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  1. We can certainly make covers without the print. For the Next we already have the option without. We try to make them 100% cotton or something close enough as I am not a big fan of the faux letter myself. I am going to plan some for the 800 and 1200XL. I have all the models here, except the 1200XL. Would be possible someone here tell me the exact dimensions of the 1200XL by any chance? (or point a link with them?) Thanks
  2. Hijacking the topic here. I've been selling some dust covers for other machines (c64 and Spectrum next) and this caught my attention. I wonder if there is interest in similar designs for the Atari line of the computers as well. I am in Canada, so it wouldn't help @mikesk8 concerns about shipping time and costs but I could try to get some for the Atari if I see enough interest Just for Reference: www.etsy.com/ca/listing/827635484/zx-spectrum-next-dust-cover-100-cotton www.etsy.com/ca/listing/721885870/brand-new-dust-cover-for-the-commodore Cheers
  3. That's cool, and you actually reminded me I was going to get my membership for the first time .. Done!
  4. Hey @zbyti, it looks great! I've been using Action! editor (full immersion ) and I found it excellent, even for today's standards, but the Atari's 40 columns display doesn't help much to visualize the code. I will try to get going something similar you showed in your video using an external editor. Another point I wasn't thinking is the amount of memory the editor and the code would take. My current game is very small so that's ok, but at some point I can see things will start to get more complicated to manage. Thanks!
  5. Hey @zbyti, thanks! That is a very organized code (compared to mine so far!) . I noticed that you have a module with low-level routines and some of them are part of Action! standard library (not sure if that is the correct term). Why did you do that? Was to have more efficient code, or simply to have only what you would need? I haven't had a chance to run it yet, but I will dig deeper tomorrow. That will be very useful. Cheers
  6. This is getting better, good information. I've been quiet for all this time but I keep learning Action. I am currently writing a small game so I can learn more with a full application and be able to finish my tutorial series. Paulo
  7. Oh, thanks! I did missed that! That's also interesting. Crazy how the Atari "scene" has so many options. I feel like it beats the ZX Spectrum and C= options out there in terms of options!
  8. I am still slowly going through the list and I see a lot of mass storage devices (which is good!) but as far I could see only one option for video upgrade, the VBXE. Or I am missing something? The VBXE looks very cool, although I honestly don't care too much to make the A8 do more than it was capable to do back in the day (my personal preference, but I understand why some like that though! ) so the only thing there that attracts me is the ability to show better video for the regular atari screen and resolutions. Are there other options out there on that regard? The multicarts are also nice and I might go that route as well. I am already on the #Fujinet waiting list My plan now is to compile a list and add where to order it and if it is still available, things like that. Sites like lotharek makes that part easier for a lot of the options. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the great tips. I am checking them all! Also, glad to learn about the "Topic for Newbies" - Great source of information! Cheers
  10. Hi all, I am doing a research (for my birthday but also for an article ) of modern hardware upgrades and peripherals I could buy for my Atari machines. I've found some around the Internet, but sometimes they are sold out batches, etc so it is hard to come up with things one could buy nowadays. I wonder if you all could mention what comes to your mind that is still current available for purchase and if possible the reference link (or person here on Atariage). Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. Hi all, I've posted on ViTNO, but copying here for Atariage readers' sake. A new version of Atari800MacX, the Atari XL/XE/5200 emulator for MacOS is available now. This new version contains an important internal change, replacing the deprecated OpenGL with Metal, which will ensure Atari800MacX will be ready for the future versions of MacOS. Besides replacing OpenGL, the Atari emulator also had hundreds of functions reviewed and any deprecated API was updated as well. Although the major changes happened under the hood, Atari800MacX 5.1.0 also includes UI enhancements, like bringing back the drag & drop of disks, rom, cassette and XEX files to the main program screen. Another small but welcome change was the addition of authentic Atari disk drive sounds when a new disk is inserted or removed from the drives! Here is the full release notes: New Features/Bug Fixes (in version 5.1.0): Added real sounds for opening and closing of disk drives when disks are inserted and removed from emulated Disk Drives. (A preference on the Atari tab of the Preferences pane controls this). Updated application to use Apple’s Metal API instead of OpenGL. MacOS has deprecated OpenGL, and this should help to future proof the program. Re-added Drag and Drop of disk, rom, cassette and XEX files to the main program screen. This feature was in 4.x versions, but had been removed in 5.x versions. Bugs Fixed: Fixed issues with keypresses still being issued along with joystick/trigger motions when using Keyboard joysticks. Fixed a keyboard issue when using a Ctrl+Shift combination, where the shift key state was stuck pressed after both keys were released. The shift will go back to unpressed only if another Ctrl key was pressed. Replaced deprecated MacOS API calls, to ease porting to future MacOS versions. Fixed issue with Disk Sector editor where after doing a Goto Disk sector, the up and down arrows used the old location. Download it here: https://github.com/atarimacosx/Atari800MacX/releases/tag/Release_5.1.0 Cheers
  12. Excellent work. I just played for a few minutes and it looks so fresh. You've made a lot of right choices with the graphics! Congrats!
  13. That's is nice. I think I will try for one year to see the benefits despite the language barrier. Looks like it is worth it based on this discussion!
  14. Any chance we wil be able to play this game, since I don't have the magazine (nor I can read German)... THanks
  15. Just a reminder that Atari800MacX got two updates this week and it is also working well on Catalina! Good to have options!
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