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  1. PS1 Diablo is best played multiplayer.
  2. I finally got around to updating my AFBX with the most recent full release. I intended to do this back when a800 was first added. I am impressed. I love the 2600 and a800 sections, and did delve into all the other sections. I especially like the karaoke player, which was surprising to me. What I didn’t see was the ports of AFB1 games in the NES section. I thought that there was a dump at one point and that those were going to be included in the Nexus.
  3. Sure, you cannot find an AFB X at a brick-n-mortar store any more, but I don’t think a few sellers on Amazon mean that it is worth $150. While something is technically worth whatever someone will pay for it, it should be possible to get a general idea what somebody might be willing to pay based upon scarcity and close alternatives. The AFB X original retail price was $80 (I think), and the lasr price they were selling them at was $60. https://www.atgames.us/products/atari-flashback-x If the shape of the plug-n-play was important, then the Retron77 ($70) is a good alternative. It too has custom firmware that supports the latest homebrews, and also allows you to load new games via SD. If the shell isn’t important, then the Legends Flashback is an alternative, and those are only $40. https://www.amazon.com/At-Games-Legends-Flashback-Boom-electronic/dp/B07FK2GQFY AtGames has announced a new Atari Flashback for 2021 (I think from one of the other threads Bill Loguidice said they would be focusing on premium systems), so there may not be one this year, but they may decide to release one at a later date. If time isn’t an issue, you could always wait and buy a AFB11. Used ones come up every once and awhile too, and don’t sell for too much. (June 2021, $26+SH) https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/123120832 So, taking all those things into consideration, I would say a AFB9 is worth $40-$80, and an AFBX is worth the same, maybe with a $10 bump for the cool shell.
  4. @Draxxon, I didn’t see too many factual errors in his video (to say it is bullshit history). He did say that AFB X finally got HDMI, not sure if he realized that AFB8-AFB9 deluxe versions also had it as well. He also said AFB1 was hardware similar to a NOAC, where I would just call it a NOAC. He is probably more correct though. From my understanding, several of those knockoff Chinese NOAC systems have some games made for them that would never play on a real NES, because they use custom mappers and features that are only available on the NOAC hardware. His reviews seem to be for people who want the plug-n-play experience, and are not directed at people who what to modify the system in any way hence saying the AFB Portable with its SD port may be the only one you need. Although he did mention the AFB2 could be cart port modded, so maybe he doesn’t know his audience. That being the case though, he should have mentioned the hacks that are necessary for some games to play nicely with the portable hardware that isn’t 100% compatible, and the incompatibility of some AFB2 games.
  5. ZPH has all the patch achievements in the top post of their upcoming/archived streams thread. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/276956-zeropage-homebrew-twitch-stream/
  6. https://support.atari.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/565/150/what-is-the-boot-order-when-using-multiple-operating-systems https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/AtariVCS/comments/kfnimz/psa_uefi_bios_is_apparently_accessed_using_esc/
  7. I am not completely familiar with many of the YTers mentioned, but I cannot help but agree with many of the opinions expressed regarding the VCS. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/review/atari-vcs-review/ If you are looking for the nostalgia of the old 2600 or Atari arcade games there are many other cheaper options. The Atari Flashback X, or Stella, or a RaspberryPi, or the multitude of other platforms that the Atari Vault or similar collections have been released on. As a multimedia device for watching Netflix, Disney+, Prime, Twitch, etc. that can sit next to your TV, I figure a Roku or similar android box would be a better. Maybe the 10,000 or so backers are happy with their purchase, but I don’t expect the VCS to even match OUYA sales, and it was the most successful niche platform flop I can remember.
  8. This part doesn’t make sense to me “if a surge comes up through the plug,” the ground-wire in your house is connected to the ground/earth. Electricity takes the shortest path (path of least resistance) to get to ground. If a power surge were to occur, there is much bigger resistance in going through the 3-prong cable, jumping through the air (huge resistance), and connecting to the XBOX system to eventually find its way to ground. I don’t think your situation could ever occur.
  9. All the power bricks I have seen are three prong male to a cable that is 2 prong to the wall. Not sure I understand your situation though… you have a 3 prong cable, but the power brick only has two male prongs (I.e. the power brick is missing a ground prong. I am no electrical expert, but the purpose of the ground wire for an appliance is to protect you from touching an electrically charged metal case and shocking yourself fatally. Since the power brick is all insulation, it wouldn’t shock you (maybe the system could). It is confusing to me how OEM power bricks ship with a 2 prong power cable anyway (image below). I assume that if some electrical fault occurred within the console that the power brick would blow before the whole XBOX case became electrified, so maybe that is why it doesn’t need a 3-prong plug, where a PC with the power supply inside the case does need it. I was disassembling a garage lift and accidentally connected some wires on the motherboard to the metal case. Because the lift was connected to a ground wire, the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) in the garage immediately triggered (or maybe the breaker box, don’t remember), and power was instantly shut off. https://electronics.howstuffworks.com/everyday-tech/question110.htm
  10. It is confusing to me how two of the most well known video game “flops” for the 2600 could possibly be the cause of the 1983 NA video game crash. How can PAC-man and E.T. which are among the top 10 best selling games on the system possibly be the cause of a crash? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_Atari_2600_video_games It would be like arguing that Avatar and Avengers: End Game were the cause of the Movie Theater collapse in the early 21st century.
  11. While funny, the ad isn’t real. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/stevie-wonder-atari-ad/
  12. I usually use the HSC database as a resource for determining if my scores are better than average for people who dedicate some time to getting a high score. http://hsc.statotronic.com/searchgame.php?game=94 The average score is around 1000.0 miles, and the median score is just over 700.0 miles. (Keep in mind that the AVG and Median scores include multiple scores by the same players over multiple HSC seasons) Still a bit of work to get a score comparable with dedicated HSC players. I myself never had the patience after getting the patch (Day 5), to go for a very high score. After you get the patch, any small mistake puts your time in jeopardy, forcing even more risky driving. There are even cases where there are cars all the way across the road in all three lanes, requiring braking to get them off screen. Good luck, getting the patch is doable, but does require pacing yourself. Look to the HSC thread for estimated cars left during each section to know if you can successfully complete the day without driving too risky.
  13. In that case, as I said with NES Doom, the developer wrote a VGA to PPU display driver. If someone were to do something similar for Doom2600, they would have created a VGA to TIA display driver. It isn’t as if the game (Doom) being developed is a 2600 game, rather the video driver is a 2600 game development. From the perspective of the consumer, Doom2600 would still be a 2600 game. From the developers perspective, it is a game written in C, with a display driver written for the 2600.
  14. I was under the impression that Spyro was one of the many Sony releases that had quite a few security checks in it to prevented it from being burned or played in emulators. Have all the security checks been found and the executable modified so you can play in an emulator without weird bugs occurring (loss of progress, missing impossible to collect eggs, etc.)
  15. These days, I rarely find time to play 2600 games. This is probably due to not having a dedicated TV setup with my newly purchased used 2600, nor having my AFBX hooked up to the flatscreen. The only time I do play games is usually through emulator with the specific purpose of achieving a high score in the Atariage HSC. I can see playing any of the 30 or so games on your list on a regular basis, until I achieve rollage. Once I have done that I usually dont replay a non-2p-simultaneous game.
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