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  1. Message sent with Paypal info.
  2. Lot of misc game cartridge PCBs. Atari 2600, 5200 and Jaguar. PCBs are all good, just need to de-solder the chips. Some chips may also be good but should be tested. Priority Shipping small flat rate box for $8.45. Paypal/USA. Tracking always provided. PM if interested. -Wolf
  3. Before I resort to buying a 2532 EPROM off of eBay to program, I thought I would check to see if anyone has a BIOS chip available for the 5200? Console5 is sold out and has been for awhile now. I have a 2 port Atari 5200 and would like to be able to play all of the original carts on it. Just let me know price and shipping cost. -Wolf
  4. Been away for awhile.  Two questions:
    1. Are the pre-order games shipping?  Store says they will ship in January...
    2. Is the Tyre Trax patch going to happen?
    Hope ya'all are doing well in these crazy and absurd times!

  5. I just need volume 2,4 and 5 to complete the physical collection of this set That kindle set is a heck of a deal though!
  6. Some great books on the Atari systems. These are the ones I currently own, but always hunting for more good books on Atari.
  7. It sounds good. I think I'll pick it up. Would be great if they made more books covering the rest of the games! Thanks!
  8. SOLD! Cleaning out my work room. Have some extra PCB's I do not need. These are for 2k/4k games. They are gold Enig (no beveled edge). Asking $1.25 each. Buy 10 or more and I'll do a buck a piece. Ship first class or Priority mail small flat rate box depending on weight. USA/Paypal. Send amount desired and zip code if you want a shipping estimate. 68 boards available.
  9. I have a bunch of video game systems and utilize an Everdrive for most of them. Since the cartridge just displays a list of games, I like to pull out my books (such as the Ultimate Guide to the NES), or whatever book goes with the system I'm playing, and go through the games/reviews to pick one out to play. I have the Harmony cart for the Atari and wondered if anyone can recommend a book for Atari 2600 games that includes descriptions, screenshots and reviews? I have this book, but would need to spend $30 bucks each to get the other 5 volumes (which I may plug away at over time). If you can recommend any others I'd appreciate it. I prefer physical copies vs ebooks.
  10. Any news on the patches for Tyre Trax?  I'm still waiting on mine and wondered if they have been made/sent out yet?

  11. Nah, just keep watching and one will pop up eventually. I had to wait awhile but found a 27" that I use for my main gaming machine
  12. Wow. There has to be a fair amount of folks who own boxed copies of these in the group. I'm surprised nobody has replied. I'm afraid I am still missing boxed copies of all but one title. I do not own a scanner anymore but here is a pic of Keystone Kapers. I hope you can use the photo.
  13. Have you tried Craigslist? I found mine on there. The larger one was free and I paid $25 for a 13" with the remote and a built in VHS player....Might take awhile, but they do turn up. I'm also in Florida... Happy hunting!
  14. Anybody else send for the Tyre Trax patch?  Mailed in my photo's January 12 and not heard back.  Wondering if my message went through or if I even sent it to the correct email?  [email protected]?

    1. Albert


      The patches haven't been made yet, but once they are I'll send them out.  :)

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