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  1. Blasted curse of the quick post and the spellchecker that clearly hasn’t checked correctly!!!
  2. Everyone on here has been very helpful so- a big thank you to you all. I have another query!!---- My machine is definitely 16k (did the test!) but I have the soldering skills of a Platypus so I'm loathe to tinker myself. I have seen a very interesting cartridge on ebay that the seller says works with a 400 and if I can play Pacman, Donkey Kong etc and any other 400 game that I played in my youth then I won't be at all disappointed! The cart in question is called The Ultimate Cartridge. Is this OK for the 400? and if so is it worth buying? and will I be able to play the above and Bruce Lee??
  3. I've lost many an hour to Food Fight, Xevious and Asterodes.
  4. sidney

    7800 joypads

    I have had my 7800 for a long time and get on rather well with the joypads on it and was wondering whether I can use these joypads on my Commodore 64 without any problems. I'm not a big joystick fan and never have been but if pushed the good old 2600 stick would be my stick of choice and I use it across many compatible machines. My question is can I do the same with 7800 pads? I have heard that the Master System pads can cause issues on the C64 because of the extra button. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Sugarland, very useful information, much appreciated. Quality video also--Naturally I subscribed!!
  6. Thanks for the tips guys....much appreciated, you are a helpful bunch! My Atari 400 arrived today and I've got Pole Position for it and I've really been enjoying it, I've got Pacman to come! I have a couple more questions--- 1) Is it OK to use Atari 7800 joyads/ Sega Master System and Sega Genesis/Megadrive pads with it? 2) How easy is it to upgrade the memory? 3) What 400 compatible games would you recommend? 4) How good is it with cassette software? 5) Am I right in thinking that the 400 has a 16k memory? Many Thanks!
  7. I'm just about to take delivery of an Atari 400 computer. I live in a Pal country (UK) but want to know if American cartridges work with this system like NTSC carts work on Pal 2600's (yes I know about the colour differences). It seems there are a lot of carts Stateside but I don't want to buy them if they are incompatible. Advice please.......
  8. That's great to know, many thanks for the info. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks Guys.
  9. I've just bought an original Woody 2600 to add to my retro collection and wondered if it's ok to use my existing Atari 7800 joypads on it. (I know the 7800 is backwards compatible but you can't beat an authentic Woody!) I know this has two buttons and would assume that each button would do the same thing on a 2600. I don't want to risk shorting out the system if the pads are incompatible. Any advice gratefully received!
  10. As I've recently just got my ST I have been really enjoying some gaming on it. I have been using an Atari 2600 joystick which works fine (naturally) but I'm not really big on sticks as I have always preferred pads. I have a couple of Master System and Atari 7800 joypads I'd prefer to use but I am scared of frying any chips inside the ST if they were in any way incompatible. I know I won't get 2 button compatibility but I'm not concerned with that. I know that the C64 hates MegaDrive pads and I'm pretty sure the Amiga does too, I have never had a definitive answer as to whether using MS/7800 pads on Commodore machines is either ok or terrible so I'm in a quandary there and now I'm wondering the same about their use on an ST. As usual----Any advice gratefully received.
  11. Cheers guys, the plug I have has a 10amp fuse in it. Would that be suitable for an STFM?
  12. Is there a particular amp the fuse in the plug must be, I don't want to fry my ST, I got two kettle style cables from work but now I'm terrified I will fry it!
  13. Thanks guys, that answers those questions. Thanks for taking the time.
  14. I used to own an ST back in the early 90's and have decided I needed to get one again now as I'm getting nostalgic for the system! The one I'm getting is too good to turn down for the price but the downside is it comes on its own with no cables. My questions to you chaps are these- Could I use a standard desktop PC cable to power the ST or would this blow the system? Is it easy to replace the disk drive if the drive should prove to be less than reliable? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks for the advice guys. I think that it probably is best to go for the real Atari psu but £50 is too steep in my view and alas as I'm in the UK a US psu is no use to me. £80 for the system doesn't seem awful to me as the system wasn't common place in the UK but I take your point. The XE/Xl may be the way to go.
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