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  1. Will this work with an Atari 400 and an Atari 800 computer?
  2. At this point all I really want is one large fpga in a nice box with say a PCI Express 4X slot or whatever it would take as a cartridge port with cartridge Port connector adapters for each of the classic systems that plug into that I do not want to have 7 classic system-specific boxes laying around all with roughly the same Hardware inside I rather just have one bit of hardware and all these separate cores and adapters
  3. This has the advantage that it's X86-64 based. If it now has 8GB of ram, all the better. It's a shame CF is out of vogue now.... they would make the perfect form factor for a tiny cartridge to plug in and store all your games. I know it's crazy, but i'd still kind of like them to make an expansion slot using PCI-E x4 and make an M.2 drive in a shell to take all your games etc physically with you.
  4. These rule, worth it so worth it.
  5. looks good. keeping it original or tossing in an LCD and a Pii Zero etc?
  6. Honestly the first two look best. I like those narrow ones for smaller linked components if you wanted to mount them on a smaller board and run wires to it.
  7. How many of these are out there now? Mine are good, work great.
  8. Don't worry, you won't have much luck after you pre order it either, lol. Pre Orders were like a year ago. STILLLL waiting. Some people invested 4 or so years ago apparently. Were shipping in Jan/Feb... I had bought for Sept last year birthday present thinking all the delays were over, HA!
  9. Has anyone here noticed the consolized mvs's over on Aliexpress? Search for MVS JAMMA CBOX... I need that and the 138 in 1 dip switch board, lol.
  10. Thanks. I discussed it with the Console 5 people. My legs are actually shorter than theirs so no chance of that. I've gotten good at this but I sometimes like to double check things.
  11. Hey all, I was looking at this on Console 5. This cap is added to help avoid voltage drops from old power supplies. I am looking at that cap and fuse thinking it should have electrical tape between them. What do you think? Yes or not necessary? https://console5.com/wiki/SNES
  12. Most of these are RGB over SCART to HDMI converters. Just get an RGB to SCART cable and be sure you are getting an RGB SCART converter.
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