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  1. Version Update: 1.37 Since we don't process a lot of the game while showing the QR code. I was able to reduce vblank time, in order to increase the borders around the QR code (removing the black bar on top). This should increase compatibility, since bleeding space is recommended.
  2. Forgot to recompile the code after changing the constant. Fixed, thanks! You were indeed playing v1.36, just the text was wrong. I am glad people are actually playing the game. The more and more we approach the cartridge release, the more this becomes important.
  3. Version Update: 1.36 Increase break speed in 20%. Small change on checkpoints time. Warning sound 10 seconds before time is over, giving you time to prepare for gliding, even if not looking at the timer.
  4. Hello, usually I formalize things in the manual and write to the forum, but I will do this post in a very informal way, and then pass this info to the manual in a more structured manner. I want to dive deeper on each car, not only the stats. When I compare stats on this post, will always be related to the car 0 (default). The first thing is that each car behaves very differently, but I tried to equalize them considering game modes that cycle thought the traffic levels, by making several attempts and comparing my times after cycling all the levels. If you play locked into one level only, it is clear that one car might have advantage over other. No cars go faster than 0xA0 because this breaks the game. You start seeng the border reversing direction, and this would require an alternate sound table, with the gear sounds redistributed accordingly. Also, it is crazy fast, beyond a playable level (at least for me). The car 0 (with spoiler) is the most balanced. There is no changes to it. The car 1 (Hatchback) is very good with more traffic, the acceleration is 50% faster. Because of this it also recovers well from crashes. The catch is that the top speed is 20% slower (1 less gear, 0x80), for low traffic levels and for checkpoints (invincibility) this is not ideal of course. The car 2 (Sedan) is the most unpredictable. It has 25% slower acceleration, keeping momentum is essential! But it compensates it by gliding 4 better. This means you should be overtime sooner, but if played right, you can still cross several checkpoints! The car 3 (Dragster) Turns with half of the speed. Avoiding traffic harder, sometimes you have to keep it more time aligned with traffic speed to change lines. But it accelerates 50% better and regaining the speed very fast also. He is perfect for checkpoints, which it can reach top speed very fast and take full advantage of it. - Let's play Hellway? - Hellway?! Hell Yeah!!!!!!!
  5. This is all really impressive! Can you post the source code?
  6. Version Update 1.35: Each car has a unique personality and handling now (From the manual): Car 0 - Car with spoiler: Max Speed: * * * Handling: * * * Acceleration: * * Gliding: * * Car 1 - Hatchback: Max Speed: * * Handling: * * * Acceleration: * * * Gliding: * * Car 2 - Sedan: Max Speed: * * * Handling: * * * Acceleration: * Gliding: * * * Car 3 - Dragster: Max Speed: * * * Handling: * Acceleration: * * * Gliding: * * @ComputerSpaceFan, thanks for the complement, I hope you like it!
  7. Hello, @Leonardons is the creator of the game art! All paper stuff (manual, box, etc...) he is the mastermind. Version Update: 1.30 I was able to incorporate all 4 cars into the game. ( @TIX and @KevinMos3 suggestions, also my original ). I also documented your names in the game source code as comments above the sprites. Thanks for the contribution. In the next version, each car will handle differently, with different constants. Since I use hardware collisions, this is already affecting gameplay, and as such, the version string shows the car used, so each score can be properly compared. From the game docs: Game Reset: Restarts the current game mode and applies the difficulty switches. If the game is stopped and there is no changes to the difficulty switches, it will cycle through the cars. Car 0 - Car with spoiler. Car 1 - Hatchback. Car 2 - Sedan. Car 3 - Dragster. Last line is a unique identifier of the version of the game and the configuration played, making it easier to to compare scores among friends and online, and also for archiving your scores, it reads like this: GameMode (0 to F), Car Type, Difficulty Switch 1 (B - A), Difficulty Switch 2 (B - A), | Game Version. Example: E2AB|1.30 Thank you all!
  8. Yes, because how soft the edges are in most CRTs, I think it will be too blurry...
  9. My thoughts on the matter so far: The stacks QR code should not work well on CRTs. It should work fine in all other kind of monitors. I think it is worth a test on CRTs, my gut feeling might be wrong. I updated my game to use 25% error correction QR and appears to be doing better. The Circus Convoy people are really smart people. They probably know that data matrix is less compatible with phones, since they used QR codes on the static content. My guess is that they reached some kind of road block that the data matrix somehow solves for the dynamic ones. It takes one celebrity to reach other. @ZeroPage Homebrewcan you ask them if they can disclose a little bit of information on the subject?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, but this looks less like a regular car. I do like my original design, and the collision box was perfect, but I does not look like a regular traffic car, more like a f1 car. @KevinMos3looks more like a regular car than my original design. Yours look like a dragster, and even further to a regular car. I am glad you liked my game, and I am glad you took your time to make a suggestion and even modified the code to do so. Thanks!
  11. Black background is non standard, I expect less compatibility. I am leaving since it was more compatible to one person, and also don't blind dark mode users... Maybe I will not do this color inversion if it does not work for many people. I am so glad it works fine and the error correction is working! ============================= Version Update: 1.22 Car graphics update (see snapshot) This is not my design! This was made by @KevinMos3. The first person to hack my game. Thanks man, really liked! The only down size is that makes the game a little more hard, since the bottom lines are wider... but looks much better!
  12. I am using 7 lines (was the most square I could get), with 6 lines the distortion looks minimal. Probably 29 x 29 should work fine. This is indeed a Data Matrix, not a QR code. My phone supports it directly from the camera app, I don't now how compatible it is with most phones... This might be an alternative and is what they are generating dynamically, it does not even have to be square. I had no idea... They do save to use one extra byte, since it is 24 x 24, but the border is static, making the dynamic part 22 x 22, and they are encoding 32 chars... https://www.qrcode-tiger.com/data-matrix-code-vs-qr-code
  13. 25 by 25 seams like the perfect trade off, at least for static ones, I just updated my game to use it. 25 by 25 is also the limit that the QR code would be in the recommended 192 lines, have some bleeding space and be square. I think is the perfect trade off. For dynamic ones, it might increase memory requirement beyond what Atari can offer... This might be the reason they use 21x21. I see, this explains everything!
  14. Version update 1.21: Updates the QR code to a 25x25 with 25% error correction. @Prizrak, @ComputerSpaceFan, @Arenafoot, @alfredtdk , and everyone... Can you please test again on CRTs? For me it works much faster on a computer monitor, should be better on CRTs too. This wastes 7 bits per line :(
  15. Binary is just the default QR way to encode ISO-8859-1... Almost all QR codes use it.
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