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  1. I’ve gotten wrapped up in coaching my son’s sports team and my hobbies have gone so far by the wayside. I know there will be a resurgence and I’m really glad the you are still doing it @Rev. I am going to get back into buying some of these awesome offerings sometime soon.
  2. I just saw an eBay listing with at implies that we lost another member of our Intellivision collecting community. “...These were part of my husband's collection...”, they wrote. Seeing that this morning, has led to me reflecting on thoughts about life. And I’m compelled to put forth this heartfelt sentiment to you all. It’s a sad reality we face as the years go by, that we lose loved ones so frequently along the way to aging gracefully (or disgracefully for some of us, haha). This is obviously a major facet of life that we share amongst each other as earthlings. I am thankful to be pretty healthy and hanging around right now... and thankful for a (close to 99%) respectful community of Intellivision fans. It’s like having a secondary, much larger family than even my own ridiculously large Italian-American family. With great humbleness, we know that both shall continue beyond our individual selves. Much like the eclectic assortment of my own family members, many of you Inty-heads are super-impressive to me with your collections, dedication and loyalty, and your generosity. Some are mildly intimidating with their knowledge levels but at the same time, so inspiring. And now in 2021, roll in the fact that we are collectively looking forward to a brand new phase of the Intellivision thanks to Tommy and his ambitions for the Amico, it’s much like a brand new, big, bouncing, baby is on the way in this extensive family, and we all know when she’s born, she will be a king. #circleoflife Peace to you all.
  3. Brand new Intellivision Console, Intellivoice, Jetsons game lot. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254997943313 The description implies that we lost another member of our Intellivision collecting community. “...These were part of my husband's collection.” If the wife happens to be on this forum, much peace to you and your loved ones.
  4. Did someone here buy this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Console-Lot-With-Games-and-Extras-/123182370983?nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=OLk7OeFMQzGQQLCa2uvqiwAztTc%253D&orig_cvip=true It appears to be a brand new sealed 2609.
  5. I see it says "Out of Stock" on your website, but are the physical copies discontinued? Thanks.
  6. You got the ECS version of the Chess overlays. You can play 2-on-2 or 1-on-3.
  7. Hello, TandyVision? Where art thou? Trying to get connected to you.
  8. Hello, everybody. I'm here. Sorrowful and shameful. Not an excuse, but the reasons for my recent absence since I last logged on with exuberant excitement for finally receiving the grab bag myself... back-to-back-to-back funerals followed by a week's vacation with a loved one who is solely responsible for pulling several members of my family out of financial collapse, where she revealed her diagnosis of aggressive cancer on her chest wall. I realize that we all have similar stories and times where things get this tough or even tougher, and I feel really bad for holding up the progress on this awesome community project. I should have been able to carve out a few hours in there to take care of this business for the betterment of this fine group. So now... to get it back on track... I have done just that. The wondrous packing tape laminated box is re-stocked, packed and ready to go. Where do I find out who to send it to next? Thanks in advance for any level of understanding and/or restraint from ostracization. Peace to you all: :TestaOn
  9. Came home from an incredible, soul-refreshing excursion to the bayou for NOJazzFest to find on my porch, a corrugated cardboard and packing tape sculpture! Very well done. Reminiscent of those tables at Ponderosa with an inch and a half of clear-coat laquer covering them. And now... to get my pro-grade surgical equipment out and see what goodies might lie inside... ... Wow! Did I ever hit the jackpot! I think BBWW has committed a felony. But one of which I most certainly approve. All evidence points to him intercepting my long-winded, bourbon-and-tear-soaked santa letters for the last 33 years and shape-shifted into my personal Kris Kringle! I am looking at about a dozen things I'd like to own in this surfboard-waxed container. xxxooo
  10. Is anyone else selling IntyBasic Showcase? I don't see it on Rev's site anymore.
  11. Are you still taking reservations? If so, add me please.
  12. I second your (apparent) unbeknownst seconding of my proposal.
  13. Shouldn't this be a lot simpler? As in... the official collection list should be determined solely by the individual publishers? A publisher should need to deem it as an actual release (something they put up for sale/sold to a distributor or reseller). Equating it to a company giving a game a serial number so that a distributor could catalog it and a reseller or end-user could order it from that catalog and play it. Then all variations of the same game are "editions" or "versions" that we can drool over, pine for, to some day put on our shelf and gaze at. Because, as someone astutely, kinda, but not specifically, pointed out earlier, anything that is in someone's hands has a sale price, thus is collectible. Putting an arbitrary minimum number on it is just an exclusionary tactic, not for games but for collectors. A complete collection of everything is truly defined as the conglomerate of all individual collections and is undoubtedly so near impossible to obtain that we could probably all agree to say it "is impossible". Yet the journey toward the impossible is the fun part. Kinda like most games on the Intellivision itself - unbeatable.
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