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  1. I finally had time to try this out. I had removed the resistor and soldered the TIA audio cable to R6. With this circuit, the TV / monitor must be set to 100% volume so that a very, very quiet TIA audio signal can be heard. Now I had the TIA audio cable soldered back to C14 without any resistance. It behaves exactly as if it is soldered to R6. Ok, everything is fine on the PAL consoles. It is probably due to the NTSC console, or rather to the A / V conversion. Unfortunately I only have one NTSC console. The problem NTSC console is a C025233-002 Rev.A board, from 08/1987. Since I live in PAL country, it's not that bad for me. But still strange.
  2. It is finished. When I saw the demo, I thought, another great preview, which will definitely not be finished. I like this game. Very colorful and easy to play. With the good old CX40, I get along well with Albert. Thank you for the great game.
  3. Hi, first of all: Dragonfly is fantastic. I love this little dragonfly. Unfortunately I also have this TIA sound problem, but only on my NTSC console with converted A / V output. On my PAL consoles, one with UAV (S-Video), one with simple A / V conversion and one original (HF tuner), everything works as it should. No problem. Only the NTSC console is causing a little trouble. Original modules (NTSC) run perfectly. BallBlazer with harmonized Pokey / TIA sound. Or Xevious with only TIA sound. But with the Dragonfly, I have no TIA sound on the NTSC console, only Pokey and YM. At the weekend I have to examine the conversion again carefully. It is the simple conversion that is also described somewhere here on AtariAge. Apparently the audio circuit is different than with the PAL consoles.
  4. Small contribution submitted. And an update afterwards. In a few hours 2021 comes - a new hope
  5. Wow, hot stuff here. One for me, please. In Burgundy, + PokeyMax and Yamaha.
  6. Congratulations on first place. In my opinion, Last Squadron is the best vertical shooter on the Atari XL/XE. It's a little easy for me. I played through all 4 levels several times. If you have defeated the first end opponent (not the small opponent in the middle part of a level), you can use the same tactic on every end opponent. Shanty, thank you very much for this great game. I'm looking forward to an extended cartridge version. In the next ABBUC magazine, I will publish a game test about Last Squadron. Again to the Mega Drive / Genesis controllers. This game works on rebuilt Joy2 + and on unmodified controllers. With a converted Sega joypad, button A is the fire button and button B triggers the extra weapon, but this must still be operated with button A. On an unmodified Sega joypad, button B is the "normal" fire button. Button C triggers the extra weapon. Please note the following!! The Atari has + 5V on pin 7. These are always on the multiplexer chip in the Sega joypad. At some point, if the multiplexer is broken, the buttons on the joypad no longer work. See also here: Converting a Sega Genesis controller (model number 1650 made in China) is pretty easy. Even I did it.
  7. I used to play on the Amiga 600 with a Mega Drive Pad until it stopped working. The multiplexer must have broken. Now I've seen your post and picked out the old pad again. I rebuilt it according to your instructions. The board looks a little different. But the result is the same. It works great. With all three buttons. I've tried almost all of the patched games with it. The model name is 1650. Made in Taiwan. Thank you for this great tip.
  8. Here is a random picture of two strange joysticks. On the right the Yellow_Man joystick and on the left the guard of Yellow_Man's ATARI City. These parts are just not good for high scores.
  9. I got my AGACart about 3-4 weeks ago. This card is just fantastic. It is very well processed. The small box is also super nice. The quality is just amazing. There is no problem with the file system at all, and that "only" 199 files are accessible. I have my favorite games and some demos. Thank you for the nice hardware.
  10. Hi, I would like to have an AgaCart for my Lynx 2. Can you put me on the list. Germany shipping. Graet project.
  11. Hi there, Monty on the Run, runs without problems from a real floppy disk. I have the file from the link, from the seventh post (pouet.net). The xex file is 28585 bytes in size and has 3 segments. Charly your data from your attached link is 28707 bytes in size. And this file has 5 segments. The first two segments charge after $ 0400. If I remove these two segments, the file is the same size as that of pouet. I wrote the game on an Enhanced Formatted Disk and installed the NDos Converter. It runs flawlessly on my Atari's (various configurations), from a normal 1050, Happy 1050, Speedy 1050 and XF551. The program loads up to the cover picture with the music. If Space is pressed, the program continues to load and the game starts. The program consists of 3 segments. On the ATR is MotR (see link above) and the old NDos Converter. Since I have a SV Original Cassette, I once wrote the files of the tape version on the ATR. The tape version has 4 files (segments). Monty.cas, the boot loader. Which actually "only" loads the MotR.xex. Monty2, Monty3 and Monty4 are actually "only" the xex, but broken down into 3 segments so that tape can be reloaded. The tape boots, a screen appears with Loading ... Monty ... Then the tape loads up to the title screen with the music. If you press Space, the game continues from Tape and then starts. I didn't write the game back on tape and I don't know if it works. The segments 2 and 3 have no end of file marking on the tape (copy protection?) MotR_YM.zip
  12. 600410 600 for my first computer. Atari 600 XL 410 for my first mass storage. Atari 410
  13. About 8 years ago I painted a very strong, differently yellowed, Atari 1200 XL. Before I painted an Atari, I practiced other things. It is important to clean all dismantled parts and then to prime. After that you can paint with acrylic paint. I chose the RAL 1013 (Pearl White). I wrote a report in ABBUC Magazine 100 (in German). In all the years, nowhere has color gone off, although I take these computers, often to meetings. Attached photos of my painted 600 XL and 1200 XL.
  14. Hi, great job. I love this game. Very nice loading image. Great gameplay. Clean speech output. All in all, a fantastic game. First register for the Highscore Cafe. Many Thanks.
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