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  1. Thanks for the fast reply, coincidently, as soon as I sat down to work on the vectrex I got the reply notification. I replaced a few caps and will continue more Friday, I tried removing the heat sync protected IC chip but that thing wouldn't budge.
  2. What IC chips were you told to replace? I'm gonna mess around with my vectrex for a bit tomorrow
  3. I actually deleted it, seeing a broken vectrex every time I checked my youtube channel depressed the hell out of me, not to mention it didn't get much attention. It's very similar to you're issue, mine has the distorted, unconnected vectors but without the violent shaking yours has. I opened it up a year or so ago, bought the best quality capacitors I could find, but gave up half way thru it. Don't know why but evey time I attempt to work on it (which isn't often) I feel so overwhelmed by it and just put it back down.
  4. Well they're your items now, you're free to do whatever you want with them. Yeah I never said you were whining, but you had a reason why you wanted them more which is why I let you have them. I too only brought it up because someone said they bet they knew who it was.
  5. Wow these are actually items I'm interested in. My copy of jet grid radio is pretty scratched up, it always freezes up in a certain spot. Would also be interested in virtua cop, I got 2 Saturns earlier this year from a craigslist deal but I don't have any games to test them with. For the record I claimed something here a few days ago, but someone else expressed how they needed it more than me so I told the guy who was getting rid of it to give it to him instead.
  6. @catpix yeah i was thinking about doing that, trying to rule out some other things before i do. @iesposta that would be awesome. Thanks!
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