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  1. Bumping it probably doesn't help. Er....
  2. I worked on an arcade game back in the '80s called Monster Marathon. I always thought it was fun!!! Make an Intellivision version Keith Robinson!!!
  3. Television has never looked so intelligent!!!
  4. This is such a great game!!! Raise the Titanic!!!
  5. I like to keep my overlays and games sealed so I can really enjoy them!!! When you unseal a game the fun gets stale!!!
  6. I would like my Flashback to be upgraded to accept coins. I'd like to make some money off my friends in the senior centre!!! Seniors are part of the brotherhood too!!!!
  7. My grandson really likes your avatar. He likes boobies too!!!
  8. "Bot" is short for "bottle" for those not "in the know"!!!
  9. My favorite game with a seal has to be Thin Ice!!!
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