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  1. I saw that but I have two already, a black one and a Pokemon one, so I didn't need another.
  2. The rates you've charged me were better than eBay, but I'm staying out of this, it's between you and those other two guys, And that post was just a reference point to I don't have to keep answering the same question over and over,
  3. I'm posting this here as sort of a general reference point, since I've been PM'd quite often. Shipping rates for me are almost always covered by me, I only ask for shipping if it's something very large or very heavy. This applies to sales, too.
  4. I was actually PM'd with a specific request by an entirely different user, calm down guys, there's too much hostility in here. :/
  5. Except where the idiot guaranteed next day delivery. But I completely agree on UPS.
  6. Forgot to post that the Game Boy has been claimed. I have a 'second chance' offer coming up for a Berry Game Boy Color, absolutely nothing wrong with it but I don't like the color and I still have 2 Lime Green ones. Will post sfter I shipped the previous two.
  7. Not to mention USPS' version of 'overnight' is a joke, everything I've had overnighted (both shipping and receiving) has never once gotten there next day, it was always the day after.
  8. Okay, this is up for grabs: The dark grey screen plate comes off due to the adhesive having worn off, but the system's free to anyone who feels like repasting the screen. I just tested it and no lines at the time of testing.
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