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  1. I am finally ready to present a new product that I have been developing for the past month. Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. Ha! I just proved I am a terrible detective! Thanks!
  3. @Vorticon, I wonder if this Martin Mangold is here on Atariage. This seems newsworthy! How can we talk to him? Thanks!
  4. Of course, my brain was just waiting for me to post the question to tell me the answer. I've found it here https://retrogamesultra.com/2019/10/24/adding-authenticish-labels-to-atari-sdrive-max-cases/
  5. I've searched but couldn't find the post (I don't even remember if it was here). Not long ago, someone was showing off 3d printed cases mimicking the Atari 1050 drive and this person used a metallic tape or something for the badge and printing the name on it. Does anyone know what I am talking about and where is the link? The closest I've found is this one, but it is not what I was looking for. Thanks Paulo
  6. @holgibo I didn't get my magazine yet. I've became a member after the magazine was shipped to members so I am not sure when I would get it. I checked your pvt message and sent my votes via email THanks Paulo
  7. I've found instructions for the password "somewhere" in the ABBUC website, but that never worked for me. In my case, I joined ABBUC only recently so that could be the case...
  8. Ok, shame on me. Looking at this box makes me remember it now.
  9. I have played them all to record a video on the website channel. It is a solid contest for sure with very different games. Some simpler than others, but there is no lack of creativity for sure! I think Last Squadron is the best. Oxygen is also very good, but with some gameplay flaws (maybe I am just bad at it). The Lady is a simple fun game, and gets extra points for the graphics - they are gorgeous! I found the Tree simulator entertaining and Disc o' Pop is the one I played the most - something with the physics and how the discs break that kept me hooked! Agent B.R.D looks great but my zero knowledge of German doesn't help me to enjoy the game. I've played a little pausing the emulator to translate things, but as you can imagine, that is not the best way to enjoy a game.
  10. I have zero recollection of that. Do you know if in that case they were imported or manufactured there?
  11. Wow, you are right. I completely forgot that the Intellivision II was sold there circa 1984-85!!!! Thanks for the reminder! I have updated the first paragraph based on my now refreshed memory Thanks @Intymike!
  12. In the 80s I was living in Brazil. Now I am in Canada. Cheers
  13. Oh, I believe it was @zbyti that said that. I haven't tried 8bit-unity yet.
  14. Fair enough. Thanks for your help. I don't think that is really a problem as long as it is understood (by me) Cheers
  15. Whoops, good information in this thread - Glad you remembered, but it hasn't change the outcome.
  16. Yes, it is not a big deal really if it is a DOS thing for example. I just want to make sure I am not doing anything stupid in my dev environment
  17. hm, seems to work for you.... weird. I just realized I said the wrong DOS version in my original post. I meant to say MyDOS 4.53.... Here is what I see: action-example.mov
  18. Hm, I understand the "RTS to where?" part, but then I assume that the emulator running something from "H1:" (calling from MyDOS) behaves different from doing the same from "D1:". In other words, running from "d1:" the program knows it will return to DOS while when running it from "H1:" it doesn't where to return to? Could be this a problem with the implementation of "host" based devices?
  19. Ah, of course! Just to throw some perspective I tried with this but also with a simple one-liner PrintE statement. Same results. Thanks again! CHARPOKE.ACT
  20. Hey @zbyti, I just tried that and still runs but crashes at the end... BTW, running the program from Action! monitor directly is fine, and if the same file is copied to the D1 it works fine as well. Do you mind to try the attached file running from H1, please? (It doesn't do anything weird, I promise ) Thanks! CHARPOKE.XEX
  21. So today I was playing with Action! runtime and how to create programs that doesn't depend on the cartridge. The task to generate it is very simple, but since now I am trying to use the hard drive (h6) to compile and run the programs, I created the binary and save it in my H6 drive. The problem is that if I execute the program directly from there (using MyDOS 2.5 "load" function), the program executes until the end but crashes. If I copy the same binary to a floppy disk, let's say D1, it runs normally. I am generating the self-contained binary including the SYS.ACT. My program itself is tiny, with just a print statement in it. I have a feeling this is not an Action! problem... I wonder if anyone has seen this before? Thanks!
  22. That's true. Altirra is more up to date with the new stuff. I know some of the new hardware will be supported by Atari800MacX but if you need that Altirra is the only option,afaik.
  23. As a fellow english-as-second-language person, I give kudos to @mike.2000 for his effort and kindness to share his hard work. It will be very useful in my journey to learn and write about Action!.
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