first two look best. I like those narrow ones for smaller linked components if you wanted to mount them on a smaller board and run wires to it.
  8. Nice, inspires me to get back on this game. I can recommend Super Meat Boy if you want to sharpen your PURE platforming skills, lol. Gonna share this session of yours to my FB. Thanks.
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