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  1. Hi guy, is anyone building one ? im going to shoot some vids during the assembly https://youtu.be/98gihoLqYVY cheers mike
  2. well ive managed to find Fun Pac 1 , 3 and Robopods too but not 2. have these been added to Gamebase? i can find robopods actually but not he funpac cassettes 1,2 & 3 mike.
  3. Is possible to run Terminal Editor 2 from the ti99 Flashrom ? I'm trying to access BBS systems with the TI cheers
  4. hi guys , whats the latests Gamebase version? thanks
  5. Hi guys maybe a dumb question here but... can basic progs be converted to run on the flashROM99 ? im still after the FUNPAC series ... unless someone has it in wav format? mike
  6. years ago i used to have a few of these ....never fixed them sorry
  7. a new game in 2017? almost....its Outrun baby! The is a new conversion by Modern vintage gamer but it is RTG only. There are a few frame rate issues but this is an early release. This makes up for the slow OUTRUN game released by USgold back in the day... MAME noms are required to play. (pack B i think) http://aminet.net/package/game/race/CannonBall
  8. yes thats them !!! i havent seen those in a long time..
  9. hello all, Im searching for a collection of games that i had as a kid and I've had no luck in finding them in real cassette form. They were released by Virgin games in 1983 i think , Fun Pac 1,2 & 3 ... the games were. Golf Nuclear disaster Gunfighter Escape the mugger among others , i think each cassette had 3 games on it. Red label and 1950s style art work. all very basic but i loved them.. is there anyone out in Atari land who has them , a copy or the data files to run on my Flashrom99 many thanks mike. Robopods and Parco Golf were others too
  10. David (Former CEO of Commodore UK) Has announced that he is writing a warts and all story of Commodore. His view and perspective will be very interesting as he is the first person to write about Commodore from inside the company. The book will be on kickstarter in a couple of weeks or so , so please back it and lets hear what really happened to our beloved and tragic company. thank you all. mjn. https://www.youtube.com/?gl=GB
  11. Finally! I've managed to capture HD from the Amiga HDMI in all resolutions , well everyone that I've managed to test so far... its been a bugger to do. So how did i do it? Well i ditched the Ezcap1080 and bought an Elgato HD card and then connected the Amiga side to a HDMI upscale and the audio input in to the PC as the Vampire doesn't have Audio over HDMI yet, To say its been hard and a pain , is an understatement.. mike
  12. Just a little bit of fun on the Amiga today. https://youtu.be/mIL-lzCZmsE Part of my task to my piserve modem of all platforms.. Mike
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