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  1. Thanks for the update! I've waited decades for a viable replacement screen, I can wait a little bit more. Thanks for your work on this!
  2. Would you do the three Midway Ardade Treasure games and Intellivision Lives for $30 shipped? What condition are the games? I assume all are CIB?
  3. So weird. Is this just a case of those who have a limited, sought-after item holding onto it for scarcity's sake? Surely someone here has these who would want to post and/or resume production. There's clearly a demand for a second run.
  4. I really wanted them...or at least wanted to want them. Especially the Rainbow Brite handheld. But the company's track record had me skeptical and thus ended up waiting to see how the final product turned out rather than to be sorry for spending so much on a piece of junk. I'm kinda kicking myself now, especially since it looks like there won't be any additional produced for the open market. A perfect opportunity would be a handheld Cabbage Patch Kids, but sadly that won't happen since Hasbro owns the CPK license.
  5. This is cool. Is #125 available? If so,I'll take it! Edit: Never mind. I had to read all the pages and the order page on the website. I'm still in for one, I'll put my order in on the website.
  6. Bought an NES with all the accessories (controller, AC, Zapper, RF and RCA cables) - fast shipping and very securely packaged. Thanks!
  7. I think I want this... Any issues with the cart pin connections and reading carts?
  8. Doesn't look like they've been available for years. A fresh run of these would be much welcomed. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  9. Bought a Duo M2 power adapter for my Sega Genesis/Sega CD. Came fast and in great shape. Thanks!
  10. Rescued three 5200 carts from his Goodwill donation - Pitfall II, Dreadnaught Factor and James Bond. All arrived quickly and in nice shape. Thanks!
  11. That's not a correct assumption. These screens rot even with no use. I also a few years ago bought a BNIB Microvision which was DOA. These screens are our best hope at keeping these systems alive. Now if someone can also come up with a paddle mod to keep those from failing as well, that would be sweet.
  12. I have this EXACT problem from a unit I just received via Ebay. The guy I bought it with sold it as tested and working, and had a picture showing it booted up. He said there was no audio from the game, only the CD, but he was selling without a mixing cable so I figured that was the only issue with the unit. However upon receiving the unit, it just doesn't boot. I tried it with two different Genesis consoles as well. When first powered on, I'd get the window graphic but no text; when I hit reset, I get the text to put the disc in and hit start, but the tray doesn't open and the access light doesn't blink. BIOS 1.10 and everything. There was one time I booted up and the graphics started to get all static-y and distorted, but that was it. I never get the music playing (which is a bummer in and of itself, because BIOS 1.0 music is WAAY better than 2.0 IMO). So was the guy lying on the listing, or does anyone think something got jarred during shipping I could check? Also, has anyone else used Chris at Mobius and can vouch for his services if I end up needing them?
  13. A quick update - I sent out an email to Telegames inquiring if this could have been them, and got an email back that pretty much removes them from inclusion here. They wrote back saying they only did proper catalogs and not a xeroxed list of products, and that they didn't sell their products cheap just to recoup cost on their NOS investments. So, I guess we can strike Telegames from the list. Keep coming with your suggestions and I'll keep investigating!
  14. Yeah thanks all. Telegames rings a bell, I'm going to write them and see if they have any archives they can pull for me. And great stories to hear from all of you!
  15. I can't peg the year, but I want to say around 1985-86. Definitely post-crash. It had been a couple of years since I moved on from my home consoles and onto the Commodore 64, but there was a period where I started to pull out my old consoles - Intellivision, Colecovision, and the 5200 - and I immediately fell back in love with the 5200. I remember looking around for games for the 5200 I didn't have, especially since bargain bins were full of cheap games after the video game crash - but I remember having trouble finding 5200 games in store. I stopped by my local Toys R Us and asked the kid behind the cage if they had any 5200 games left, and they said no, but he wrote down an address for me to write to where I may be able to mail order some games. This TRU was in suburban Chicago, BTW (Merrillville, IN, near Southlake Mall). So I wrote to this company (I *think* they were in California, maybe Texas?) and a couple of weeks later I got this multipage list of products they were selling for cheap. It wasn't a catalog, more like a Xeroxed listing of products. I mean, brand new factory sealed games for like $5, new controllers and accessories. I remember specifically, I ordered the Gremlins game for $8 and the roller controller for $15 (!). I think I spent $35 in total for a few games, a new joystick and the roller controller. Recently, I've been really curious who this mystery company was. It definitely wasn't Atari. Could it have been Best back then? And a bonus, if perhaps someone would have a copy of that mail order product list, it would be amazing to see that again. Oh, and extra kudos to that kid in the TRU games cage who actually knew, long after Atari stopped production of the 5200, where I could still buy games for that system!
  16. Bought the 5200 flip lid posted here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283202-fs-atari-5200-controller-cover-two-4-ports-controller-bottom-covers/?do=findComment&comment=4117764 Great communication and packaging, received in expected condition. Thank you!
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