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  1. @1200XL M.U.L.E., I was speaking of these F-type Male to RCA Female Coax adapters. These are needed to get rid of the horrible RF Boxes you used to have to use with the very old 1970s-1980s TVs.
  2. Yeah, $28/$41 isnt a bad price. I ended up having to buy 2 2600 systems from ShopGoodwill.com because the first one didn't work. I think I paid about $40 for the first and $40 for the second, but they came with power supplies and joysticks/paddles, and a few games. I did end up having to buy the coax adapter for the 2600 to work on my TV, and I still haven't diagnosed the issue with the defective 2600 yet. That should run about $3-$5 bucks.
  3. I also grew up in the 80s, but I dont have the same nostaligia for it. Side pony-tail. PASS High waist jeans. PASS Vinyl jackets. PASS Bright Neon. PASS Vans, shitty skater shoes. PASS
  4. CapitanClassic


    Would a 4 player shooting gallery be feasible? The way light guns work is to blank the screen and flash a white square where the target is. If there are multiple targets, they each have to blank/flash in turn. Not sure how long each of these flashes needs to stay in the screen, but with multiple targets and multiple players, I would expect the the screen to be a flickery mess at some point. I don’t even remember any 2-player simultaneous light gun games on NES, although that may have been due to a hardware limitation with the gamepad ports and I/O chip.
  5. I guess I was misunderstanding the user interface for the PlusCart. I thought everything was through the Atari joysticks. That would make setup annoying, and since this thing is already WiFi enabled, I should have realized it would support Bluetooth controllers too to communicate with it. I guess you could play Atari 2600 games through the PlusCart with a PS4/XBOX 360 controller, or after the ROM loads, is all the communication to the PlusCart (as far as game input) need to go through the P0/P1 joystick ports?
  6. I previously received some steam codes from you, so I would only ask for Endless Space Digital Deluxe if no one else wants if for a week. the other ones listed above interest me, and Frog Detective 1/2 have been on the list for months. If you don’t mind not spreading out the love, I wouldn’t mind playing a new 4x game or P&C Adventure game.
  7. Will the PlusCart Chat eventually support the 2600 keyboards? If so, you could use 2 and get a 24 keyboard, right?
  8. Wow. This is exciting news. Chat functionality in the PlusCart. Almost like those StarTrek enabled chat rooms where you can chat on-screen as you watch a classic ST:OS episode. I guess there is Twitch for that sort of thing these days with regard to playing video games (2600), but seeing chat running on a 2600 is very cool.
  9. You need to read several tutorials to understand some basic 2600 programming concepts. For example, you could mirror your Sprite so it faces the other direction, see REFP0 register. https://alienbill.com/2600/101/06happy.html As for the bullet, you need to look into tutorials for handling missile and player movement. It will require using ENAM0, NUSIZ0, RESP0, HMOVE and other registers. It sould be too complicated to describe it all here. Seek out one of the tutorials by Andrew Davie or the Spiceware Collect tutorial. https://8bitworkshop.com/v3.7.1/?file=examples%2Fmissiles.a&platform=vcs
  10. Yeah, I dont think I saw those arcade machines with additional monitors above the normal ones until that game (or maybe Street Fighter II) Why do critics sound so negative all the time.? Who doenst like 867-5309?
  11. As explained on the randomterrain website, you can also do (at least for DPC+) Or all sprites 1-9 (sprite0 is special) player2-3: %00111111 %00111110 %00000111 %00011111 %00111111 %11111110 %00111111 %00011111 %00000111 %00111110 %00111111 end
  12. these are the best. Trichotomic-12 They are both very close. I like the ‘N’s better in this one. Glacier Belle I voted for Trichomic-12 though. Preferred the look of the other letters.
  13. I think that hesitation is warranted. Take StackExchange for example. After enabling the comments section, and meta section, the traffic on those sections increased considerably and started to take away from the core mission, a Q&A site for programming questions. Keep the woodgrain wiki focused on being a comprehensive reference for all things 2600 programming related. Maybe far in tne future open up forums for the site. A search tool would be useful though. If not, I hope Google can crawl the entire site.
  14. Counting Left->Right and down, I prefer the other artwork over what looks like the Genesis box art (3, 4). Of those, the silver box (6) and black (7) boxes look the nicest, because the Activision rainbow pops better on those colors. I don’t know what would be era appropriate though. By the time 1989 rolled around I think we had an NES.
  15. If all they made were INI changes, I also don’t think it is worth the trouble to update to the highest version#. Has anyone experienced any issues downgrading from 1.21 to the CFW version (based off of 1.18). If not, spend your time on better things. Thanks again for all the work you and the others are putting into this. Going to try to update the AFBX tonight so I can get some a800 games in.
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