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  1. Thanks @JAC!. Yes, you have a good point about the MAD Pascal option. My current objective is more finding what is possible with Action just because I want to learn it, more than developing something for the Atari, but for a full cross-compiler environment I agree that MAD Pascal would be a better choice. Cheers
  2. As by-product of my most recent article (https://vintageisthenewold.com/going-into-action-with-atari-xl-xe-part-4-using-vscode-and-action-with-syntax-highlighting/), I have crated a syntax highlighting for VSCode. I haven't found anything similar for this editor, so I hope it will be useful for more people other than myself! If you use vscode already it can be installed from the Extension explorer. Just search for "OSS Action". You can also download from here: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=pgarcia.ossaction Bug reports and suggestions are welcome. Cheers
  3. The part 4 is up! https://vintageisthenewold.com/going-into-action-with-atari-xl-xe-part-4-using-vscode-and-action-with-syntax-highlighting/ Diverging a bit from the language itself, but I feel I needed to do that before continuing my journey. Cheers
  4. I like the idea of a version with the editor gone, or at least something that could open Action directly in the monitor prompt instead. What I am thinking is a more efficient cross-development environment, where the emulator is called by an external editor and only compiles files from the disk. I know there is the possibility to load it based on a snapshot directly there like @zbyti does, but I imagine removing the editor would free more memory space for the program itself. wouldn't it? I think such a stripped down version would only make sense in the cartridge format. On a side note, is there instruction on how one can build Action! from the source himself? Cheers
  5. Nice @zbyti, looks very easy to get around! After some thought I am going a not so good approach for now, just using the external editor. I will probably finish it tonight and gonna post tomorrow morning. Cheers
  6. Ok, I don't know what I did before. Maybe it was a glitch and I didn't spend enough time debugging. Now MAME works and I almost got to the point where I can do what I wanted to do (I will share later) but now I am thinking if I really need to do that at all. The end goal is to call an emulator, compile the code and run it, all through a external command (Host text editor). I will finish the MAME setup and share here to gather opinions Cheers Paulo
  7. Never mind. I realized you are using H6: which forces the use of \n instead of the ATASCII equivalent to new line.
  8. I am curious. Do you save the file like a regular text file? Doesn't Action! complain about the format?
  9. Hm, that's odd. When I tried I could "hear" that Action was online but I didn't have any image on Display whatsoever 😕 - Gonna try again.... I am not aware how debugging works on Mame which is a huge downside if it is not good, but it is worth trying. Thanks @zbyti!
  10. @8bit-Dude We can talk via email. I sent you a PM with my contact.
  11. Yesterday I spent some time trying MAME and it has everything I needed except that Action! doesn't seem to work there - Only that small detail missing....
  12. This looks fantastic @8bit-Dude! I will take a serious look, and also if you want to use Vintage Is The New Old yourself to write about it, let me know. Cheers
  13. I am ok using Altirra but my plan was to call it with the Action! cartridge on and issue a CTRL+SHIFT+M to enter de monitor and then compile and I don't think Altirra /type parameter supports that. I could follow the idea @zbyti gave me to load using a saved state already in the monitor, but I couldn't find an option for Altirra to load a saved snapshot. I know Atari800 has this option. For a macOS only solution I like the idea of using the Automator (Apple Script) and keep using my favourite Atari800MacX, but again this is a macOS only solution. I like your idea @ivop but I think such program is above my head I will also explore MAME. I've never used it to emulate Atari 8-bit but I remember I managed to do something similar of what I am thinking for the TRS80 CoCo. Thanks for the suggestions, I will post an update when I have something Cheers
  14. Save state!? That's ingenious! I haven't thought of that at all. Thanks!
  15. @zbyti I was looking at the video . When you launch the atari800 emulator, the command "C H:program.act" is injected automatically or you are typing it? If the first, how are you doing that. I couldn't find a way to do that with Atari800... Thanks
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