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  1. 2 - Use a credit card or PayPal account to place your fully-refundable $100 deposit. You will receive a PayPal receipt via email. International orders welcome!
  2. You only sound negative, because you are not being positive... 😀 In ten years time, you should be all pumped up about the launch of the all new backwards compatible, affordable, Amico Due equipped with elevated technology, longer lasting controllers that work in multiple atmospheres.
  3. I, for one, was completely blown away by the game samples in the trailer!! My imaginary concept of 2.5D when you said it was not even close to what I saw in your video. In fact, I've been profusely spreading the word (and 10.10.20) to everyone I come in contact with that might recognize the Intellivision brand, and would use Zaxxon as my example of 2.5D. Hahaha. Now I have to go back to everyone and make sure they see your trailer!
  4. Looks like he might have been that young-looking detective sent in as a "transfer student", who ends up dating the drug dealer's daughter.
  5. You got quite the pessimistic imagination. I personally can't wait to see this thing come to fruition. And I imagine the health of the developers would be addressed appropriately if a problem arises along the way. 😉 Long prosper, the Blue Sky Rangers!
  6. Tommy, Is there a marketing benefit for the Amico in seeing the original Intellivision in popular retro settings? Why I’m thinking this is that I keep hoping for a prominent product placement in the gigantic ‘Stranger Things’ series. The boys are often setting up or playing Dungeons & Dragons and I just sit there hoping Mike might say, “Can we play D&D on Intellivision tonight, guys?” Unfortunately, season 1 and 2 were set in 1983 & 1984, which might have been more perfect timing. Season 4 might be set in the year of the Nintendo. Also, I’m only on Season 3, Ep. 3 so maybe it’s still to come this year.
  7. Doug [email protected] Good article. And I’d be glad to have Scullion on my show to talk about anything he wants. He’s never once tried to contact me even for a simple fact check.
  8. You are right... "replicate" is not an appropriate word. I think "stealing" some of the ideas that Tommy made public. It's obvious that Tommy knows the value of being real and open about his vision for Intellivision Amico and how he plans to get there. I believe his approach is very impressive and modern, but it's disheartening that one of the largest corporations in the world has just announced something huge and its distinguishing factors are that the games will be exclusive to the service and Apple is funding legendary designers to work develop the exclusive content. It's exactly what Tommy previously reported for Amico. But then again, maybe it's just me. On a much smaller (almost incomparable to Tommy's) scale, I am going through an experience now where my cousins and I developed a process for making a delicious hopped bourbon and spent 3 years grinding it out in our free-time to be placed in about 60 stores and about half as many restaurants and bars in Ohio, and then Jameson swooped in last Spring with a multi-million dollar commercial TV campaign during the Winter Olympics and every bar in Ohio now has a bottle of Jameson IPA whiskey on their shelf. Now... the damaging effects are two-fold. Their product is about a "B" in my opinion, so all our potential future customers are likely pre-judging our hopped bourbon as not so great, and secondly, we walk in and they immediately think we are a cheap knockoff of Jameson although we predated them by 2 years. Our already challenging job of educating bar managers has had it's difficulty level multiplied. We will keep plugging at it with smiles of course, but being knocked back hard by the biggest of guys, in a word, sucks.
  9. It sounds to me that Apple is listening to "our" Tommy and trying to replicate his plans with their new Apple Arcade today. WTF?! https://venturebeat.com/2019/03/25/apple-will-fund-exclusives-for-apple-arcade-game-subscription/
  10. Awesome pic!! Thanks for posting. I said Sears only because of the recent bankruptcy news. My store in Northeast Ohio that had the video game console displays was Gold Circle.
  11. Can I go to the electronics department at my local Sears to test out the console and to play one of the games from behind the locked glass door before I buy?
  12. Did someone here buy this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-Console-Lot-With-Games-and-Extras-/123182370983?nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=OLk7OeFMQzGQQLCa2uvqiwAztTc%253D&orig_cvip=true It appears to be a brand new sealed 2609.
  13. I see it says "Out of Stock" on your website, but are the physical copies discontinued? Thanks.
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