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  1. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/93939-the-definitive-list-of-all-simultaneous-multiplayer-games/?do=findComment&comment=3097638
  2. I would bet that a loose 2600 whether it is Telegames branded or not would be worth roughly the same amount. The kind of person who would care about that sort of thing is looking to own all variants, with all the cardboard and inserts. If you don’t have all that stuff, just hack up the Telegames unit.
  3. The ANTIC chip in the 400/800/5200 supports 4 players/4 missiles. The limitations were mainly due to the cost of RAM. RAM is cheap, and since your system would have 512K, why wouldn’t it be wiser to dedicate some of that RAM to video?
  4. The 8-bit guy is working on his dream computer. http://www.the8bitguy.com/2576/what-is-my-dream-computer/ http://www.the8bitguy.com/3543/my-dream-computer-part-2/ His goals were to make a computer for under $50 (the first version will likely be $300 and eventually get down to ~$100 range.) The computer would be made with availability off the shelf parts. The computer should come with some form of basic, and be “close to the metal,” supporting PEEK/POKE commands (I.e. he didn’t want a RaspberryPi Linux box)
  5. Why are the Robot Tanks advancing on Santa Clara? (AI singularity?) Why are you commanding your own RT? (Did humans reprogram the AI?) Are the Robot Tanks the rebels? Or are there humans that have joined the RT to take over the government? so many unanswered questions.
  6. Not exactly, not just PONG and the various iterations (4-player, etc). It was designed to play Tank and Jet Fighter (Combat essentially) as well as a handful of other yet undesigned games. PONG wouldn’t require any missile graphics, and you could argue that instead of a completely customizable 8-bit player graphic, the paddles could be displayed by less configurable missle graphic 1x, 2x, 4x. You need the player and missile graphics to make Tank/Jet Fighter. http://www.atarimuseum.com/videogames/consoles/2600/atari_case_history.html
  7. The article appears to be written by someone criticizing media they have never played/watched. No, the trophy girl isn’t a prize, she is presenting the prize. This has been a common element of racing that goes back for years. https://www.foxsports.com/nascar/gallery/richard-petty-dale-jarrett-the-kiss-fs1-nascar-race-hub-trophy-girls-victory-lane-092815 No, Lady Lisa isn’t a prize in the movie Pixels, Q*bert is. Lady Lisa actually dies and Q*bert changes its likeness to that of Lady Lisa.
  8. Art imitating life. Although I agree with Douglas Adams, the universe doesn’t have any art, because there isn’t a mirror big enough. I can hardly understand the point of a 2600 tip line. Which games would actually require a tip line? (I can sort of understand Raiders of the Lost Ark (not a PB game)) https://atariage.com/catalog_overview.php?CatalogID=15
  9. Andrew Davie is correct. The HTTP protocol doesn’t encrypt the traffic between your browser and the web server., HTTPS does. It is vitally important that any website you enter PINs, credit card #s, Social Security #, usernames/passwords, etc. uses HTTPS (most browsers will show a padlock in the URL address bar), but when browsing a website or playing an Atari game, it isn’t vitally important that the traffic is encrypted.
  10. Likely between $50-$140. https://www.pricecharting.com/game/atari-2600/atari-2600-system There are at least 4 different versions of the 2600. The highly sought after Heavy Sixer, manufactured in Sunnyvale is worth the most. There is a similar Light Sixer (six front switches), the Four Switch version, the Darth Vader (all black), and Atari Jr. Boxes and instructions will increase the value.
  11. Game cartridges that were mass produced use masked ROM. These cartridges will last forever, or until the copper contacts at the bottom of the cart are oxidized/ corroded and make it unreadable. EEPROM, that is used for prototype cartridges, that can be reprogrammed have a life-span of 10-22 years before they might start leaking from the floating gates to the memory cells (if they are reflashed, the timeline is restarted) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Read-only_memory
  12. Anything after Jan 1, 1968 is 70+ years. https://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-duration.html Adventure would enter public domain sometime after 2040. (Not sure if this qualifies as a work for hire (95 years, 2065)
  13. I believe that the Arcade AI has the Egg/Pickle always take a branching ledge/ladder at the next intersection. They only change direction when the cook is on the opposite side of them or the hit the side of the maze. For example if the Egg was moving right/up, they would not go to the Cookbook just behind the ladder, but would head up/right. The Hotdog always make sure a beeline to the Cook. Egg || Cook ====++==== ||
  14. I haven’t hit 7 digits in HSC, but I believe that this game is non-random. (I.e. if you find a pattern for a rack and complete that pattern, the fireballs always come in the exact same places) back in in the day I believe I had patterns down for the all the racks before the double color racks (or maybe half, because of the skip rack). I wonder if I should try restarting each level to determine what the patterns are. This should be much easier with an emulator. (I did a similar thing with Grand Prix, disabling hit detection, but wasn’t able to replicate it in real life even after knowing which lane my car had to be)
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