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  1. Finally getting somewhere. I’ve recapped the XE130 and it’s now more or less stable. I’ll have to leave it running for a few hours to see if it crashes again but it’s now loading most software.
  2. Hi yes true enough, I imagine later games -1985 on are all 800 & XL , XE compatible? atari did release the translator disk that is supposed to load up older games.
  3. Just to clarify, the Numen demo crashes after half an hour of running but Goonies has been running in a demo loop for the last hour before it locked up and froze.
  4. Well after initially thinking the Atari was fixed it continues to be a pain in the neck. after half an hour of use, the screen rolls in a graphical mess with screeching audio. somethings still refuse to load and occasionally the sdmax menu has graphic errors, blocks of @ signs on it in random places. A power off sometimes fixes the issue but not always and it still sometimes boots to the Ram test screen but all my ram passes in various test programs. I have just fitted the 1mb ram upgrade and I have a new EMMU, the EMMU makes no difference at all but the 1mb ram upgrade is fun to play with. IMG_6990.MOV
  5. A 130xe version would be helpful, perhaps if only one ram chip was bad it would be a big help in finding it. Fitting 16x sockets could be a real pain for most people and lead to damaged boards. I do like the socket being highlighted in your ROM. I had a bad chip in U16 but those were all new - old stock, I didn’t bother testing the original chips. great job with the ROM. thanks for all your help. I’m still finding my feet in the Atari world. I used an Xl back in the day very briefly but I didn’t know about the basic in rom issues and things don’t like cartridges being plugged in, some games don’t like the new XL/XE Rom and so on. Atari selling a machine with a ram check that can’t check the whole ram is kind of funny too. But that’s what makes it all interesting.
  6. Yeah good point, a combination of bad ram and maybe caps can make for a very temperamental computer. I’ll change the caps at the weekend and see what that does...
  7. After some more testing...erm playing. I think it’s working properly. The issues I have with some things not loading have disappeared when using the uno cart. green beret loaded for the first time as did manic miner and jet set Willy and many more. I think the sd2sio (sdmax) has a few issues with some software titles.
  8. So after 2 passes by the diag rom, I’ve moved bank 0 into bank 1 and rerun the test which it passes again so all 128k is checked. just as a double check - Radeon ram check says it’s 128k and checks the ram too with no faults. I’ve put the original Rom back in and powered on to a nice blue screen with no errors. load up stunt car racer 128k - error XE130 required!. odd... emmu bad ?
  9. I have a little more time tonight, -Evaluating!
  10. Ah okay, brilliant:) I didn’t have much time to try it last night, I’ll leave it running tonight and thank you for your help. mike.
  11. Ah it’s not the ROM, it’s the atari. It booted and says U16 faulty. I changed that and now it’s blanks screen with a screeching noise... so either that ram is bad too or my Atari has other faults. More testing to do
  12. Hi I’ve burnt the rom to a 27c128 but I get a red screen? Do I need to do anything special to burn the rom on a mini programmer? ive burnt rev3 Atari rom - just to test it and it detects the extra ram but still cones up with red blocks. Bad ram.
  13. True but I still think it’s rouge ram rather than the emmu but I could be wrong of course...I’ve been wrong many times before. I’ll test the ram this weekend chip by chip and see what the resulting effect is.
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