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  1. Thank you Stephen Moss for these instructions. Will start investigating
  2. Hi. Running a 7 retro computer setup with video/audio switch and a single crt Sony BVM20F1E. Routing the audio and video is rarher easy, but I'm concerned about having to plug my joysticks (the classic Atari connector type) back and forth between the computers. This puts a real and unnecessary strain for the connectors. So: has anyone ever designed a joystick switcher? 2 input connectors for joysticks and then 7 pairs of outputs to the computers. Any tips? Lähetetty minun SM-G960F laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  3. Ok, thanks, I'll contact him directly Lähetetty minun SM-G960F laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  4. Hi. Been searching this for a while now. There is Sofia and then there is the VBXL (from lotharek.pl). The first seems to be simple enough without any unnecessary features, but where can you get one? The latter seems to require modifications to the pcb and has tons of (unnecessary) features. Any other options? I use Sony BVM20F1E, so I need true RGB, y/c is not enough. Thanks Lähetetty minun SM-G960F laitteesta Tapatalkilla
  5. Hi. I'd like to buy one of the UAV boards Also PM sent.
  6. Both are the ones from repositories of the latest Strecth. Haven't compiled them from source myself :/
  7. Some (weird) additional findings... The controls seem to work when I use Opengl renderer. Unfortunately, the emulation is dead slow that way. With software renderer the emulation is perfect, but input does not work properly. I guess this has something to do with the SDL2... I'm no pro reagarding that.
  8. Setting up my shiny new rpi3b+. Stella works great, except that I cannot get the controls to work. Only keyboard is the one that always works. I have removed mouse and keyboard after configuring the Stella (booting straight to the emulator and certain rom), but with the same result I also have unchecked the "grab mouse..." in the Stella config screen. Also the "use mouse as controller" is set to Never. The usb-controllers show up in the joystick database, but I cannot remap the controls, because nothing happens when I press a button on the controller? I have tried various different controllers including PS3 pad, the original Stelladaptor with a TAC-2 etc. Sometimes, when I change the usb ports/remove the controllers from the database/between reboots, the usb controllers do work, but that just not good enough. For the record FCEUX (NES emulator) works fine with the PS3 pad, so it's not about the controller/system. *edit* Running the latest Raspbian (desktop) Any thoughts?
  9. I had a Soundic MPT-03 when I was a kid These seem to be pretty rare beasts, but fortunately I can get the same gameplay experience with some other MPT-03 clone Please, make an offer I cannot resist Looking for a console/psu/some games. I live in Finland (EU). I have one spare DVDO iScan Pro, so a (partial) swap could also be possible. Thanks.
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