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  1. Hey Thom, I was looking for information on how to develop and test for #fujinet but I couldn't find it. What I would have to do if I want to experiment changing the CONFIG, for example? Thanks
  2. The best I could get - 58440 (Wave 10)
  3. Hi not sure if it was suggested before (or even if it exists already!) , but a nice addition to the CONFIG would be to keep history of the images selected previously. Maybe this could be stored in the SD and accessible through a different screen. The history could have the source (TNFS server, etc), the filename, what slot it was inserted and maybe the date (not so important I think). It could store a limited number of entries just so it doesn't grow out of control. (The slot is interesting but maybe users will want to keep history and ignore it to be able to insert in another slot, but the slot is useful for the idea below). One extension of that could be the existence of file set files. One could create the list of files (same mechanism of the history) and give it a name. The user could then load the file set instead of each file individually. Cheers
  4. Thanks @Ripdubski! I am glad to see it is useful to more people! Cheers!
  5. Thanks for organizing such a nice event! I've posted about it here https://vintageisthenewold.com/the-3rd-annual-atari-homebrew-awards-is-waiting-for-your-votes/. I hope it increase awerenes among the non-Atariage users!
  6. BTW, I was with the impression the image downloaded from the server would be a simple local copy (inside #fujinet) disconnected from the original file in the host. When I saw that when mounting it with write permissions actually saves the file over the image on my host... it simply blew my mind! Awesome device, even more clever software!
  7. Thanks! I don't know how I missed that. What fooled me was the AMD64 suffix on the program - I simply didn't pay attention and assumed it was Linux. Anyways, I've tested and it works flawlessly. A very easy way to download software from the internet and serve the Atari machine locally. Thanks
  8. I was looking at https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/spectranet and couldn't find the macOS binaries. I guess it shouldn't be hard to build myself, but since you mentioned there is one already, would you mind what repo is it? THanks
  9. Copied from my post for your convenience Just a couple of weeks after the release of version 5.5.0, Atari800MacX 6.0.0 is out with not many functional changes, but with an important update that will ensure the emulator will stay work on macOS for many years to come. The Atari emulator app bundle now includes both binaries for Intel and Apple ARM CPU. The OS will choose the right one when launching it. Here is the changelog: Features Added/Changed: Added support for ARM-based M1 Macs. Update libSDL to version 2.0.14. Removed 2k limit on the number of characters that can be pasted into the emulator Bugs Fixed: Fixed issue with not correctly restoring machine type when loading a configuration file. Fixed issue with not being able to insert a piggyback cartridge to SDX. You can download the new version for free from its Github page. Link: Github Source: ViTNO
  10. Whoops. Thanks for notice that :). Typing on the phone is hard eit fat fingers
  11. Hey, I have setup a tnfs host that for now contains the homesoft library. It can be accessed using #fujinet at using the address vintageisshenewold.com. How can I get it in the list above? Thanks
  12. Hey @skr That's seems exactly what I need! I will try it tonight and see if I can sync the updates or even maybe schedule a full update once a month, since it is only 78mb... Thanks
  13. Hey guys, I've just setup a TNFS server for #fujinet and I was planning to add the Homesoft collection there as a mirror. I know I can download all of them at once but is there another better way to keep the mirror in sync with your main database? Thanks
  14. I've added the "MODULE keyword" session close to the top. Now it looks much better! Thanks @zbyti
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