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  1. Hi, a year ago a bought an Atari 800 XL. It came with the 1050 Floppy Drive. All of it worked for several days but then all the sudden the screen went blank with some slight strange low beeps on the screen. I then bought another power adapter and this appeared to have resolved the issue, powering up the 800XL. I reconnected the 1050 Floppy and loaded games from disk just like previously with the last adapter and it happened again. While powered on, the tv screen goes black with low sounding random beeps. What do y'all think this is? the computer (800xl) frying the adapters? Bad capacitors? is this a known issue? Help me resolve this for me and you get a $60 gift card sent to you of whatever retail store you wish. (Im serious.) Please help Thank joe
  2. I connected the SIO cord backwards. Seems that each end of the SIO cord id diffrent and has to be connected to the correct port. Once I connected the SIO the correct direction it worked. Computer Output Port <<============>> Drive Input Port Thank you so much! Hugs Joe
  3. I got it to work. The data cable from the 1050 drive to the computer was plugged in backwards. http://pocketplace.com/images/atari800xlcable.png Thank you for the help. Joe
  4. here is a link to the pictures and video I took on how I have the drive setup and the sequence on how I booted the Atari 800. http://pocketplace.com/images/atrti800xl.html thanks joe
  5. I just went through the order you specified and still "Self Test" when pressing "Option". Strange...
  6. Hi, I have a 800XL computer with a 1050 Floppy Drive connected correctly to it. When I hold the "Option" button down to boot from the floppy drive the computer goes into "Self Test" mode. I select all the tests and it runs it, passing all ROM and RAM as well as sound and keyboard tests. It still goes into "Self Test" when pressing Option and not booting from the floppy drive which has DOS 3. Anyone know why this is happening? Is it suppose to be like this? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Joe
  7. Hi, I loaded Atari800Win Lite4 and have it configured to typical settings. I have setup and activated Drive 1 (D1) with a virtual formatted .atr. I am getting "ERROR- SAVE D1: TEST.BAS" when I try to save a file to D1. Am I doing something wrong? Let me know Thanks Joe
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