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  1. Dear Cartoondonkey, I am having a lot of troubles getting mails through my mail server because it is in a shared hosting that has been black listed as spammer. I have sent you a private message through this forum with another mail address. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Ok inky, please let me know the result of your test... I though it could be a cold solder joint in the flash ic :-(
  3. Dear inky, When you insert the card into the burner and connect the burner to your PC, it should be detected as an empty drive with 256kb avialable. The game.bin file indicates that the burner is not identifying the rewritable card properly. Does any slot appear as an empty drive?
  4. Dear Dauber, I am working on it. Regarding your observations: 1) Yes, it is a 256kb device. When you select the 144k position, two 128kb slots are merged to create a single 256 kb slot. 2) Yes, I have this problem too (134k used by nothing). 3) Yes, it is a FAT12 device because it is impossible to create such a small drive with FAT 16 (minimum 4MB). Will keep working on this.
  5. Dear Dauber, I'm upgrading my mac to sierra at this very moment... will investigate the problem. Best regards
  6. Dear Dauber, The problem with some MAC OS is that even removing the hidden files using the ditto commands, it creates them again when you copy the rom onto the card. Could you try a windows file browser, like Freecommander, through wine?
  7. Dear crossbow... yours probably can run S9P games, but not 48P. Dear gandor, yours would require an upgrade to play S9P or 48P.
  8. Yes groundtrooper, your card is S9P/48P-ready Enjoy.
  9. Dear all, I have been working to extend the capabilities of the Mateos Atari 7800 rewritable card and burner, and have managed to add 2 new formats: 48P: For 48k games with pokey at $4000; the write operations at $4000-$7FFF are sent to the Pokey, but the read operations are sent to the flash memory. S9P: For 144k games with pokey at $4000; the write operations at $4000-$7FFF are sent to the Pokey, but the read operations are sent to the flash memory. Some of your cards can already use these two formats, but unfortunately others will require a two-step update: Firmware upgrade in the burner. IC replacement in the rewritable card. If your system needs to be updated, I will be pleased to do it free of charge (although would appreciate your collaboration with the shipping cost (shipping from Spain costs 6.55€)). If you are interested, please use the contact form of my website: http://www.vectrex.hackermesh.org/index.php/en/contact
  10. Dear groundtrooper, Sorry for the late reply (I have a health problem ). I have already studied your dump and I can confirm that the burner is working properly, but there is an odd problem with the card. I will send you another one this week. Nevertheless I would like to further troubleshoot the problem with that card, so... may i ask you to send it back to me? Of course, I will pay the posting cost.
  11. Dear Groundtrooper, Please, could you try the following to troubleshoot this issue? Select slot 0 (make sure that the size switch is <144kb), insert the 7800 card into the burner, and connect it to your pc. Ignore the formatting message. Install Roadkil's Sector Editor (http://www.<span><sp...hp?ProgramID=24) Run Roadkil's Sector Editor and select File>Export sectors, and export 520 sectors to a file. Safely eject the burner. Disconect the dumper from your PC usb port. Please, send me that file (vectrex at hackermesh dot org). Best regards,
  12. No, that is not right. You should get a file with the same size as the original file minus 128bytes. Please, could you try with a different browser?
  13. Dear syn, The preloaded roms in slots 0 to A are PAL, and the games on slots B and C are NTSC. I guess your Windows is still storing "something" in the card because the available free space should be 256kb. Please, try the following procedures (copied from the faq section of my website): Please, let me know whether this gets 256kb of available space.
  14. Dear crosbow, When you write a >144kb game it takes 2 slot, but not consecutive ones. If you write a 144kb game in slot 0, it will take slots 0 and 8. If you write a 144kb game in slot 1, it will take slots 1 and 9. If you write a 144kb game in slot 2, it will take slots 2 and A. If you write a 144kb game in slot 3, it will take slots 3 and B. ... If you write a 144kb game in slot 7, it will take slots 7 and F.
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