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  1. Henshin Engine, a homebrew for PC Engine that is currently undergoing a kickstarter campaign, added a stretch goal that will be a port of the game to dreamcast if its met. If you guys want another 2d action platformer for the dreamcast back this campaign and if it hits the stretch goal you'll get your wish https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarumaru/henshin-engine-the-game-pc-engine-tg-16-pc-steam
  2. The F-Zero clone is a very very very impressive tech demo, not much of a game though just on track score attack and a straight track at that, not a twisting F-Zero style track.
  3. A word of advice about that board - they do not respond well to new users making WTB threads, I would suggest hitting up Keith Kourage directly with a PM or reading the trading threads and PMing one of the other system modders on there. MNKYdeth, Turbokon, and a few others are alternatives to Kieth but it sounds like he's the best (I got my Duo-R from Turbokon)
  4. Developing for hucard and cd are completely different - it would be a minor porting job to move it from hucard to cd, but to move from cd down to hucard would be very involved. Also, the ROM limits on hucards are insane, so you will see much more simplistic homebrews for that unless it's coming from a master level programmer.
  5. I impulse bought a tv to mount above my desk in my home office this weekend, holiday sale and salesman got me, but when I got it home to my disgust the tv had no component or AV inputs! I was flabbergasted, as my fiance mocked me for being concerned with my 1980's video games playing on this 4k tv, and frantically checked the tv's documentation and reviews. The tv came with two stereo minipug dongles that convert to component and av respectively, so I immediately hooked up my PC engine to check it out. To my surprise it looked really good - maybe because this 4k TV already has a good scaler built in to make all content display on it correctly, considering there is next to no 4k content (nor do I have any 4k capable devices..) Anyways, after turning on game mode, and adjusting some settings, it looked pretty danm decent and played just fine. It's no replacement for the game room's CRT, but when I want to test a homebrew or distract myself with a classic at my desk that's still at least a slight option. How long those stereo miniplug ports will hold up is another question all together. I am still on the fence about returning the tv because of the lack of 4k content and devices, and the lack of component/rca inputs.
  6. Today a kickstarter went up for a new PC engine / turbo grafx homebrew - they already have a pretty good base for the game with a nice playable demo. It plays like a mix between shockman and valis. Not every day a decent new turbo homebrew pops up. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarumaru/henshin-engine-the-game-pc-engine-tg-16-pc-steam?ref=nav_search
  7. I'm sold I need to get my nes working better, my games are pretty damn clean, most opened up and scrubbed to shit, but my nes is my least played system simply because it's so frustrating to load games on it. I am going to open it up and mod it for the extra sound channel and stereo, then fix the pins and jam a powerpak/everdrive in it, and never touch that setup again hahah
  8. Does the PS1 have an expansion port for action replay / game sharks ?
  9. Pm sent for a game I have been dieing to play on my genesis, thanks! Edit: have you tried using a game genie to unlock wily tower? I am down to use the game genie as pseudopassword system to pickup where I left off
  10. Bump for a great laptop, I have a slightly older model and still use it to play better than ps3-360 quality games, development using udk/unreal 4, modeling in zbrush and maya, large image editing in photoshop, and basically any task I do at my work computer. I dock it into a second monitor, it is my main rig and works great for everything I throw at it. Highly recommended lappy, for a great price.
  11. Kato Chan and Ken Chan is my favorite so far, and Samurai Ghost. Not to mention the Bonk series, and Pac-Land.
  12. Good to see you back and things are going well PM Sent about the Sansui Controllers and the 6 Button Sega Arcade Sticks
  13. Cyber core looks cool, I have yet to play it. With so many shewties on the system, I would venture to say that it's not the best on the system but that judgment is purely speculative. There are just so many awesome shooters. I really enjoy Heavy Unit, Blazing Lazers, Paranoia, and Final Soldier.
  14. Mine was unresponsive and very very loud when using it, so I took it completely apart cleaned it as best I could. It became more responsive, but the noise returned after a half our of use or so. I think it may just be a problem with the design, but I would love to hear a suggestion on how to alleviate it. The innards of the stick are functionally identical to the gamepad, it's just a form factor change. I am looking into getting tototek adapters to use a microswitch stick on the system. Austin sold me a Namco ps1 stick, and after using that it's been really hard for me to go back to this Genesis stick (which I grew up with) and the NES/SNES advantages (same, grew up with these)
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