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  1. Hi, I guess for most people you couldn't tell the difference but I do prefer playing on real hardware when I can and FPGA is pretty close but the Ultimate 64 goes way beyond just being a C64. It has built in FPGA Dual SID, Floppy disk drives, TAPE drive, special CARTS. Plays DISK, TAPE, CART FILES etc., It just does so many things I can even count.
  2. I think its just a bigger C64 mini with a keyboard. I own the Ultimate 64 that is an FPGA of the original C64. So not sure at the price their selling that it would be also FPGA based.
  3. Yes I am still waiting to buy this game on a cart.
  4. Bosconian ultimate for Atari 5200 now available. Get yours here... https://atariage.com/forums/topic/298850-bosconian-ultimate-for-atari-5200/
  5. Thanks so much @shanti77 and @playsoftthis is one of my favorite games. Wow two awesome games so far Moon Patrol and Bosconian
  6. Thanks as that's what I plan to do. Thanks for making such a great version.
  7. Wow, Now that's what I call a custom controller
  8. I dont have a list yet but after seeing that Defender of the Crown was ported to the Intellivision would like to see more games like that and some dungeon crawlers.
  9. Great video. This needs to be on a cart. I think I may get one made for myself
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