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  1. Would you do the three Midway Ardade Treasure games and Intellivision Lives for $30 shipped? What condition are the games? I assume all are CIB?
  2. So weird. Is this just a case of those who have a limited, sought-after item holding onto it for scarcity's sake? Surely someone here has these who would want to post and/or resume production. There's clearly a demand for a second run.
  3. I really wanted them...or at least wanted to want them. Especially the Rainbow Brite handheld. But the company's track record had me skeptical and thus ended up waiting to see how the final product turned out rather than to be sorry for spending so much on a piece of junk. I'm kinda kicking myself now, especially since it looks like there won't be any additional produced for the open market. A perfect opportunity would be a handheld Cabbage Patch Kids, but sadly that won't happen since Hasbro owns the CPK license.
  4. This is cool. Is #125 available? If so,I'll take it! Edit: Never mind. I had to read all the pages and the order page on the website. I'm still in for one, I'll put my order in on the website.
  5. Bought an NES with all the accessories (controller, AC, Zapper, RF and RCA cables) - fast shipping and very securely packaged. Thanks!
  6. I think I want this... Any issues with the cart pin connections and reading carts?
  7. Doesn't look like they've been available for years. A fresh run of these would be much welcomed. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  8. Bought a Duo M2 power adapter for my Sega Genesis/Sega CD. Came fast and in great shape. Thanks!
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