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  1. According to the Reverse Engineering page, Kroah, an event always occurs. My guess is the only way for No Event to occur is if the event would have no effect.(I.e. a Pest Attack happens, but no one in 1st/2nd place has any Food Plots) http://bringerp.free.fr/RE/Mule/reverseEngineering.php5 A random event always occurs after the production phase (even if visually, the event appears before the production like the Acid Rain Storm, Sunspot Activity and Earthquake). Round event probability At the last game round, the event is the return of the colonial ship. Otherwise, a random event is chosen. Each event can occur only a limited number of time per game: Event Max per game Pest Attack 3 Pirate Ship 2 Acid Rain Storm 3 Planetquake 3 Sunspot Activity 3 Meteorite Strike 2 Radiation 2 Fire in Store 2
  2. CnC - 36,875 (flapper) Any reason is a good reason to play M.U.L.E. Finished my Flapper game on my PSPAtari emulator. There were two store fires that kept Energy and Food prices high. I also didnt get spoked enough on turn 9 to sell all my Crystite. I only sold 4 units to bring me below the 50 unit spoilage threshold, and lost 80+ units the next month when the pirates hit.
  3. CapitanClassic

    8-bit HSC (Atari 800)

    Photos/Screenshots of High Score Club scores for the Atari 800 computer.
  4. Technically so does River Raid. They both repeat after 255 jungles/bridges. You cannot even play River Raid infinitely, because eventually you will get !!!!!! (Mullion) Points.
  5. I was always a fan of this Kraft controlller. It didnt cause hamd cramps like the CX40.
  6. The graphics werent complicated, but getting the colors and pyhsics correct might be an issue. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aqcDFAphThY One of the playfield variants has about 10 blocks on the same vertical line. Each of those blocks can be an independent color, so you would have to mix using P0, P1, and background so that you could display each of the blocks as the correct color, and I am not even sure if there is enough time to change the color colors. (If there are only 3 colors, it might be possible...) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/170018-multiple-colors-per-scanline/ The other hard part would be getting the physics correct. The game was made on a dedicated microprocessor and I dont think the source code exists.
  7. According to https://www.consolevariations.com/atari/atari-2600/atari-2600-box-variations/ there were at least 7 Atari 2600 box variations (does not appear to include the Atari Jr. model). Of those 7, two variations only contain PAC-man or Space Invaders. The remaining 5 all come with Combat as a packin game (on Box includes both PAC-man and Combat)
  8. I didnt address your question regarding high scores and different input devices. In general, I dont think you should care about the input device (I wonder if TracknField high scores specifically outlaw the comb trick.) Yes, some controllers make playing a game on a particular system easier/harder. The 5200 stock controllers are notoriously bad, since they dont recenter. As long as players are not using computer assisted controllers (no turbo button or button macros), the input method shouldnt matter. For example, most controllers for the Atari 2600/ Atari 7800 / Atari 800 are compatible with each other. You can even use a Genesis controller on the Atari 2600, and some games have been hacked or designed to use the second controller button on a Genesis.
  9. I would personally keep the games on different systems and games from different regions as separate high scores. I guess it depends upon the philosophy of your website though. For example, speed runners I believe consider the same title from different regions to be the same game. For example the Legend of Zelda Ocorina of Time has some glitches that can be exploited in the Japanese version that were later patched in the USA version. Many speed runners use this exploit and therefore mostly play on the Japanese version. While the 2600 / 5200 / 7800 all use a variant of the 6502 CPU, the games themselves have to be programmed to specifically target those systems. I would treat any records for games that share the same title on each of those systems as separate records (interesting, the 5290 is a consolized version of the Atari 800 home computer. The games can easily be rewritten to target the 800/5200 or visa versa) Any game on one of those 3 consoles might play significantly differently than another version on a different system. Many of these games are ports of arcade titles. You dont place high scores for the consoles in the same category as the Arcade titles, do you? Similarly with regard to PAL/NTSC, as pointed out many titles arent programmed to play at the same speed as their counterparts on other TV standards. The 17% speed reduction would make twitchy games easier on PAL systems to get a high Score. Where this starts to get really confusing is how to treat emulation games on systems versus their arcade equivalents. When you play the Capcom Classics Collection on PSP, should the score count the same as a game played on MAME?
  10. 1. As Karl G mentioned, evidence isnt required for AtariAge HSC. Most players do post screenshots or photos, with very few posting video. 2. Scores posted for the AtariAge HSC must be earned during the week that the game is being played. You can submit scores on any website you like before posting to the HSC. The HSC is played in seasons, usually lasting 25-30+ weeks. The only scores that are accepted are for the current weeks game. (You cannot use scores earned from previous HSC seasons or historical plays from long ago.) 3. If you played in a previous HSC, you will likely get a private message indicating that the new season is starting. Other than that, whenever a new week starts, the game along with any game or difficulty switch settings are posted to the HSC forum.This usually occurs on Friday night, with scores accepted until the next Sunday, giving players 9 days and two weekends to post scores.
  11. I wonder if adding a hash # or other character to the start of a cheat would remove the chest from being active. I would expect that the cheat file is allowed to have comments in it. If so, you only need to know what character signifies a comment to enable/disable a cheat.
  12. Thank you, that was the game I was thinking of. I got very few parts of the description correct. (Must have been the Helicopter/Springboard descriptions that helped nail it)
  13. I am trying to remember a game for the Atari 800. I believe it was composed of several two/three main screens. One one screen, you used fuel to maneuver your rocket toward different warp zones (similar to Gravitar). You had a fuel and possibly life bar. You would have to occasionally dodge incoming asteroids, but the pacing was rather slow. The next screen had you dodging the planets defenses as you tried to land your rocket on the planet. (I may have imagined this screen) The last major screen was displayed on the planet surface. It consisted of your rockets doorway (silver in color), and the planet surface. The surface was 5-7 astronauts tall, and on each of four corners were concentric circles that had one of two functions. These circles either catapulted you to one of the other circles, or gave your astronaut the H.E.R.O. Personal copter and allowed brief flight. The rest of the ground was covered with rocks and one or more flashing cubes that you need to collect. The resident aliens would try to touch and kill your astronaut (I think I remember the death animation being a hole opening up, and your astronaut falling in, or maybe the astronaut just wiping up/down out of existence. Completing all 4+ warp zones and landing back on your planet started the next harder level. What was the name of this game?
  14. I tend to place The and other articles at the end of the file name. It makes it easier to find some titles if you didnt remember that it happened to include it. (I also use this for movie titles. Otherwise you get lots of movies in your T folder (The Terminator, The Shawshank Redemption, The Wizard of Oz, ...) I do something similar for SNES titles, ignoring the obligatory Super <title>.
  15. i assumed that Galoob / Mad Catz used the codes as a way to obfuscate how the devices worked so that you would have to buy there quarterly code books. Or maybe they believed customers couldnt understand hexadecimal encoding and would be more familiar with alphabetic letters.http://tuxnes.sourceforge.net/gamegenie.html These days it defiantly seems like a worthless step. Since the codes just translate to address and data value, you should just enter address and data values.
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