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  1. Like Christos, I think that's just standard hardware debugging. Look at that : http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?sl=9&s=86463
  2. Received cables from bartek030. Very nice display and sound ! Thank you very much !
  3. I've got a NetUSBee card on this port. Idem on my Falcon. (I remember the MV16 for the game B.A.T., no ???)
  4. That seems true ! http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?13614-Wanted-Atari-1040ST-parts
  5. Dragonstomper, I can have a look to my STE screws this evening. I think that thickness is the same as others...
  6. If you can try on Amiga (yes, Amiga... sorry... ), you can try Flappybird on the Amiga 500 (I know the coder)... the game is easier...
  7. Thank you UKRetrogamer for your help. As I'm talking with bartek030 to have his cables, I will try with these. If I'm not satisfied, I could try with those from Retro Computer Shack on eBay ! (I think I bought one from here for my old Atari Jaguar console and that worked perfectly well !). Thank you everybody for your help !
  8. I also bought this magazine and I have no regret, it's a really great magazine ! It's a real pleasure to read this (good articles, superb layout, etc...). Thank you for that Darren !
  9. Both were sold as RGB. Can't you sold one or two selfmade cables ? At least I'll know what I'll really buy !
  10. Hello ! I owned Atari STE since... 1991. Nowadays I have three STE under my belt (one is standard with 1 Mb, one contains a HxC device, and the last is with CosmosEx and a TOS switcher). My only "problem" is that I only have ONE SCART cable for the three STE ! Not exactly... I bought cables on eBay but none of these cables give me a good display quality on my TV, only the original one displays a "perfect" picture ! So, where can I find good SCART cables for my STEs ? I live in France and I bought some items from England, Germany, Sweden... So no problem to contact sellers (even if my English is awful, sorry !!!). Thank you so much for helping me if you can...
  11. Hmmm... I think it was hard plastic keys, not really sure.
  12. My very first "game computer" was a Philips Videopac : A few years later, my first computer was Philips VG5000 : Wonderful, isn't it ?
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