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  1. I was watching youtube videos and came across one with a guy who bought an Atari 400 at a yard sale, what I found interesting is that when he demoed Missile Command the 400 had the same lines on the left side of the screen as my 130xe. It seems this issue has been occurring since the beginning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOrT6H2Wo9I
  2. The power is still connected via the original jumper, I just bridged the 2 L5 pads with a piece of wire. I also cut the trace in 2 places and pulled up a piece to make sure it was a clean cut. I have a defender cartridge plugged in and I took the picture before the screen came up to get the clearest picture of the lines.
  3. Ok I cut the trace and connected the 2 L5 pads and it seems to be worse, the banding is more distinct and now I can see faint banding on the other side of the screen but its barely visible in the attachment. I also left the ground wire on, tested, and then removed it with no effect. Thanks for the ideas though.
  4. Here are pics of the top and bottom wiring jobs. Please forgive my crappy soldering skills, I've built kits (Cosmac ELF2K, Micro-KIM, Replica 1) and they all worked I promise! I cut the L5 pin connected to 5+ and bent it up, I then soldered a wire to the lead and covered it with shrink tube.
  5. I connected L5 directly to the switch power pin and connected C1's ground pin to C50/51's ground with no change, the lines are still showing the same as before.
  6. Sorry, I'm kind of confused, could you describe this fix in greater detail? I've found L5 on the schematic, when you say lift it do you mean remove it from the board, and then directly connect the video circuit to +5 from the power switch? Thanks for the help.
  7. Hello, I recently acquired a 130XE that works great, the only problem is that there are faint bands/lines on the left side of the screen. I originally used an S-Video cable from eBay and thought the problem was with my LCD monitor, but they also show up when I use my Commodore 1084S Amiga monitor and a Chroma/Luma cable. I can adjust the color/contrast/brightness and that helps until the background color changes and they are visible again. After reading through the forums I found a few posts regarding 9 lines on the left side of the screen on a 5200 S-Video mod being "ANTIC noise during a DRAM refresh" and I am guessing I have the same problem. Anybody have any ideas on a fix? I have the later revision with 64x4 RAM. I've attached pics showing the lines, I turned up the contrast to make them more visible to the camera. Other Topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/218246-s-video-mod-9-vertical-lines-on-left-side/ Thanks!
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