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  1. Hey guys I've been looking to own one of these for a while but never got around to trying to actually buy one haha, basically it's a mini fishing rod used for 2 games for the system and I would like to own one of the controllers to have a blast while I relax and play some bassmasters so if anyone own's one I would love to purchase to have for actual use and hopefully it will be fully functioning where the rod moves as well! Looking for one asap cash at the ready so please let me know thank you everyone!
  2. Score updates! Sking 29.80 Dragster 6.11 Man how do you guys beat under six!!!
  3. Am I still able to get up on the board for playing I saw my name on times but not the main hsc board for this season??
  4. Thank you for such a fast reply Ill be looking forward to sending in scores shortly!
  5. Havent been on the HSC at all this year, gonna jump in this week, still rolling until sunday?
  6. Bump bump. Loose carts are accepted as well! Looking for sports and uncommons and commons. Post what you would get rid of! Cheers!
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