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  1. I got it working, no need for a reply, thank you
  2. I have an Atari 2600 light sixer and the player 2 controller port does not work, is there a fix I can look into? Thanks in advance
  3. gamerz


  4. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 221704385878
  5. Stan has just issued another Closer Look, this one is Muscle March for the WiiWare. Enjoy the read!
  6. May installment is ready for your viewing!
  7. Ronnie James Dio will be missed...RIP...the rainbow has gone dark

  8. Ronnie James Dio will be missed...RIP...the rainbow has gone dark

  9. Yes, a rarity guide is always a work in progress...I am going to change some of the rarities mentioned. Any input is welcomed in our forums also.
  10. Thank you for that info, I will get them changed.
  11. The NES rarity is looking good, with a new look to the site.
  12. So this cart is now a rarity 6.
  13. Bump for anyone who missed this installment.
  14. Stan has once again delivered a must read article! A Closer Look : The Evolution of the Instruction Manual Thanks for looking!
  15. Is Waterworld really a R9? I know for a fact there were tons of those in the toy stores in SI, NY in 1985. I bought one (probably in Kay Bee or Toys R Us, the two main stores I got 2600 games in at the time) that I still have to this day. I thought Waterworld was only available through the Atari club.
  16. Are old used starwars figures worth anything? Some of them.
  17. Al answered your last question earlier.
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