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  1. OK, here's a new try. Two days ago I corrected some dissonants. ZybexRmab.xex
  2. @ phaeron Wow! I assume some kernel must be used. Could you clearly explain how it works? In a few sentences?
  3. @ Wrathchild What emkay means is you can play the 16-bit notes well, but RMT doesn't support any vibrato or portamento, that's all. A machine language bypass can be used to add vibrato and portamento as well. To check your FF3 tune I don't get it why you used 16-bit mode, but no 1.79 MHz mode. In fact the HSB values in voice 2 and 4 were put to zero. Normally voice 2 and 4 should be turned on. No, that's not correct. Sorry, but ''Overview Orchestra'' should already give much help. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234769-rmt-patch-8/?p=3173080 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234769-rmt-patch-8/?p=3172382 This shows that the FF3 song can be played with Patch 8 without any problem. You don't even need 16-bit notes. A single 8-bit version is possible already. You can use the full 9 octave scale. It is no problem if you just ask more detailed questions about Patch 8.
  4. I'm the judge here. This topic is about RMT Patch 8. Not about PoKey theory nor personal discussions. No, I suspect this nagging already started from makary's comments. He seems to be jealous when emkay's versions sound better. Just stop talking this way. Just let him go. We don't need to argue with him. OK, maybe it is true what you say, but the truth isn't much fun many times.
  5. It sounds amazing, but you still need to correct some dissonants.
  6. PoKey experts don't need any 'like' stamps. Just relax.
  7. Sorry. When will you correct the dissonants at the start?
  8. :rolling: .... thanks Stephen .... :rolling: Sorry makary, but we only tried to help you. To correctly using the more advanced PoKey possibilities you'll need to learn some mathematics. Emkay and I did already many experiments and trying to understand all PoKey positibilities. If you like to be a PoKey expert, then you need to work for it. Why can't you just accept this situation? But I'm not sure you like mathematics: http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/1177583/quotient-spaces-so3-so2-and-so3-o2/1358628#1358628 Best regards, ANALogue MUltipleXer, MSc (Hons. Mult.) (Theoretical Physics & Mathematical Sciences)
  9. OK, sorry, it's a free translation from scratch.
  10. Maraky, just relax .... Emkay is an AA member for already 13 years. Most people know that emkay always makes an edit of an existing track, written by someone else. It was Always non provit. If you really don't like the title of his edits, then ask him to explicitly add the original composer's name.
  11. Good work emkay, but what's the real benefit of using 4*VBI speed instead of using 2*VBI speed w.r.t. this song, using only hardware instruments?
  12. Hi makary, Emkay (who is a PoKey test expert) made a different version of the "Step It Up" song. He also used RMT 1.28 at 15 kHz mode, but also Patch 8 version this time: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234769-rmt-patch-8/?p=3501925 How do you like it?
  13. I wonder what exactly helps to raise the quality. - In 50 Hz mode it's clearly audible to hear the high note peaks to start the filter reset - Then it takes another 1/50 second to control the filter offset - The offset note interferes far more with the whole instrument note settings If I'm right, this shows that the 50 Hz mode Always sound worse with respect to the 100 Hz mode. Also the 200 Hz mode, and so on. The correct usage of filter reset & offset should sound excellent. A bypass would be the solution.
  14. Not now. And the next tunes I'd like to make a remix of are two pop songs. But if I have some time to make new PoKey music, I'll let you know.
  15. @ makary I like it! Would you allow emkay to try a small instrument edit for the heavy synths?
  16. Well, using RMT is still a nice app, especially for coders. Cooperations should give more advanced music: 1 musician + 1 coder gives more complex PoKey music. In ML it's easy to expand the jsr INIT and jsr RUN commands. Remember f.e. the ML by pass trick I used to turn on / off the PoKey 2-tone-filter for Instrumentarium. Another possibility is to use more ML custom tables, so that the coder can add it, outside of the RMT. Especially the synth filter RESET and OFFSET can be coded immediately.
  17. Note that Y and Z*4 are binary disjoint, so: Y+Z*4 = Y ! (Z*4)
  18. Using Turbobasic XL you can use the byte OR ("!") and byte AND ("&") commands: F.e. PRINT 85 ! 170 gives 255 F.e. PRINT 85 & 15 gives 5 Then you can f.e. clear missile 1: use AND 11110011 (binary), thus AND 243 (decimal), applied to the value of address X: Y = X & 243 Then you can add a 2-bit value Z, which is some positive integer from 0 to 3. Now multiply by 4: PRINT Y+Z*4
  19. So, this problem won't happen when using altirra or a real A8?
  20. Interesting & addictive game! I downloaded it from fandal's website, and did some playing. But around level 10 the font looks wrong, and after a while the program freezed. I used Atari800Win 4.0.
  21. Using a digital piano, MIDI and Cubase isn't that hard to port the data to RMT. The RMT application has an 'import' function: you can port over from mod-2-rmt. And you can find several mid-2-mod tools on the internet. I found it difficult to make a decision years ago, comparing the 64 kHz mode and the 15 kHz mode. But now I totally love the 15 kHz mode, and IMO using those ugly fake distortion 12 basses in 64 kHz are crap. Two octaves lower gives a real chip music, instead of 'toy' music. But without the 1.79 MHz possibilities it was totally crap.
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