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  1. Hello Again, I have 2 announcements today. 1 - The first is that we delivered the last revision of the manual, which is very likely to be the final one! We hope the game will be soon available. 2 - I am proud to announce a partnership with @Al_Nafuur and the release of a PlusCart version of Hellway. He forked my last revision and did all the necessary changes for score submission. It also can be played online with score support. The code of the fork will be kept open (maybe incorporated on the main project one day), like the game itself. I did a quick test, but expect decent high scores soon. I never thought of adding true online capabilities to the game (besides the QR code), I never knew the possibility even existed. I am very glad I kept the code open, and a talented developer took the time to do it! PlusCart is an amazing project! Another very cool feature is that it is taking into account all variables that make a game variation, so the score tables are proper split taking into account the difficulty switches, game mode and used car (comparing apples with apples), 256 variations total! I want people to buy the game for the quality of the material offered, not because access to the game is hard... If you do play the game for free and enjoyed, please consider doing any action that can make a positive impact in the world. If you are going to buy the game from Atari Age, my sincere thank you! I am making myself available to any questions regarding the game source code (if any...). Just ping me with an AtariAge message, or use this thread. Thanks again to @Al_Nafuur for making this possible! Have a nice day you all!
  2. Hello again my friends, I was wondering if anyone had the opportunity to play the game a little more and found any bugs? We are moving as fast as we can with the requested changes to the manual, since this is most @Leonardons part, I thought I could make myself useful by making sure there are no bugs before we starting burning the ROM. At this point there are 0 bugs I am aware of. If anyone has something to report, now is the time . If you haven't played the game yet, this is also an invitation to do so (and possible find bugs ). The digital copy will ways be free (and open source), and we are working to make sure the cartridge is something worth having! https://github.com/opbokel/hellway Peace!
  3. Hello People, It has been a while. I just want to keep you guys updated. We finally delivered the manual to @Albert. Now we think there is nothing else to do on our side (at the moment). If changes are needed because of technical reasons, we will address them as soon as possible. The dream is getting closer! I would like to say thanks to you all again. In order to celebrate, I am posting 2 pages of the manual. The special thanks and the one with Mr. Silva, a crazy Brazilian driver and protagonist of the game. Have a wonderful weekend you all! The manual and the art was done by @Leonardons
  4. A quick update: The game should be close to be release now. We submitted the requested changes to the box, and in the mean time revised the manual text. @Leonardons is finishing the layout of the manual (content is done). I will try to keep you guys posted! Most important, a very good friend of mine, Layon Mauna, made an amazing trailer! Hope you like it! Fell free to share with friends or to post on social media!
  5. VERSION UPDATE 1.43: @ZeroPage Homebrew Fixed the "problem" above and lost the perfect version number. The game has 262 lines even when resetting. It also had a line count change when going to / from the QR code mode, because of the change on the VBLANK time. First part of the fix was changing game modes at the very last part of the Game Loop, so modes and VBLANK times don't change in the middle of the loop. The second part was making the reset routine a valid frame (timings and VSYNC), and made it happen inside that frame. It is a black frame, actually, I never disable VBLANK for that frame. For all that I could gather, keeping VBLANK should not be a problem, but I would appreciate that who can test in real hardware, please do, better safe than sorry. My gratitude in advance. I putted "problem" in quotes, because this was by design. I added everything that could be outside the game loop, and just jump to the beginning of the rom every time a reset occurred. @ZeroPage Homebrew showed that this could freak some upscalers, I would not fix it at first, but I could not let it go and give a subpar experience for some people, some upscalers might even be more sensitive. I want Hellway to be the best game it can be, and I could not let this go... A piece of advice, addresses 64 to 128 are mirrored TIA registers. My first attempt I made the cleanning routine (that runs during reset) not mess with addresses 0 to 3, but it would still try to clean 64 - 67, making an invalid frame during the cleanning process. This took me a while to find it... I updated my cleanning routine to take advantage of this and fix the issue, it now starts at address 68. I hope this can save time to someone in the future. LDX #68 ; Skips (VSYNC, RSYNC, WSYNC, VBLANK), TIA is mirrored on 64 - 127 CleanMem CPX #SwitchDebounceCounter BEQ SkipClean ... Skips some more reset persistent variables ... STA 0,X SkipClean INX BNE CleanMem
  6. And I enjoyed every much! Thanks for it! Watching it was my inspiration to solve how confusing the game modes were with the new landing page. I am truly happy you liked my game. I will be glad to send you a copy once we have the cart. If you do play it again some day for fun, please share you high score
  7. Hello you all, I updated the landing page of the game QR code (still a proof of concept). Now you have access to the game functionalities in a much faster and visual way. The most important part is the Game Mode Wizard. It is a interactive menu where you select the options you want in the game, and it gives back the game mode you should select. This is something that cannot be accomplished with a static page or manual. The point is that this expands the game outside of the console bounderies. The QR code allows you to load an application (in this case a webpage that looks like it came from 1995) that works as an ideal game menu. You select the options you want, and it gives back to you the game mode you should select. It uses the user as the interface to send the result back to the game. If a technology like the plus cart is used (it can send and receive bytes), the selected options could be sent directly to the game, without the need of the middle man. This is just an example, the possibilities are endless. While I am not going to pursue this at the moment, I thought the idea was interesting enough to be shared. I am posting the QR code again so you can enter the page on the phone, or click directly here: https://opbokel.github.io/g Please let me know what you think.
  8. Hello you all and @ZeroPage Homebrew, I want first thank for playing my game. Sorry for the abruptly leave, it was almost 4:30 am here in Amsterdam. Nothing would make me happier than being a contender for the category under 4K, indeed a lot of work and soul had been putted into this game. I have some points to address about the live, the first is the variable line count: Every time you do a reset, the line count will fluctuate for 1 frame. This is expect and by design. The game performs a startup again, jumping outside the draw loop, cleaning everything except a few variables (so it does not reset the game mode for example). Your capture device just freaked out once of the many resets you did. A fix is doable but not trivial and have a high risk of introducing a bug, so I will not pursue it right now. The game never fluctuates from 262 lines when running. It was like that on the previous version also. The reset switch was the only button I had left, that is why it also changes car... About the vertical parallax, the code is in assembly and I squeezed every CPU cycle I could on the drawing cycle, but still, a color change on part of the playfield is out of the question on the 3 CPU cycles I have left. I cannot bend the laws of space and time. I also experimented with flickering the bottom lines to simulate a lighter color, but the effect was not good. In the end of the game you actually select the hardest (or at least not beginner friendly) possible combination you could. Dragster, which is a fast car with bad handling for a mode with a lot of traffic (with the amount of traffic fixed) and a high speed difference between the tracks (making it even harder to change lines), but still, you could push the dragster to the limits once you get use to it and not just stay on the fastest line, also take advantage of the checkpoints, where it really shines. I saw also a confusion between randomised traffic lines and random traffic intensity. I will try to explain in simpler terms and probably update the manual, it is indeed confusing... Imagine each traffic line as a big tape, each position with a number value, ...|32|11|89|70|42|... while the game is running you are just adjusting the position of each tape using its relative speed to the car. A randomised traffic lines mode, changes the initial position of the tape. A non randomised mode will start the tapes at the same position always, playing back the same values, allowing even memorisation of the patterns (to some small extent at least) if you are truly serious about being competitive. The traffic intensity is just the adjust where, given that I have a value on the tape at a position, it tells the threshold where I should spawn a car. This is what changes when cycling the intensity on checkpoints. On a random traffic intensity mode, you can get any value in every checkpoint, while in a regular mode each color has its own constant set. Random traffic intensity is more of a fun Party feature that you can get anything on your play session than a serious competitive mode. Not cycling on checkpoints on a Random intensity mode, will only make the checkpoint time fixed. Stay posted for a solution to this confusion using the QR code. I will come up with something! @ZeroPage HomebrewI want to use this space to say that I appreciate a lot being in your show, but also to do a formal complaint. Your abilities really got worse between the 2 shows. It is obvious by looking at your videos that you guys are amazing video game players and that you can do much better than you did. My challenge to you and anyone that got this far on the thread is to try to post your high score with any car in mode Zero, difficulty switches BB (same config I did in a recent post with my videos). This will guarantee the same initial conditions to everyone and comparable scores. Sorry for the long post. I wish a good rest of the week! PS: I will prioritise the remaining work for the physical release.
  9. Not sure about the Harmony Cart... Here is the most updated binary link, probably you can use to put into your cart: https://github.com/opbokel/hellway/raw/master/bin/hellway.asm.bin Since is a git repo, the link does not change for the updates.
  10. Hello again, I have the pleasure to announce that Hellway will be featured in the next @ZeroPage Homebrew show. 20210420 Let's Play: Talvisota (WIP), Hellway (WIP Update), Ninjish Guy in Low Res World (for 2021 Harmony Games) (LIVE @ 6PM PT | 9PM ET | 1AM GMT) This is probably the last major update to the game, if no bugs are found, the version 1.42 is the final version! I would like to welcome you all tomorrow. I will be on the live to answer any question and to celebrate Here are the updates from the last time: - Level 3 color change (Brown to purple). - CHPT to CKPT (Checkpoint text) - Score screen (full status and in decimal) - Glide tuning - QR code (The landing page will be improved in the future) - 4 different cars with different handlings - Tuning checkpoint time - Time added in the checkpoint is of the level you are entering, and not the one you passed (major implications). - Break tuning. - Warning sound when time is close to be over. - Non flickering mode for text ( Screen capture compatibility ) - Hidden easter egg ( it was also in the previous version, nobody discovered it yet ) I appreciate all support so far! @ZeroPage Homebrew, can you post the official announcement banner when you have? I am also posting 4 gameplay videos, with each of the cars in mode 0. In average they are quite balanced, but they are all first takes, so there is big variance as expected from low sample rates. It is just a way to post some scores and show that there is much room for improvement, I made several mistakes myself! The car with spoiler is my best score so far, The Sedan and Hatchback are average scores, and the dragster was a bellow average try. I am waiting for someone to beat me in my own game! Nothing would make me more proud!
  11. @vitoco Better safe than sorry... Other kinds of monitor might have less image persistence. Phone cameras might get better and reduce shutter speed... I just want to have a reliable fallback that could fit in the game without refactoring it all. Probably the flickering mode will just work most of the time, but capturing the score is so important for competitive gameplay, that I did not want to take the risk. Thanks for posting your score!
  12. Version Update 1.42 One final small fine turning on the breaks. Alternating text mode, from the manual: If game select is pressed during gameplay, it will draw all text alternating between left and right every 4 seconds. Because of hardware constraints, all text in the game flicker at 30hz, this removes the flickering. The main reason is to allow the screen to be captured no matter what combination of camera and monitor you are using by taking two distinct pictures. This also helps with emulators that do not emulate phosphor mode. This was done because of this picture: I asked people to submit scores because I wanted to fine tune the game, and in the score screen I have full details of the play session. But then I by @Al_Nafuur picture, that the fact I do a 30hz flickering, might result in some types of TV and fast shutter cameras to not capture properly the score (in this picture still fully readable, but the bottom right is starting to fade) This allows that even on the most extreme situations, you will be able to capture the score with 2 distinct pictures. Also the fact that the text is not flickering, make the colors stronger. You can enable this at any time, even while "driving" if the flickering bothers you. I don't know of many games that use a 10 digits playfield text. I found my solution elegant. It uses only 5 bytes of RAM and score mode to hide half of the playfield each frame. To print stuff, you only have to write the character offset of each digit before calling the routine, which will on the fly compose the playfield bytes from the stored pointers to the characters and display the text. The same routine is called 7 times when the full score is shown, very easy to reuse. The only down side is that it flickers... I don't think it is possible to print 10 digits on the fly, while doing writes midline to make the playfield asymmetrical. A proper non flickering solution would take 25 bytes of RAM, and probably more than I have of ROM space. It can be done by directly calculating each playfield final result (Both PF0 could be stored on the same byte, 5 lines, 5 playfields graphics), and only sending this cache while drawing... Unfortunately I cannot afford the price to do this anymore. The solution of making it stop flickering is a compromise, but should always allow capturing the screen. From all my tests, you almost always get readable results with the flickering, this is an edge case, but I want everything in the game to work for every user! I think the game is now tuned properly. I even numbered the version 1.42 (the definitive answer) and I don't want to change that number. I will do so only in case a bug is found, but try really hard to not do any more new features or tuning. I have 5 bytes of RAM and 80 bytes +- of ROM, and they are non sequential bytes... I am leaving this for an eventual bug fix, or to make possible specials builds with integration with modern tools, like the the PlusCart.
  13. Version Update: 1.39: This is one of the most important changes yet! From the manual: The time added is of the level you are entering, not of the level you passed (which are the same for fixed traffic intensity modes). This has deep implications. Before you would get the time for the level you passed. What this resulted in the final part of the game (mostly for advanced players) was that it was almost certain that the timer would run out on the highest traffic level, in a way that was almost impossible to glide your way out. This would happen because when you completed the last level and went back to the first, this would give you 44 seconds (The max time) for the first level (with less traffic), so it was like you start a new cycle with time in your account, and since you gained the time for the level you passed, you would slowly burn this credit until they would be over on the worse time, on the most traffic intensity, making you a sitting duck. Gliding was very unlikely to happen where it could most succeed. With the new changes you get the credits before completing your current task (money in advance), so every level has the same chance of being the one your timer will be over. Gliding with less traffic is much easier. For more traffic, the fact that you get more time in the beginning, also means that even if you enter the level with 0 time, you still have the extra (and fair) seconds that will give you a balanced experience, and a much bigger possibility reaching the checkpoint by gliding. I hope I was clear enough, not the easiest thing to explain...
  14. @alfredtdk I wonder how many Brazilians there are at the forums... I am posting my high score as comparison, at the same configuration. And I will try to do the same for every high score posted.
  15. Version Update: 1.38 (Lets hope is the last one) I recently increased the breaking speed in 20%. While it felt more responsive at top speeds, also caused over breaking a problem, and was not ideal at slower speeds. What I did was to have different breaks for different speed ranges. Lets consider the old break (before the 1.36) as 100% Form 0x80 to 0xA0 you break at 120% giving you the extra breaking boost you need to not crash miserable. From 0x40 to 0x79 you break with 100% From 0x0 to 0x39 you break with 80% giving you a more fine grained control and making harder to over break. I kept the heel and toe at constant 60% (half of the max break). The more important, it feels good, this is a hard feeling to describe...
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