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  1. If your looking for a Masterplay type clone here is a link https://retrogameboyz.com/products/atari-5200-db15-to-db9-adapter-with-keypad-sega-genesis-amiga-amstrad-commodore-joystick-pad?fbclid=IwAR35vmFwR822-KOSO-ztlvEPyMg1ieDUT49-8qSnsAsZCnJ6u0jy7egiHvs
  2. From Retrogameboyz New product available - DB15 t0 DB9 keypad module only. This module gives you full Atari 5200 keypad functionality and allows you to use standard Atari compatible and other types of retro video game joysticks and controllers with DB9-style plug including: • RetroGameBoyz's new Atari 5200 control pad (for use with module coming soon) • Sega Genesis and Sega Master system control pads • Atari 2600 (1 button games only) • and more! Keypad will enable you to start, pause, reset and select various menu functions as well as play MOST Atari 5200 2 button games. https://retrogameboyz.com/.../atari-5200-db15-to-db9... (This awesome keypad module designed by RetroGameBoyz uses the DB15 to DB9 adapter created by famed retrogaming enthusiast John Konstantopoylos. John is well known for making this and many other adapters for various game systems and computers. John (ikonsgr) and I are teaming up to re-sell and promote each other's products. )
  3. Atari 5200 Joystick Controller Arcade Stick RetroGameBoyz Rev 3 Overview and Demo
  4. We recorded our Pitfall/Pitfall II Episode last night. It was so long since we last got together we went off on so many tangents. Lots of blooper material. Now I got to edit this into a intelligible episode.
  5. Ryan, I had already pre-ordered Magical fairy Force. Will buy Intellidiscs as soon as available and one copy of Rob' N' Banks sold.
  6. The 5200 podcast gang is set to record our Pitfall 1&2 Episode tomorrow night.
  7. Hi, can you kindly post a link to your video here, Thanks.
  8. William Culver of ArcadeUSA Youtube channel did a great video on the upcoming IntelliDiscs for the Atari 5200 that will be a must buy for me. Please take a look
  9. Phaser Cat Games is working on a Lock N chase for the Atari 5200.
  10. Thank you. Yes we plan to get together soon to record.
  11. While your waiting for us to edit our new episode take some time visit the Into The Vertical Blank YouTube Channel.
  12. We are recording tonight. I hope we still have listeners Left
  13. Playing some Star Raiders II in preparation for recording our next episode. IMG_0071.MOV
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