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  1. In defense of the A+left/right for page flipping. Anyone who has used a standard jag controller for any length of time knows how easy it is to accidentally pressed left and right when the intention was up or down. Locking left or right behind a button press is wise in my opinion, even if its believed to be common convention. I do like the idea of an auto scroll on the name though. Also, nothing like a good pain stick every once in a while... Time to turn on my Jag.
  2. For those that missed the stream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9KxC0AFe4g
  3. One of us is in San Francisco for Google i/o this week, and have decided to make a little pilgrimage to old Atari HQ tomorrow evening. We won't being going into the buildings, but will be walking around the premises. If anyone knows anything interesting, or knows somethings he should check out while he is there, we would love to see you at the live stream to share in the experience. It will only be for a few minutes, but we thought it might interest those who haven't been there before. We will be starting around 6:00pm Pacific Time (sorry for those who are in Europe... It was the only time we could find during Google i/o to do this). And we will be streaming through the BitJag/Jagcorner YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcnSIzsCTi4vGGhO2tg9VQ
  4. (assuming your married...) Spouse 1 "So what did you do today honey?" Spouse 2 "Oh... Nothing big, just wrote a new working BIOS for the Jaguar CD." Spouse 3 "Really? Is that all?" To us commoners, this seems pretty amazing. I am super excited for this by the way. Thanks to everyone here that has worked with SainT to get through this road block, and of course thanks to SainT for moving mountains.
  5. I have tried a few other games on the same console, they all seem to be working fine, all have good audio. It's just Atari Karts that seems to be having an issue on my main console. I just tried the same copy of Atari Karts on another console, and the audio is working great. There is something wrong with my main console, and nothing wrong with my copy of Atari Karts thank goodness. This is the first time I have ever had a Jag console start to go out on me. I will take it to a friend that can do some basic testing on the board, but it sounds like I will just have to use another console to enjoy the full glory that Atari Karts has to offer. Thanks again for all the help, and if anyone has any tips for testing my Jags motherboard for a highly specific audio issue that doesn't seem to effect other games, please share. Man I love this console
  6. Just to be thorough, I dumped Atari Karts to my skunk. Same problem, definitely something to do with the console. I just did a thorough cleaning of the cart connector, this didn't make a difference unfortunately. I don't know if I want to spend anymore time outside of testing this on another console just to make sure I can play this game with sound in the future. If anyone has any other ideas other than testing current on everything on the my Jag's motherboard, it is appreciated. Unfortunately I can't remember or confirm if Atari Karts worked properly on this specific console in the past. This console is a recent purchase, and I only started using it more than I did in the past only a few months ago.
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think I confirmed it is the console that is causing the problem. I just burned a couple eeproms to test a different copy of the game on the same console, and this "new" copy of the game is having the same exact audio problem. I will confirm this with another console tomorrow (I am starting to think it will work fine on another console). But in the meantime, I will take some time to clean the cart connector on the console itself. Up to this point I have been assuming its fine because every other game I try seems to work fine. I did swap my BIOS back to the original BIOS with no difference, also tried both Jag BIOS versions to see if there was a difference, and there doesn't seem to be an improved difference there either. Most likely the console though, and I am hoping it is just the cart connector.
  8. I thought I had lost the audio on an Iron Soldier cart a few years ago, and then I realized that the audio was turned down in-game and that the volume settings were saved to the eeprom when you finish a level or die. So when you boot the console back up to play again, it will have the same audio settings. Not saying your audio is permanently gone, but it would be worth starting a level and making sure the audio settings are turned up. Do you remember any of the other games you had issue with?
  9. Thanks for bringing this up. I tried hitting the 0 key in every place I could think of in the game. Still no response, and based on the little bit of buggy sound that I am getting, it seems to be unrelated to an in-game setting.
  10. Official cart purchased in 95. Good to know that if there is a problem with ROM it should just fail. This gives me hope that it may work on another console. Or there is something else wrong but fixable. I socketed my BIOS on this console, made a dump of my BIOS and then I just switched the graphics on the Jag cube that shows up before the game starts, and then flashed to a new chip. (Just tinkering) I still have my original BIOS, and until this conversation, I didn't think to switch it back to the original chip to see if that makes a difference. If this doesn't change anything, and if other consoles don't change anything, I was planning on opening the cart to see if there is something physically wrong. Maybe a dead bug causing a short
  11. I just went through a handfull of different games and there doesn't seem to be any problems with them. Seems to be specific to my copy of Atari Karts. I am hoping to comfirm this on a couple separate consoles in the coming days.
  12. Just did a thorough visual inspection of the contacts, and cleaned them. Did notice a bit of gunk on one contact that I had to work at to get cleaned, got it off. Tested with no differences, still no good audio. Thank you all for the suggestions and keep them coming if you have more. I am going to test this on a couple different consoles over the next couple days to see if there is a difference. I had forgotten that my current console has a custom bios on it, but I haven't noticed anything funny with other games, and I feel like a slightly adjusted bios is reaching at this point...
  13. Tried it again for good measure. Got the message on the title screen saying that it cleared. Didn't seem to make anything better with the audio. Will give that a try soon. Its so strange that no other parts of the game seem to be affected visually or from a gameplay stand point. Also, would the cart even boot if their was the slightest thing different in the data when it verifies the cart?
  14. Well, if I had to make a guess, there is an issue with the ROM data. It seems that the SFX kind of work, they seem to layer on top of each other as they occur during gameplay, but continue to loop endlessly until the race ends and the next race begins. I had to crank the audio gain on this to even hear this happening. Unless someone else has any ideas, I am thinking this is a lost cause unless I replace the ROMs... Below is a recording of what I'm talking about, sound kicks in at about 50 seconds in. https://youtu.be/eNgtgdKYtpw
  15. Thank you, but no luck unfortunately. Both SFX and music in the pause menu were turned up all the way. Still no audio.
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