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  1. Most of you also know that by the first post, i did not have my hand on the games yet. But with someone selling a worse item for $220, noone can blame me for putting it up at $200. I mean, if it isnt going for the asking price, it is pretty sure that i will list it at a lower starting bid later. But the game also cost me quite a bit, its not like it was given to me..
  2. Well, i got a PM from one of the guys here on AtariAge, someone with like 3000 posts who says he sold one to a friend for $220. that was an item that was crushed in one end. Mine is not crushed. He said he could get more on the open market for it aswell, so starting at $200 wouldnt really be that far off. He also said: "You'll be getting a message from a member Andre81 who collects sealed games." Soo, If it for some reason does not get any attention at all for $200, i will probably try it a lil lower next time ^^
  3. Well, the item is out on Ebay. Thats a follow up in my eyes. And i did not need to sell when i did not get any real offers.
  4. Disappearing? Just because you didnt actually even give me a real offer? also, the last PM from you was 2 months and 5 days ago, not 6 months. Get your facts straight before posting stuff about ppl? And back then, i was just checking interest, which is the same i do now. I do not "NEED" to sell it. OddIE
  5. Vote for my Master Geir please :D http://t.co/94LnxifETw

  6. Checking interest for a BMX Airmaster, ATARI Release. NEW with shrinkwrap. It is a PAL version, not NTSC sadly. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-BMX-Airmaster-for-the-VCS-Atari-2600-/261587201318? OddIE
  7. Ingen vil tro hva som skjedde på en klesbutikk i Steinkjer. For faen. http://t.co/qVk4LbhEkq

  8. Santos Tartu 0-7 Tromsø - The final whistle is blown. #europaleague http://t.co/FXto73nxdu via @UEFAcom

  9. 2, one for my own collection, and 1 for sale.
  10. Ah, yes, it is a PAL version. But its still considered for sale xD
  11. Considered for sale, a BRAND NEW copy of BMX Airmaster, ATARI release, still sealed. Interested to find out how much i can get for it. More pictures can be provided aswell. /Calthaza

    #vgdirekte Hvorfor har dere ikke lagene fra 1ste divisjon under "Dagens kamper"?

  13. Hi there. As topis says, i am wondering if i can play brazilian games on my european VCS? /Calthaza
  14. Calthaza

    PAL Values

    The Donkey Kong and Ms Pac-Man are guaranteed for the 2600.
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