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  1. The first 8k game according to the linked source on Wikipedia is Asteroids https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_2600#Games Not sure about the relative release dates of the 16k games, but it was probably Dig Dug. Feel free to lookup the bankswitching methods in this list, and cross-reference those games with their release dates. http://www.classic-games.com/atari2600/bankswitch.html https://www.randomterrain.com/rt-atari-2600-game-index.html As for 32k, unless you are talking about the 32-1 multicart, or homebrew games, no 2600 games released back in the 2600 era were 32k. Edit: Only one game was ever released at 32k, Fatal Run. http://8-bitcentral.com/reviews/2600fatalRun.html
  2. Yeah! I will finally be able to use my Flashback Paddles on my FbX. I need to eventually get a Harmony or PlusCart, but haven’t fixed up the old Ataris I bought recently.
  3. Try to beat it with P2, I seem to remember P2 has an advantage.
  4. Almost got to stage 9 on Doggone It! City Defense - 7996 Doggone It! - 35261 Ms.Galactopus - 11095
  5. I have several Atari Flashback systems, and recently picked up a CX22 trackball. I was wondering which flashbacks (if any) support this Atari trackball. I found one thread where Curt Vendel indicated that the Flashback 2 (and variants) should support it, since it is essentially a recreation of VCS hardware. I also saw some threads regarding the FB Portable, but no one had answered if it was capable. Similarly, the CFW thread for the Flashback 9/X doesn’t appear to have any of the TB versions of the 2600 roms, so I doubt it supports the device (something about the TB expecting 9V power on a specific pin).
  6. For me, the games that meant the most to me were almost always 2+ players. Maze (Teleganes) / Slot Cars (2600): We probably played more Combat, but this game was endless fun blasting my brothers. Guided missiles with super slow cars or super fast cars where you could blast your opponent, lining them back into another shot always brings a smile to my face. M.U.L.E.:(Atari 8-bit) One of the best multiplayer games of all time. Nothing more fun than starving your opponents out of food/energy when they went too mining heavy. We didn't even know about the Collusion mode until years later, and then the real backstabbing started. Archon / Archon 2: The best multiplayer action strategy games. Spent hours playing these games against my brothers. Street Fighter 2 (Arcade) / SF2 Turbo (snes): This game caused a huge boost in arcade attendance. It was always possible to find an opponent to play against. During school lunch, I would be to a local arcade and play Guile and trap many players in the sonic boom throw/Low MK trap. Mario Kart (SNES): The first and best kart racer. Spent endless summers playing this game and beating my friends at circuit and battle mode. Still play it to this day, and had to learn new strategies for Battle Mode when my friend was practicing between our yearly games. X-wing/ Tie Fighter: Amazing sound and graphics. Best flight simulator for a long time. Had to beat all the a-wing and b-wing missions and the expanded tie-figher missions. Doom: made my own wads, played 2 player over the phone lines for hours until the family forced me to get of the phone lines.
  7. Spider-Man improvement for another bonus point. 3280 - CapitanClassic
  8. I don’t think this is possible, mostly because of this part, “Both outputs go to the same television.” It is quite possible to connect multiple devices to the same coax connection on the TV, in fact people regularly used to daisy multiple RF boxes on the back of their TVs. The issue would be with displaying the signal from two units simultaneously. I think I have actually done something like this, having an Atari on channel 2 and an NES on channel 3. I think all you get in that situation is noise bleeding in from the other channel. If they were both on the same channel, my guess is the interference would just be greater. Both Ataris are trying to output a valid NTSC signal, and neither clock is synced to the other clock. Due to this, my guess is the colorburst would be located twice and at different times, the scanline data would be different and out of sync. I suppose something like this could be accomplished, since the Sega 32x exists. but it would require additional hardware for the two Atari. In the example of Doom 32x, the Genesis and the 32x are responsible for drawing different parts of the screen. There is a cable that passes video between the 32x and the genesis, if it is removed, you will still see the HUD from Doom and hear all the sounds, but the actual room/FP perspective isn’t drawn.
  9. Like a PlusCart? Or like this Compumate system. Or Gameline (really only used to download games) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/GameLine I guess the biggest question is, how are you going to transmit the control signals (joystick/difficulty switches:etc) from one Atari to the other?
  10. Homebrew weeks are the best HSC weeks of the season. I think I have only played Galactopus, although I have watched ZPH play the other two. They all look quite fun.
  11. Thanks Draxxon and Brad for creating the rom/art packs and the CFW. I have installed these in my Flashback X and I am very happy with using this as my emulator of choice. I am only using a USB 2.0 thumb drive, so I do have a slightly annoying boot time of about 20-30 seconds. One thing I wondering is does the FlashbackX write anything everytime it is booted to the usb thumbdrive? Or once it is setup with CFW and the mount_sd and startup scripts it only needs to read from the USB drive after that. Just wondering if I have to worry about maximum writes to the thumbdrive. (Which is likely in the 100,000s or more with proper wear leveling)
  12. Yes please. What are the real games (might as well lost them all from the cart itself, not just my guesses since I got everything except one wrong)
  13. I used to know the pattern for Amidar. I am pretty sure this game I deterministic, and does t change speed from level to level. Once you know the pattern you can just play infinity (although, I can’t remember the pattern I used to use). Spiderman - 2230 Spideroid - 6597
  14. As a kid, I was able to play this game indefinitely. I think I just stopped when I hit 100,000. The trick is to make sure that you collect the top row bits by immediately going up the elevator after a tank (or other enemy) passes on the same side. This gives you the most time before a tank can pop out and shoot you. Then just push down to drop down a level and repeat the figure-8 pattern. I made a couple of mistakes, but I think I have the pattern down finally. I will keep laying until I hit 100,000. 74200 - CapitanClassic
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