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  1. Hoping to try this out on my SD cartridge which shipped out yesterday (Thanks SainT!)! First time I'll see my "work" on the real hardware. Very excited!
  2. I was on page 14 of the other thread (and then later in the thread), but don't see my name on the list. Can you insert it or put me where ever I'm supposed to be :-) Thanks!!
  3. I can't access the link. Is it just me?
  4. jbserra

    Lynx Multi Cart

    I was told not to clutter the thread!! :-) Ok, I'm interested in 1. Thanks! EDIT: Looks like I showed interest on page 14, so hopefully I'm somewhere in the first 300 built :-)
  5. Wow, McWill referenced in Engadget. Nice work! http://www.engadget.com/2016/02/09/atari-lynx/
  6. jbserra

    Lynx Multi Cart

    My excitement is killing me. SainT, what's your targeted completion date?
  7. I thought for sure I had messed something up, but just wrapped up the mod and both the LCD and VGA out work as advertised. Thanks McWill. The results are amazing!
  8. Of course mine shows up in the evening before I'm heading out of town! Agggghhhhhh! I should've had my wife get the mail so I wouldn't have known it was waiting for me!
  9. jbserra


    I'll concur with the cumbersome controls. Nothing replaces the steering wheel and gas pedal from the arcade. I loved this arcade game and spent many quarters on the arcade. I picked it up and enjoyed it on the Lynx as well. The graphics, sounds, etc are all excellent, but the controls will take some practice.
  10. After how much I played my Lynx when I first got it (which was A LOT), I'm amazed at the realization that I still only scratched the surface of what this machine is capable of. ComLynx is another level of play that I never even touched due to how few Lynx's there were out there. This looks like a blast! Let me add, that the multi-cart (when available) will make ComLynx'ing even more available. I can't wait!
  11. Payment sent. I came to this site only a few months ago for some ROMs to set up an emulator and play an old Lynx game I coded and now I'm re-addicted. Can't wait for the multi-cart! Amazing what you guys are putting together for this system. Thanks McWill!
  12. Emehr, you've sparked my curiousity. Do you have a thread discussing this mini-arcade? Please share when you start working out the details :-)
  13. Wow! Sending this out for a beta test! I feel like I've really developed something! I might have to worry about someone stealing my gameplay or reverse engineering my code. I better copyright it :-) Ok, so the details: With Handy, I would slow the emulation down to about 40%. Otherwise the game runs too fast. You get 3 attempts and your score is based on how many times you hit the ball back. I plan to do some tweaks to it for fun, but don't have a timeline on that just yet. This is almost a Hello World type program, so hopefully I have set your expectations at the appropriate level. Or maybe you were just joking! myturn.zip
  14. I just needed to share :-) I've been watching the LCD threads and multi-game carts, but I decided to give the emulator a shot on my Moto G. Turns out, the new screen is beautiful and this set me out on a mission. I wrote a very small game back for my Computer Graphics course in circa 1997. I had rounded up all of my project material, including emulator, compiler, and code, and dropped them onto one of those Iomega 100MB ZIP disks. I put it into a box and forgot about it. Fast forward 18 years. I'm messing with the emulator on my phone and think "How cool would it be to dust off my old code and play it on my phone?" I found the zip disk, but no longer had any zip drives. I find one on CL and pick it up. I put the disk in and? Nothing. My excitement squashed. I was very upset and disappointed. I decided to share my journey with a friend and he sends me a link for a ZIP disk recovery program. I figured, what the heck? BOOM! Finds almost everything and I get a copy of my old files to my hard drive. I'm able to fire up the copy of Handy in there and I see the C compiler and I start hunting for my program in the 1500 or so files recovered. After digging, I find a file named "Myturn.c". Apparently, I didn't name the game anything creative, but I look at the code and it sure looks the part. I figure out how to fire it up in Handy and off to the races! I can't believe I was able to recover my program! I copy the .obj file to my phone and I'm able to realize my objective :-) The game runs too fast, but just seeing it on my phone made me feel good. So, now to get back to playing with the old code. I'm no game programmer by any stretch, but just being able to go from code to game system is pretty fun. I think my son will be excited to see some of this as well. Are there any areas where folks share code? I might like to play with something that may be a little more advanced then my pong/breakout type game :-) Well, thanks for keeping the lynx alive and for anyone that took the time to read my post.
  15. jbserra

    Lynx to VGA

    This IS for an internal screen replacement. Candle intends to also include the video output as an added bonus since he has access to the video information. Now, the battery upgrade would be sweet too, especially with the multi-cart project which I heard may suck more power.
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