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  1. Hi all, I hope to be making a series of video on playing adventures on classic computers over the next few months. here is part 1 if anyone is interested. Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy play through Ti99/4a PT1 https://youtu.be/B41I8va9tJ4
  2. Interesting thanks I’ll check that
  3. Virgin Games ti994a.zip ROBOPODS BY MALCOLM ADAMS FUN-PAC BY KARL BRENNER FUNPAC 2 BY PETER J FINKILL FUNPAC 3 BY PETER J FINKILL FUNPAC.SUPERMOUSE/LETS GO TO THE RACES FUNPAC2.ESCAPE THE MUGGER/STARSHIP SUPERNOVA/GUNFIGHT FUNPAC3.GOLF/SEA WOLF/NUCLEAR DISASTER See the game names to load them as I've shortened some names. All games are TI basic and require only the 16k basic computer if run from cassette. These images can be run from the TIPI by making a folder and dropping these games in to it via the web based address TIPI:9900 These games were bought from Parco Electrics in Devon (England) sometime in 1985, i believe each cassette cost something like £5 each or something. those cassettes are mostly lost or sold on but robopods remains and ive since bought the Virgin fun pacs from Ebay and the Ti99/4a club in Italy, now that i have a full set here they are. mike. PS visit me on YouTube: Mikes Retrotech Virgin Games ti994a.zip
  4. Hi guys, do we have any Mattel Aquarius experts here? I’m not sure if I’ve asked this before? I have a unit that works, powers up fine. Keys work and it’s clean but it will not detect any expansion, RAM and external carts are not detected. cart port is in good order, clean and has been buzzed out - all of which is fine however no cart is detected.
  5. @tmop69 I have the virgin funpac collection on cassette now, if I get time this weekend I’ll dump them to disk .dsk
  6. Ah ok. I saw the .mus files but they were ignored by the sid player. So I can copy a .mus over but remove the .mus extension? thank you
  7. Yeah those are the files I used. How difficult is it to convert .Sid to the Ti file?
  8. Thanks I’ve downloaded them or at least a bundle of them. The folders seems to be in the creators names. How are the files converted ?
  9. I’ve finally plugged in my Sid master in to the PEB. I’m not sure if I ever knew or not but it doesn’t recognise .Sid files but $files. As it’s taken me from 2018 to connect it up I’ve forgotten everything about it but I copied some disk image over tipi and can play some music but the cut out after 15 seconds or so... does anyone have any experience of this device? I was hoping to get ocean loader, commando and various Sid tunes on it... thanks Mike.
  10. My bbc b blew when powered up for the first time in 20 years, no damage occurred to the bbc and I bought a cap kit to fix up the PSu. It’s been running for hours on end for the last 4 or 5 years now.
  11. I do have the cassette tapes somewhere, my original ti99 came with a bunch of basic games which were probably type in games and I bought a bunch of tapes from Parco Electrics in Devon.
  12. Oh interesting, I’m not sure version Alex modded to run on the Flashrom99 ?? the speed increase does make the games challenging!
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